Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Ever heard of Hip Flexors? Me neither. Did you know that it’s one of the most important muscles in our body? It’s responsible for a lot of happenings in our body and if it’s weak, basically, our whole body will be weak. That includes joint pains, bad and painful posture, even lack of sexual performance! I wouldn’t be able to know about all this if not because of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors (UYHF) Program! I will be giving an honest review about the product with my own personal experience. Because I really believe that everyone has got to learn about this very important part of our body.

Website: http://hiddensurvivalmuscle.com/

Introduction to the program

This is a nutrition program designed to loosen or unlock our Hip Flexors. Apparently, our Hip Flexors are one of the most overlooked and neglected parts of our body. With not enough exercise, care, and attention are given to it most people have very tight hip flexors. Tight hip flexors result to a lot of inconveniences to our day to day lives and sometimes even serious injuries as we grow old.  Included among these are sleeping problems, bad posture, anxiety, painful joints and hips, digestive problems, having a hard time in performing in sports, and even lack of sexual performance.

The goal of the program is to be able to unlock these hip flexors for a much better strength and health.  Its goals also include developing habits that will help your hip flexors improve and strengthen all the more.

Author Background

Before delving into the details of the whole program I will first introduce you to the author and developer of the program. Mike Westerdal came up with the program. He is a national best-selling fitness author and actually is the founder of CriticalBench.com. CriticalBench.com is one of the world wide web’s longest-standing fitness and strength site and up until now Mike still is a contributor to the website. Other than that, he is also a contributor to Iron Man Magazine. Of course, Mike wouldn’t be able to know all these if it wasn’t for his experience in being a sports nutrition specialist and personal fitness trainer.

Mike Westerdal was able to know and develop the program through his friend Rick Kaselj, MS. He is a Kinesiologist and an Injury Specialist. Being a health professional, he has given a lot of seminars and presentations all across US and Canada. He helps Mike with his wife when she needed to have her Hip Flexors unlocked due to painful hips and joints from childbirth. With Rick’s knowledge behind the science and Mike’s knowledge of fitness, he was able to come up with a program that aims to help people unlock their own hip flexors without any specialist’s help.

How does Unlock Your Hip Flexors work?

The program works on combined knowledge of the two professionals in both science and fitness. What happens is the program will help you find your Hip Flexors and help you train and unlock it makes you realize your full health potential.

Your Hip Flexors are scientifically called the Psoas Major Muscle. Others also call it the Might Muscle with all the stuff that it supports in our body. It is actually the only muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body. Imagine the gravity of its importance and the reason why it should be given attention and trained.

Your hip flexor is attached to numerous muscles that affects your lower spine, your breathing, hips and abdomen, and your internal organs. I have already mentioned the problems you might encounter or are currently encountering with untrained, tight hip flexors. Doing the program helps you prevent, lessen, or get rid of these problems in the future. This is exactly needed by people who are not getting any younger or those who just want to realize their full fitness potential.

The program also highly requires you to lessen one of the most harmful habits for your hip flexors: sitting. Apparently, sitting for such long times causes a lot of problems to our hip flexors and eventually to our overall health. It was explained on the website that there are three major ways how sitting badly affects our health. Sitting is actually one cause of the bulging belly syndrome or that belly that you just can’t seem to get rid of even with lots and lots of exercises. It can also be blamed for that stubborn fat because it makes your body switch into fat storing mode. Lastly, sitting for long periods of time also cause lack of sexual performance. This is because of the decreased blood flow through the lower part of your body.

Another fitness habit that some of us need to have an improvement on static stretching. Apparently, as I found out through this program, this does not in any way help in unlocking our hip flexors. Doing this does not help us fulfill our full fitness potential. It is very understandable though because our hip flexors muscles that are placed in very hard to reach areas thus also making it hard to be trained. Some of the best ways in unlocking it, a mentioned in their website, include:

  • PNF Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Three Dimensional Core Stability Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Fascia Stretching
  • Muscle Activation Movements

These are just some of the best ways in loosening and unlocking your hip flexors. However, there is a right order of doing this to ensure safety and full effectiveness. It’s what Mike calls the Sequential Flow Method.

What you get upon purchasing the program?

So you have decided to unlock your own hip flexors. Mike’s program is the best way, to begin with, and is actually the only way to do this. Here is the stuff you will get upon purchasing their program on their website:

  •  DVD Video – There are over 10 exercises available in the copy which is divided into two categories: Coaching Instructional Videos and Follow Along Videos. The first one includes Rick talking to you and explaining to you each of the exercise and each of their importance. While the other one is where you will get to follow the exercises on your own continuously and without interruption.
  • Flexors Manual – This is a manual about the Psoas Major Muscle and a whole lot of information about it such as its effects to your health and well-being.
  • Bonus: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings Guide and DVD – Mike is such a fitness enthusiast and promoter that he will include a whole workout plan and DVD upon your purchase. This program focuses on training your hamstrings and discussing to you its importance and effects.
  • Bonus: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet – This diet plan complements your journey to unlocking your hip flexors because the recipes included here are designed to strengthen your muscles and overall performance all the more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program any different to any other hip flexibility program?
In fact, this does program’s aim is not to just make your hips flexible. Its aim is to increase flexibility in your hip flexors therefore making your hips flexible. Unlocking your hip flexors open upon to a bunch of fitness opportunities and improvement not only to your hips’ benefits but to your whole body as well.

It’s also is a well-designed program that is behind a credible tram of a certified fitness coach and an injury specialist. The program differs from others n that they know exactly how to get the most of your hip flexors through their sequential flow technique.

How long will the results show?
It depends actually. I will talk about my experience later and how long I have seen the results but to most people, it showed between 1 to 5 sessions. Our bodies are different and because of that, it reacts to programs differently. One thing I know for sure is that this program show results and in such a short period of time.

Will it take a lot of my time?
Not at all. The program, according to their website, only lasts for between 10 to 15 minutes. That’s exactly how long it takes for me to do it as well. They recommend doing it daily which I have started to do and it doesn’t take up a lot of my time. I do it in the morning upon waking up.

I have an injury, I am over 50, etc. Can I still do the program?
Absolutely! The program is designed to be very doable even if you have just suffered from injury, have bad joints from old age, etc. In fact, it might actually improve your condition upon doing it because after all Hip Flexors are in charge of a lot of the muscle and joint happenings in our body. I can attest that the workouts/exercises are very easy to follow and do not hurt me at all.

Is there any equipment required?
This is actually what I love about this program. It does not require any equipment. I can do it while traveling or out of town. All that I need is a wall to lean on because some movements require it for support. Other than that, I can do it anywhere even in a small room.


Pros and Cons 

As with all program, there are always pros and cons to consider. I will help you in figuring this out and save you the hassle of weighing out each of them starting with the pros:

  • The program also acts as a weight loss program. This is because it the muscle in your belly area gets to be activated and trained making its performance better. Muscle, as we all know, is one helpful way of burning fat. If there’s a trained muscle in the belly area, it’s bound to get rid of that in no time.
  • There is motivation coming from the author and the specialist themselves. They not only act as sources of information but sources of motivation as well.
  • Speaking of its developers, I have already mentioned each one’s credentials and it’s obvious that both are very credible sources of information. This makes me adds trust to the program that what I am really doing is safe, sure, and effective. After all, the last thing I wanna be while doing the workouts is injured.
  • 60 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied, have seen problems, or just does not see any results. Which I highly doubt in my opinion as I myself have seen results in just 2 sessions.
  • The bonus items included are actually useful and informational. Most fitness programs throw in bonus items only to hike up prices for a bit even if they aren’t useful at all and can easily be found on the internet. But this program throws in bonus items that are really very useful and with the intentions to help the purchasers.

Here are some of the cons I have noticed in the program:

  • This is not actually a con for me but others may found it a downside. The product is only available through digital download which means a faster and more convenient in purchasing it. But there are still people out there who would prefer a physical copy as much as possible. Having an option would be nice as well.
  • Others might find all the scientific information scary and overwhelming. There is nothing to fret about though. It just goes to show the credibility of the authors and truth in the science behind it.

My Experience with Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The moment I purchased and received the product I immediately went on and read the guide over to cover. I also skimmed through the workout plan which was included in the bonus books. The next day I was ready to start my workout.

I did the workouts for 10 minutes and did not feel exhausted or anything bad about it all. It kinda refreshed and gave me energy in fact. I did it for the whole week and I felt better and better each day. Maybe it was just on my mind but it actually felt good.

The next week I also started out cooking and eating the recipes included in the 7-day meal plan. I must say that the recipes were all delicious and not to mention healthy. I did the workouts again the whole week, except for weekends since these are my rest day, and I did notice results.

I was feeling more and more lighter and better. I would usually have this pains on my upper back which I believe is from my bad sitting posture and I was surprised at that one time that I noticed it was already gone. I would also get pains in my knee joint after a few minutes of jogging and jump rope even on a soft ground and on my first week of the program I wasn’t feeling it anymore. My sleep got better at night when I would usually have a hard time fall asleep, and I would wake up feeling very energized and refreshed.

I have also recommended the program to my mom who is about to turn 60 and she was able to perform the exercises with no hassle. She even mentions and talks about how it has improved her joint problems as well. I recommended it to my husband after a few weeks and we would do the workouts now every morning and I can really say that it has improved his performance in the bed.

The program is a part of my lifestyle now to the point I wouldn’t feel my day is complete without doing the exercises. In a way, it becomes a form of meditation for me. I am enjoying the results and my lifestyle has improved greatly because of this.


I couldn’t be more enthusiastic in recommending this program to everyone who’s reading this. This is just the ultimate program in improving your overall well-being. If you want to start getting into fitness programs I believe you’d have to start with this one first. Doing this will then help you fulfill your other fitness goals such as weight training or running a marathon. You wouldn’t want to get into these activities without a properly trained and unlocked Hip Flexors. The whole program was designed in a way that is very easy to follow for all ages and is designed exactly to achieve the goals of a better and improved hip flexor. It also helps you develop better habits in your day to day living which in the long term affects your lifestyle in a good way. The program really lives up to its promises and is probably the best of its kind.

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