Yoga Burn Review

Review of The Yoga Burn Program

Being a self-professed yoga junkie I first fell in love with yoga when it helped me cope with a pretty stressful year, both personally and career-wise. In addition to getting in shape and becoming more ‘Zen’, I loved that I was doing something great for both my mind and my body.

Despite my favorite studio being only 20 minutes away during non-peak hours, I worked two jobs and sometimes I’d miss classes. I began the search online for yoga videos and routines that I could do from home at my own pace and on my own schedule.

Of course I watched some Youtube videos and read some yoga books, but I had no idea if I was learning from a licensed instructor or a college student with extra time on their hands.

When I came across the Yoga Burn website and immediately thought it seemed worth the try for those times when I couldn’t get to the studio. It was a digital download/DVD system that made it easy to fit yoga into my hectic schedule at any time that I liked. I did some background history on the creator and thought she seemed pretty credible. I also liked the idea of her 3 tiered system that promised quick results in less than an hour per section.


Introduction to The Program

The Yoga Burn Program is a 3 phase system that is touted as a “digital body shaping program for women” which uses ‘Dynamic Sequencing’ to help you slim down and tone every inch of your body. The program comes with a digital download and physical DVD discs, so that you can have access to your sessions from anywhere at any time! I loved that I could even use it on my phone or laptop for ultimate convenience, even while travelling. The program is specifically aimed at women, and formulated to attend to women-specific issues with weight, strength, and flexibility. Also, it was created by a woman for other women and that’s always a good sign!

Creator’s Background

The creator of the package is a certified yoga instructor named Zoe Bray-Cotton, who is also a “certified personal trainer and female fitness expert” as it states in her Bio. She has been teaching all the variations of yoga for more than 10 years and has created the program as an easy to follow home workout targeted to women.

Not to mention she has a kick-ass bod and the credentials to match, she definitely had my body improving steadily from week to week. It’s always nice to know that the instructor has a background in yoga and fitness combined, rather than at the studio where you have no idea if she just started a week ago or years ago.

How Does it Work?

The program is designed to keep your body challenged through what is called “Dynamic Sequencing” which consists of 3 phases or levels of difficulty. As you progress in the system, the next phase makes sure to really prevent any plateaus and take your body to the next level.

Keeping your body unsure of what’s about to come next is what keeps you progressing and getting stronger, and it also helps beat boredom of repetitive moves. The system is also designed with the average woman in mind, so that it guides you into every single move to ensure correct form and posture, so that newbies don’t have to be discouraged.

There are bonus lessons included which I used sometimes when I wanted to push myself to the limit but other times I just stuck to the basics. If I got a little antsy watching the same material, I would use the bonuses to keep me from getting bored and challenge my body even more. I was also persuaded by the websites description that the program was designed to “deliver maximum fat burning results and body shaping effects in the shortest amount of time.”

I was really excited by that catchy tag-line because obviously we all want to get the most results with the least amount of time expenditure. I did find that my body was changing really quickly from week to week in a way that I wasn’t getting at the studio in such a short period of time. That blew my mind.

What Does it Include:

The entire 3 step program includes 15 videos in total which help you beat a plateau and stay mentally motivated. There are 3 DVD’s and an instant download of all content included in the price. Each DVD is 45 minutes long and also contains an additional bonus lesson, which you can choose to do if you feel so inclined. Sometimes I used the bonus, sometimes I did the main workouts, but I still had great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have No Yoga Experience?

You don’t have to have any prior experience. I actually found this to be great for beginner’s who don’t want to be embarrassed in a live class full of other people while they try to learn the moves. All the moves are introduced slowly and there is plenty of time to get them down. You can also just rewind and keep practicing those moves again, unlike in a live class. I was already a yoga enthusiast when I purchased the system, but trust me there was a lot that I still had to learn. Sometimes it felt like I was starting right back at the beginning, but I learned a lot doing this program.

Is It Safe While Pregnant?

Yes, you can go at your own pace and stick to the basics or the earliest phase if you’re new to yoga or experiencing any lack of flexibility. It can actually help with any pregnancy stress or symptoms as well. The bonus videos are encouraged for pregnant women, because they contain the ‘Beginner Flow’ and Tranquility Flow’ lessons which the website states are “ideal throughout all stages of Pregnancy”.

The creator obviously had pregnant women in mind because on the website she mentions that she includes “a complete list of modifications” which can be used through any stage of your pregnancy. The Yoga Burn program is especially helpful after you’ve given birth because you can begin getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape right away without having to make it to a studio. You can still be close to your baby and get a great workout during nap times.

How Does it Differ from Live Classes?

To sum it up you get to go at your own pace, you don’t have to worry about crowded classes or people’s judgements, and no one is there to check if you’re doing it in your PJ’s or expensive yoga pants. Live classes generally have a certain atmosphere that’s meant to relax and revive you, at home you sort of have to create that atmosphere yourself, but simply doing the yoga moves helps with that a lot. You also don’t have to feel like you’re doing the same routine month after month, because the Yoga Burn system keeps you progressive into different moves and different phases of fitness. I used to get all pumped up driving to the studio, now I get just as pumped up while I’m at home knowing I can press play and do my yoga anytime. I can also go get water, a snack, or run to bathroom without interrupting a live class so that’s a plus!

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Before purchasing the program I wanted to find out the same thing about whether or not I could return it if I decided it wasn’t right for me. I was really comfortable when I found out that yes the company offers a full refund of the downloadable content as long as it is within 2 days from purchase (48 hours). Also if the physical DVD’s were paid for, then there is a 60 day period in order to return for full refund without any hassles.

So you get to try the downloads basically risk-free for two days or try the DVD’s for up to two months before deciding if the program is right for you. I basically knew from the first day of sampling the program that it was challenging enough to keep me on my toes and that the instructor knew what she was doing. Since I had a history of doing yoga prior to using the Yoga Burn program, I knew that I would be able to tell whether I liked it or not from the get-go.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the videos and the overall plan, so I felt it was worth the investment for a program I could use anytime and save me the trips and fees of the studio. If you are a first-time user make sure you first decide if the instructor makes it easy for you to follow and learn the new moves before determining if it right for you. If you are an advanced user, progress to the more challenging videos to see if they give you a much needed change of routine and feel like they challenge your muscles more than your local studio.

You also have to decide whether you prefer the routine and structure of your studio’s classes and schedule, or if you prefer to go at your own pace and make your own schedule. It does take some willpower to keep pushing play, but in my opinion it beats having to work around someone else’s schedule that might not always coincide with mine.

How Much Weight Can you Lose?

The amount of weight you lose on the program always has to do with your lifestyle and whether or not you live a healthy one. Doing some yoga here and there while binging on chips and cookies and laying around in your spare time is not going to magically create weight loss. I found that I lost the most weight while eating a healthy diet of lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein, with some unrefined carbs for energy.

However, being that I am already reasonably fit and at a healthy weight, it takes longer for someone with my physical stats to lose at a quick rate than it does for someone who has over 30 lbs to lose. You also have to be consistent and make a commitment to your health, any fitness program requires a total overhaul of your diet and lifestyle factors, including the stress in your life. However the Yoga Burn program really helped to reduce my stress levels dramatically, so I found I wasn’t as triggered to find comfort foods or sit around feeling sorry for myself.

I had a lot of energy which kept me wanting to move around all day and I started to watch the Yoga Burn videos whenever I felt I was getting too stressed or frustrated with something going on in my life.

How Much Does it Cost:

The website is currently running a limited time offer to purchase the downloadable version and physical versions of the system for $37 plus shipping and handling. You can also purchase the double offer which has the complete downloadable version and 2 copies of the physical DVD’s in case you want to keep them in different locations or gift one to a friend or family member.

The price really does include quite a package, since it’s difficult to find a 15 series with a bunch of bonus workouts that’s available in both instant download and DVD for roughly $40. Usually anything that contains that many workouts would cost somewhere closer to $100 so I found the price to be well worth it for the number of quality workouts included.

What If I am Overweight?

Well then I’d suggest this program is perfect for you! In addition to some light cardio throughout the week, the program begins at a beginners pace to ease you into it. Being overweight is not a reason to avoid yoga or feel afraid to begin something new. It also helps that you can get comfortable with the moves before ever stepping into a public studio and having to learn it with many other people who might be more experienced. It’s best to get through the beginning workouts and bonuses for a few weeks and build up your strength and stamina, you are bound to lose weight and begin shaping a fit physique during this program. If you purchase the DVD’s you can also try it out for a month or so and see if you notice any positive changes in your body before determining if it is a good solution for your weight loss goals.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to learn
  • Challenging
  • Can use on the go
  • Travel friendly
  • No equipment necessary
  • Lots of Bonuses
  • Safe for Pregnant Women


  • Not good for cramped apartments
  • Missing the ambiance of the studio

My Overall Thoughts:

My experience with the program was pretty positive overall. I enjoyed the workouts and learned the new moves very quickly. Whenever I missed something I had the convenience of just pressing pause and doing it over again. I loved the challenging progressions that kept my muscles guessing and kept me coming back for more. Despite not being in the usual atmosphere of the studio, I began associating my living room with more of a relaxing space than it had previously been. I also enjoyed the instructor’s voice and the way that she took the time to


explain the moves thoroughly. It really was very convenient being able to pack my yoga mat in my luggage and do the workouts from a hotel room using my laptop.

Final Words:

I would say the program is really affordable for the value that you receive. You don’t just get a bunch of DVD’s that sit collecting dust, because you can use them whenever you have access to a TV or you can use your phone or computer. There is a lot of convenience and versatility that made this program really worth it in my mind. As opposed to watching some random yoga videos on the internet, this program is streamlined and created by an actual expert in physical fitness who makes sure to gradually progress from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty. I use it anytime I have the time, need a pick-me-up or feel stressed out. I find that since the instructor is a fitness expert, I trust that I’m getting a great workout and it’s very addictive when you begin to see progress that you didn’t get from the studio. I realized that must have been from all the progressions and changes of moves that can’t seem to happen fast enough at the studio. Using the DVD’s makes sure you can just skip to a more advanced level whenever you feel like it, and I really loved that I didn’t have to dress any certain way while I exercised. I really enjoyed the program and continue to use it.

90 Responses to “Yoga Burn Review”

  1. Samantha says:

    This is a beautiful, mindful, and potentially powerful yoga practice. It is true that there are no big surprise poses in this sequence–all are well-known, fairly basic level poses. The main audio option contains some instruction, but mostly about moving into and out of the poses; there is not much about alignment within the pose. Complete beginners may need more instruction and modifications than available here. The other audio option omits instruction at all, containing only prompts for moving from one pose to another. The basic poses, simple instruction, and deemphasis on speed makes this dvd a good place for advanced beginners who have some knowledge of the poses to deepen their understanding of them, and for anyone, irrespective of level, to work on the mindful awareness aspect of their yoga practice.

  2. Yersilia says:

    The intensity in this dvd comes, not from speed or difficulty of poses, but from deep, slow, conscious repetition of fundamental asanas, with the time to build awareness of movement into, within, and out of them. Yoga is not meant to be a purely physical activity. The awareness aspect of yoga is rightfully considered advanced practice, and the familiar poses presented here allow the mind to take precedence. The point is not merely physical endurance . The purpose is at least twofold: physically, to develop long and lean muscle through slow repetition of simple postures, and mentally, to use the simplicity of the poses as a platform for developing presence and awareness with each pose. Yoga is, after all, about the mind-body connection, and this practice aims at allowing the time and space for working on this crucial element. For those ready to move their yoga practice beyond the physical dimension while still developing the body, this is a lovely practice dvd.

  3. Kaltrina says:

    This is a really nice session that gives are really nice stretch. I personally wouldn’t call it a burn, as I never work up a sweat as I do in some more intense yoga workouts. I find it great for a nice relaxing stretch if you are really active. If you aren’t very active you may find this to give you more of a challenge. Overall the best program.

  4. Came says:

    This video features three sessions although I feel that it is really one session split into three. The first session called ‘Connect’ last 24 minutes and is a good workout for experienced beginners better yet intermediates. It moves fast (sun salutations, chatuangas and core work)and will raise a sweat. You must already know the poses or be aware that you will have to watch several times to understand what is being asked.

  5. Serena says:

    You go into a forward bend, a balance pose and then back bends/stretches for the majority of the session, finally counter exercises to rest pose. Be warm both physically and mentally before you start or you may over stretch your back.

  6. Stephan says:

    I’ve been practicing/studying/teaching a variety of yoga styles for 12 years. I think that is very new and powerful way to practice and strengthen the core with SLOW repetitions.

  7. Nikki says:

    I usually do a faster flow style Yoga. This turns all that upside down and all around. You move consciously and very slowly into each pose then you repeat the flow a few times. I found the workout to be decently challenging and I consider myself an intermediately fit person.

  8. Mariah says:

    The real benefit of this workout is slowing yourself down while using your muscles in a new way. It makes you pay attention to form, you feel each of your muscles as you move in and out of the poses. It’s also a good mental exercise on being present, in the moment, and paying attention to your body. This workout is the opposite of hectic. The opposite of the bounce around jump around like a jack-in-the box type workouts. Although you will definitely feel the burn!!

  9. George says:

    This DVD definitely met my expectations. It’s quite different, with a unique flow and different poses/pose variations. I have practiced yoga for a long time and this particular program is a nice addition for some variety and versatiliy. And it still maintains the peaceful and motivating atmosphere

  10. Levi says:

    I love the different sessions that can either be done for a short specific workout or combined for a longer, more thorough practice. Or I have even mixed and matched with shorter sessions from other DVD’s. I would really recommend this if you are at an intermediate or higher level!

  11. Feriha says:

    I am a beginner yogi. I prefer hatha yoga over vinyasa yoga, or a blend of hatha/vinyasa. This video is great for someone looking for an all-body hatha-style workout. This sequence has a lot of hip openers and downward dogs. Other reviewers have described the pacing as “slow,” but for me it is just right. You will sweat doing this workout but you won’t get winded. This is a good addition to your rotation on days when you’re looking for a peaceful, calming yoga session. If you are looking for an active flow yoga, this is not the right choice.

  12. Amir says:

    My first little tries with this video seemed long and boring, until today. Because of the slow pace of the work-out, I started to notice the sensations throughout all of my body, not just the parts that ached. My mind emptied of anything else, and patiently started to experience the sensation of being fully inside my own skin. This was a new experience. I was very surprised when the tape was over– the time flew by.

  13. Helen says:

    I just received the DVD today. I didn’t last a full hour but I’m beggining. My body definitely started to burn. Yoga is peaceful, motivating, calming, meditative to self awareness even when I am not watching every move. I do plan to continue my stamina for the whole 60 minutes. The moves flow, challenge and calm my mind.

  14. David says:

    Fast moving. The first segment on this dvd will make you sweat and leave you out of the breath. The 2nd is fast moving, hard, and not for the yoga novice. The 3rd is relaxing, and the last segment is about strengthening the core. If you aren’t new to yoga and are trying to stay in shape, I highly recommend this one.

  15. Vanessa says:

    The concept sounded interesting and challenging. The thought of completing a vinyasa in very slow, continuous movements sounded quite a feat! I’m not a beginner in yoga, but not advanced either – by no means. I have to say that my favorite aspect in yoga is its physical challenge. This DVD focuses more on the spiritual/relaxation part. It’s an hourly practice of power yoga, which requires that you go through the movements very slowly and mindfully, and repeats the poses about three times each. The premise is that you work harder and concentrate deeper on the experience, the breathing and the pose.

  16. Joshua says:

    The only complaint I have about this DVD is that in the first part, say about 20-30 minutes, you can really feel the burn and I was sweating through it. Then the rest of the DVD kind of just fizzles out with the exercises. Rodney Yee goes through some seated floor bends that just really didn’t do it for me. On a side note though, I did see a video that recommended using wrist weights when you progress for this DVD. I haven’t tried that avenue yet, but I think that will help ease my qualms about the last part of this DVD. Overall great DVD and would recommend to anyone just starting yoga. I don’t think that someone in the advanced stage of their level in yoga would receive much benefit with this DVD. The poses are in the beginner to intermediate level of yoga in my opinion and I not sure if it would keep a higher level interested.

  17. Norbit says:

    It took a few times through before I got the hang of this style. You don’t get into a pose and then wait for an instruction to switch to another pose. Instead, you are supposed to move very slowly from pose to pose so you are in constant slow motion. Once I got the hang of that, I really enjoyed it a lot. I feel it is a very gentle way to improve core strength.

  18. Peter says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this video for a complete beginner, because the instruction is minimal. For example, he says “Warrior II” and that’s it, you need to know how to get into Warrior II on your own. Most of the poses are beginner level poses, though. I’d say the hardest ones (for me at least) are Bow Pose and Upward Plank Pose. There are actually two audio tracks on this, one with instruction (though it is limited), and one with no instruction, just a statement of the pose name.

  19. Brenda says:

    We recently added this DVD into our yoga routine and use it approximately every-other-week. This is a very good routine. It is paced on the slower side but there are few breaks so even though it is slow, you keep on moving through the entire routine. Rodney’s voice is very calming and peaceful. We have several of his DVD’s and enjoy them all. I highly recommend this workout.

  20. Carmen says:

    The movements are slow and methodical and flow from body part to body part seamlessly. However, I was not at all prepared for an hour long series of movement. I got the burn of my life with this workout and felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. I simply love working out with Rodney Yee and Gaiam.

  21. Yayz says:

    Very peaceful environment, great with just one instructor but I wish that he had various levels. Also, the quality of the video is great.

  22. Roxette says:

    I love it. You may need to be more advanced to really appreciate it but I do this 6 days a week and feel a real difference in overall strength and flexibility

  23. Ximena says:

    This is a beautiful, mindful, and potentially powerful yoga practice. It is true that there are no big surprise poses in this sequence–all are well-known, fairly basic level poses. The main audio option contains some instruction, but mostly about moving into and out of the poses; there is not much about alignment within the pose.

  24. Amalia says:

    The yoga is good,but the sound quality of the music is very poor. It is difficult to hear him talk, the sound gets very loud then softer and is rather distracting.

  25. Sonia says:

    Very peaceful environment, great with just one instructor but I wish that he had various levels. Also, the quality of the video is great.

  26. John says:

    I love it. You may need to be more advanced to really appreciate it but I do this 6 days a week and feel a real difference in overall strength and flexibility.

  27. Teresa says:

    This doesn’t burn as much as it makes you realize how inflexible your body becomes over time. As much as you want to quit, if you push through, you’ll feel really great and relaxed at the end. Definitely not for people with lower back issues though. Too much bending at the waist.

  28. Vance says:

    This was very hard but amazing. Not as good as another yoga DVD I have of his. I will keep it and try to get to the level.

  29. Sharon says:

    There are a few core poses at the beginning that were challenging, but I wouldn’t say this a burn you might expect. I am a huge Rodney Yee fan, and this is different from his other DVDs – like other reviewers said, redoing a pose three times and moving slowly. It is very nice and refreshing to do and makes my tight hamstrings and back feel great. But if you are looking for a hardcore toning workout burn, this isn’t the right DVD for you.

  30. Nancy says:

    The pace is a slow, easy to follow, good stretch. Definitely my favorite!

  31. Brenda says:

    This is a very slow movement yoga routine. It is not meant to be a “Power Yoga” style burn and sweat routine.I disagree with the other reviewer that this is a beginner, easy practice. Moving slow and listening to your body can be a challenge in it’s self ;o) You should have some basic knowledge of yoga postures since there is no instruction on the form of the postures.

  32. Becky says:

    This workout is very creative version of spinal twist. It moves on to a series of very slow moving sun saluations with warrior and this is a wonderful way to get in touch and improve your practice of faster moving sun salutes. And again, a very creative version of thunderbolt. Then on to the floor for a series of forward bending, backward bending, and leg stretching. Again, very creative moves that I have not seen on any other yoga DVD. He usually repeats each movement 2-3 times. The practice is a little under an hour.

  33. Nini says:

    Great workout and easy to follow. Stick with it if you want to feel results. The moves can be done and you WILL feel the burn. Takes the away the stiffness and the flexibility improves. I’m ordering more videos!

  34. Seville says:

    another great video. the last section seems to be out of place but otherwise a great flow to the videos. it’s divided into 4 section with each section has its own shavasana. basic power yoga stuff with the last section more advanced.

  35. Yousri says:

    It’s the perfect starter yoga program. In my case it’s the perfect mix of stretching, relaxation, and toning. I’ve been recovering from back and neck injuries from a car accident, and although I didn’t sustain serious injury, I have required time to heal. I did have to modify several of the moves, and had to stop and start, but I felt such a HUGE sense of accomplishment. I feel like I can regain what I lost– this DVD is what I needed to get started; it gives me hope. The best part was the relaxation technique is at the end of the workout. This is a DVD for people who are beginning yoga or starting a diet and exercise regime and can’t tolerate (or don’t like) high impact aerobics.

  36. Garros says:

    I believe this DVD would also be a wonderful alternate workout for those experienced in yoga, or those just wanting a way to relax after a stressful day. Thank you Rodney for providing the less initiated with a way to begin our yoga experience!

  37. Tabita says:

    This DVD is a great addition for my home practice and I use it probably 2-3 times a week.

  38. Bella says:

    this DVD is challenging and is worth the money for the intermediate to advanced yogi.

  39. Uhini says:

    I’m fairly new to yoga and was intrigued at doing a “slow flow” workout. At worst I thought I would have a relaxing practice that I could alternate with a more vigorous workout. Yoga Burn surprised me! I’m finding that the more I get into the slow pace, work on mindfulness and detail the more I feel the “burn”.

  40. Casey says:

    I feel it in my abs and afterwards my upper arms feel like they have been really worked out. My chest also feels more open and free than it has in years.

  41. Ginna says:

    I bought this, along with a few other yoga DVDs, to use here in my quarters on the base. I’ve done some yoga before, but I would consider myself very much a beginner still. That being said, this DVD falls somewhere between beginner and intermediate I think

  42. Eliana says:

    Love this, but please know that this is not an easy routine. Yee’s routine here moves quickly, so it’s better for those a little more advanced. We will have to work up to this one…

  43. Tracey says:

    Smooth and powerful! This had me sweating and feeling great by the end.

  44. Jeanine says:

    This one is good. You burn, but it feels so rewarding in the end.

  45. Fatima says:

    You’ll feel the results right away, and see them too the next day!

  46. Kristen says:

    Some parts of the workout are challenging, and I like that. I’ve never had a lot of upper body strength, so this DVD is very good for building it. Also, I have very tight, inflexible muscles, so this workout is perfect for just starting out in yoga. I really enjoy the routine and asanas and feel great afterward. I like it so much that I go through it twice in a row each day I do it. I find that I can perform the stretches and asanas better the 2nd time around.

  47. Jena says:

    Before using the Yoga Burn DVD, I was very shaky with some Bikram asanas and didn’t have a lot of strength or flexibility. After going through this routine 4 times, I’m much stronger, more flexible, and have better balance to perfomr the Bikram asanas. I can already see the difference!

  48. Garnie says:

    I find it extremely meditative and relaxing, but it is also challenging, although perhaps challenging in a different way than the more strenuous routines.

  49. Hutson says:

    With this one, I find myself able to go more deeply into the poses, and increasing my flexibility and grace in executing the movements.

  50. Ben says:

    You don’t sweat that hard on this DVD, I guess it’s made for beginner level yoga practitioners. If you really wanna sweat I recommend his Ultimate Power Yoga dvd.

  51. Zora says:

    I love the pace of this workout. There is adequate time to do what is asked of your body and to engage your mind in doing what you are doing so that you can make corrections and listen to your body. It took me several attempts before I was able to get through the entire program as I needed more upper body strength. I found that if I could get through the first half, the rest was easier.

  52. Randy says:

    My husband is now hooked and I often buy it as gifts for friends after we tell them how much we love it.
    Takes a few times to master, but worth every minute. And the time flies by leaving you feeling great and really rejuvenated.

  53. Randy says:

    Burn, baby, burn! It does! Am working up to his level with a ways to go but most folks in reasonable shape can do this

  54. Norbit says:

    Great for intermediate practitioners. I love Yee’s soothing voice and workouts are perfect to stay in shape.

  55. Raymond says:

    Yoga at home! He is amazing, but following his video I am getting better at yoga!

  56. Flores says:

    Expectations exceeded, always enjoy Yoga videos.I am very happy with my body

  57. Lidia says:

    The calm voice of instructor and proper technique holding positons for a reasonable length of time. Managable workout great for stretching. Whole body workout.

  58. Betty says:

    I have to agree with everyone else that it is totally different. Most of the poses are repeated 3x which means the stretches actually are pretty beneficial and you advance further with each repetition. The first half contains the only “burn” part which is an extended downward dog with modifications; the rest is a nice wind down. I am pregnant and bought this with CRUNCH’s pregnancy yoga video, I actually like this a lot better and other than the boat pose am able to do most of the poses just fine, and it’s much more interesting and challenging than the pregnancy one. He is right, it is easier to focus on the breathing more when you do the poses slowly and they are done with a nice flow to them which is great.

  59. Jessica says:

    Love this video. It’s tough while moving you through the positions slowly.

  60. Andreas says:

    This DVD is challenging. This dvd flows really nicely and it’s very easy to get into deep mediation while doing this and once you notice you’ll see you are doing everything he is without even thinking.

  61. Codrina says:

    With all the break neck fast yoga dvds with the focus on athletic conditioning flooding the market for past five years it is good to go back to this old school meditative yoga practice. Not Yin but not cardio power yoga either – but just right. Perfect for morning to waken up or night to unwind.

  62. Desina says:

    As for intermediate or advanced yogis, the beauty of yoga is you never out grow it and instead just go deeper in the pose and the long hold counts work beautifully for deepening into the moves for greater gains in flexibility. Folks if you are not feeling the burn IT IS YOU NOT MR. YEE’S ROUTINE that is the issue and you need to go deeper into the pose and push your flexibility (gently) up against the wall of your ability and then you should feel the burn just like you increase your weights to heavier amount when 10-12 repetitions are to easy. Finally this dvd is Perfect for people who want the benefits of a Yin program but prefer a more moving practice than the Yin and Gentle programs offer.

  63. Nora says:

    I think Yoga Burn is really good. I didn’t give it a 5 starts because I would like it to be a little more challenging, maybe more repetition and more abs, but I guess that’s why they made a Yoga Abs
    This one really works though, it has tone my body rather quickly, and it is good for people that is returning to work out after being off for awhile.

  64. Gilbert says:

    This was a little more advanced than I’m used to. That said it was a great workout and enjoyable disk for yoga. The first few exercises get really tough and then it cools off a little.

  65. Astoria says:

    My one major warning for those considering buying this is that this is not for beginners at all. Not because it is extremely difficult but because he does not provide any instruction on how to properly do the moves. He is assuming prior knowledge with this video. I would honestly suggest that anyone looking to get into yoga take a few classes before attempting to do any yoga video because there is a serious risk for injury without some supervision until you get the basic moves and body awareness that is required to practice safely. Otherwise, great video for experienced yogis and it has remained in my rotation for 4 years.

  66. Zacklina says:

    Very satisfied with this work out. If practiced often the results are guaranteed.

  67. Ludmilla says:

    I love the slow yoga. At first you don’t realize you are getting a good workout. Wait until you are done. Helps make you more aware of alignment. I’m just learning to slow down with my practices to make it real. This is a great practice to get there.

  68. Tanita says:

    I like this yoga work out because the movemens are slow and repetative. If you are looking for a break from yoga flow but still want an effective yoga workout, this one is perfect.

  69. Vlad says:

    It is extremely relaxing, and a good routine to do if you do want to do a routine but at the same time are too tired to really do a more challenging routine. Again, another good product and worth checking out.

  70. Rocky says:

    If “sitting on the cushion” is not what works for you, maybe trying this yoga DVD could do the trick? I find it to be a meditation in / with movement. I truly love it. I do not use this DVD for physical exercise so much as for mental / spirit / mind exercise.

  71. Simon says:

    I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who loves yoga, wants to get in shape, and loves the poses and settling into them while being mindful of your breathing.

  72. Tommi says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for when I shopped for a yoga workout. I needed a workout that focused more on flexibility and the steps to getting in and out of a pose. This one has worked really well for me. And despite it feeling fairly easy while doing it, I am definitely sore afterwards, especially in my legs.

  73. Cressida says:

    This is a different type of yoga tape. All the movements are done slowly. But that’s good, really makes you concentrate on the workout

  74. Diana says:

    I’ve used other yoga videos and this one really blows the other ones away. I use foam mats when I workout to the dvd and this really makes a difference in the comfort for my knees and back.

  75. Sandra says:

    Yoga Burn is a great video for those interested in home yoga DVD’s. The routine’s slow pace is effective in creating the “burn” but I also find it very relaxing and perfect for those days in which I need to focus more on my breathing.

  76. Bella says:

    It was challenging
    I love his style of instructing he is really fantastic

  77. Jamie says:

    If you can make it through the entire hour, you have done well. He is extremely limber. Doing the yoga routine you will sweat and also feel relaxed at the finish. This dvd was worth every penny.

  78. Kay says:

    I really enjoyed this dvd. it is an intense work out but it is really a great production and enjoyable to follow

  79. Erin says:

    I have been taking yoga classes casually for the past 5 years but this was my first dvd purchase. While Yoga Burn does not necessarily make you sweat this is a real workout if you concentrate and wonderful for posture and increasing flexibility. You feel the workout in your legs, arms and abdomen for the next few days. Instructions are easy to follow if you are familiar with basic yoga poses. The only thing problem is he doesn’t focus on breathing so you need to remind yourself or be very conscious of breathing through the poses. Overall, highly recommended.

  80. Elizabeth says:

    This is a good one … nice pause and use of the poses to stretch. It will be a good one to throw in to switch things up once in a while.

  81. Johnie says:

    The video was good. It was slower than most which is nice to see. I did find that once you got to the final pose you were already moving out of it. I will practice with this video in the future but probably save it for a day that I am feeling a little slower.

  82. Alina says:

    I love his voice, calming, music good, good for a moderate yoda burn. I have done yoga off and on over the years, this is a good start back up or maintaining routine.

  83. Dany says:

    I felt like I needed to mix it up a bit so I got Yoga Burn. I am hooked. If you do this with intention, and mindfulness, it won’t let you down. You will sweat and your heart rate will go up. I consider myself to be an advanced yoga practitioner. My body feels wonderful after this workout.

  84. Casiana says:

    I highly recommend this DVD. It is very easy to watch and follow along, and best of all it will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  85. Zeiss says:

    This is an amazing yoga video which DOES make me feel the burn. Slow, sloooow excercises . . . very, very effective. I consider myself a beginner and yet found the instructions clear and easy to follow

  86. Tudor says:

    I would recommend it to all, but for 1st timers you may want to get a more general beginner DVD to acquaint yourself with basic poses.

  87. Beatrice says:

    This video requires some strength that I just don’t have yet…but I look forward to being able to do the whole video in six months or so. I will just keep doing a little bit of it at a time to build up my strength.

  88. Soranna says:

    Good overall cardio and strength workout. Easy to follow.

  89. Yasmine says:

    Very good for muscles. i felt good after the workout

  90. Giani says:

    The work out is tough though! I’ve got to work into it slowly.

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