The Language of Desire Review

Language of Desire Review

Eyeing that new coworker you just met and don’t have any idea how to seduce him? Is your current relationship losing that fire your first felt when you first had it? Feeling old and unattractive and just don’t know how to feel sexy and seductive anymore? I am going to let you in a little secret. I’ve been using a relationship program entitled Language of Desire. It worked wonders in helping me score dates every night of the week and I wanna share it with you too!

So what exactly is Language of Desire?

The Language of Desire is a relationship program with the aims in helping women of any age and of circumstance to either ignite the fading flame or seduce someone new. It’s basically a teaching guide backed with credible, intensive research and testing on the science behind its effectiveness. It boasts of its easy, inspirational, and transformation method of seduction that I vouch for myself!

There are a lot of secrets the author will let you on including The Pavlov’s Erection Technique, The Porn Destroyer, The Cuddle Hormone, and much more! I will be discussing some of my favorites and the ones that worked wonders for me in my experience.

These secrets are guaranteed to make your man unbelievably turned on and that’s just with your words and body movements. Wait till you get to more than that!

Author Background

Before getting to know how the book works and what it has in store for you let us get to know first the genius behind this relationship system women are going gaga over and men just couldn’t resist!

Felicity Keith is a 42-year old mother. That’s it. She’s not a psychologist, she’s not a teacher, a scientist, or anything like that. She is an ordinary woman just like you and me. She’s gone through what most of have gone through and she knows exactly how it feels and what to do about it.

The story behind her writing the book is just the same as some of our stories of heartbreak, break ups, divorce, etc. Felicity Keith has been in your shoes! Except that instead of crying about it or confronting and getting mad at his man which both results to nothing, Felicity Keith looked for answers. Disappointed that she found nothing helpful, she tracked down a retired phone sex operator and went on to learn a lot about the power of the feminine voice and how to find out what men are really seeking for emotionally when they think they’re seeking sex. She talked to sex therapists and sex psychologists about the science behind it.

That’s when she started writing about the secrets and the whole program. That’s also when her friends would ask for her advice and become so giddy with its effectiveness that others have asked for her help too from 20-year-olds to as old as 70-year-olds!

How does the program work?

Felicity Keith’s aims in making the book are creating guidelines for women to be able to feel sexually confident and seductive without feeling slutty and shameful about it. After all, that is how men want it. It aims to understand the masculine mind and make them tuned on exactly the way you want it with dirty talk. Dirty talk here, as the author defines it, is a way of being verbally sexual with your man with the right words and phrases to tell enough to seduce him and be in control.

I will share with you some of the well-known and all-time favorite techniques of the users of the program:

  • The Pavlov’s Erection Technique – This technique teaches you exactly how to make your man so turned on and full of desire just by a single phrase you whisper in his here. This is exactly what Felicity Keith is talking about when she says that the man’s most erogenous zone is his mind. This is actually my favorite of all and I will tell you about my very own experience later on!
  • The Porn Destroyer – This is what Felicity Keith did to make his man stop what he did on that unfortunate anniversary night of theirs. This is also a common happening with long time lovers. Make him turn off that screen and reorient his attention to you with this one simple trick!
  • The Cuddle Hormone – This trick makes your man a total sweetheart and it worked with the author’s friend too! Make him love you and feel you safe at all times like both of you had in your relationship’s beginning.
  • Erotic Telepathy Technique – This is for those who have been wanting to read their mind like a book and know exactly what they want with their deepest and passionate fantasies. It even comes with a warning label because of its huge accuracy!
  • Sexual Singularity – This is that one single word you’d have to know and learn to use to make your man feel appreciated and give you his only attention. You’ve really got to have this one.
  • The Tease Intensifier – This is one sure fire way to slowly make your man so heated in your relationship to the point he can’t take it but let go of his unbridled lust.
  • Desire Seed – One of the controversial techniques, this teaches you how to effectively say your sexual fantasies to a man and make him do it. Save yourself the embarrassment and make him desire what you desire as well with this trick.
  • Lust Mirror – This is the very first trick that Felicity Keith used in her introduction which worked wonders. It is a powerful method of creating a “feedback loop” where the both of you just gets turned more and more until you both can’t take it anymore.
  • Verbal Viagra – This method is perfect for women whose significant others just can’t seem to get turned or somehow lost their interest in sex.
  • Oral Intensifier – This is a notched up version of the Verbal Viagra which will drive your man crazy.
  • Erotic Action Movie – This is where you will get to spice up your digital life with a man through texts and messages guaranteed to turn him on.
  • No Touch Lay – Of course with the successful seduction of your man, there are moments that you yourself are not in the mood. This trick is useful for those times and still feel like both of you have had a most satisfying sex in your life. The perfect win-win situation.
  • Invisible Chastity Belt – Make him so turned on and pleased even without sex. This is one of the best tricks yet!
  • Madonna Moan – Now that you’ve mastered your words and phrases, make him go wild with just a moan! This trick will make your man appreciated and grateful and you, just the confidently sexy woman that you are!
  • Romance Rotator – Turn on those romantic impulses in his mind to add a classic sweetness to your lives.
  • Monogamous Male Maximizer – Make your man unbelievably begging to be yours.
  • The Friend to Fantasy – For all those women out there stuck on a friend zone, this is exactly for you. The trick lies in him seducing you and not the other way around.

And that’s not even half of it! There tons and tons more to learn and find out. These are all applicable to any situation, to any age, to any kind of man!


What you get in buying the guide:

This is what I’m gonna tell you, you will be getting more than what you paid for! You’ll be getting a lifetime of information useful for the rest of your life. So here it goes:

  • The Main 10-Module Online Course Program which includes lessons and worksheets. Each of these modules is further divided into 4 to 5 subsections. These are:
    • Introduction
    • Become a Sexual Superwoman
    • Loving Man’s Best Friend
    • Brain Chemistry and Sex
    • Erotic Actin Movie Technique
    • Desire Intensifiers
    • Upgrade Your Relationship Status
    • Getting Your Fantasies Met
    • When Sex Isn’t Possible
    • Dirty Talk Mastery
  • Bonus Product: Silent Seduction – True to its name, make your man turned on without saying a single thing but only through your body language.
  • Bonus Product: The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty – These include over 200 done-for-you text messages applicable for any situation.
  • Bonus Product: Unstoppable Confidence – This is an MP3 audio lesson. It’s over 90-minute conversation between Michael Flore and Michael Griswold talking about how exactly it is achievable to have that sexually confident personality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once I finish the course, do I still have access to the modules?
Absolutely! You will be given a login username and password and can access the course any time of the day anywhere in the world! You will have access to the member’s forum and all the materials even after finishing the course so don’t worry about it.

Can I access it from devices aside from my computer?
For sure! Since the program is digital all throughout and is provided online through a course website and a forum, you can access it with your tablets or phones as long as it is connected to the internet. The downloadable eBooks and audio can be accessed easily with your eBook viewers and audio player even without the internet. Listen to it while driving your car, taking a stroll, or waiting for someone.

Will the Language of Desire help me with starting out a serious relationship with a friend with benefits?
So your problem is that you have the sexual confidence and the seduction already but not the actual relationship. The program can absolutely help you with that. As I mentioned, it works in turning on the men’s most erogenous zone which is his mind. Make him want you and beg you not just sexually but for a long time too! This definitely is the program for all the women out there dealing with all kinds of stuff with men. There’s always a section in the whole course for all kinds of situation you can find and use.


Pros and Cons

Here I’ll be talking about each of the program’s pros and cons. There are numerous pros that I find in the program but here are the major ones that I find the most important and you will also find interesting:

  • Felicity Keith’s knowledge comes from her own personal experience backed up by well-researched science from sex therapists and sex psychologists. This is a huge pro because the content would then be very tailored to and empathetic of women of any age and situation because the author herself has gone through these problems but her solution will be backed by legit science from psychologists and therapists. Felicity Keith stands as a mediator between us, ordinary women, to tell the secrets and knowledge of these experts in understanding the mind of men.
  • Upon purchasing the product, you are assured to a 60 days money back guarantee. The author will give you a full refund of your purchase if you are not satisfied with what you bought or don’t think the program is for you. Which, just so you know, I very highly doubt because the night I bought it there was no turning back! Read about my experience later.
  • The whole online course needs not to be taken in order. You can access its sections and subsections even without accessing the others first. Choose the sections that you think is appropriate to your current relationship or the ones that you want to know more about. Also, apart from this, you have unlimited access to it for the rest of your life. Even after finishing the course, you can still go back the sections and lessons from time to time if you’ve forgotten some of it or want to try something new.
  • It gives you that sexual confidence without feeling shameful or embarrassed about it. It works and promotes the idea in a positive light which helps in empowering women and making them feel good about their skin.


But I have also noticed some cons about the product. These, however, are just tiny bit and can be further improved or can be done with an alternative.

  • To access the modules, you’d have to have internet connection. This may be a bit of a downside to those who does not have an access to the internet always or have poor connections. If the internet is out and a situation desperately calls for a situation that you unfortunately forgot, there is not solution for this.
  • Only women will benefit from the program as this is the author’s goal. Sorry guys, but you won’t be able to read our minds just yet.
  • It is only available in digital downloadable forms. This might be a good or a bad thing but having an option for those who want to have a physical copy would be a nice thing.


My Own Experience with Language of Desire

I heard the program from a friend months ago. I have been single for months already and have been trying my luck with online internet dating with some applications and website but most of my conversations either ends up ghosted or me doing the first move and asking out first. I have been searching for tips online on how to work around this and I fell across the program but I wasn’t believing it at first. Until a close friend of mine mentioned it to me and said it worked for her with her husband. So  I went on and purchased it immediately.

What I liked about the program is that I could skip exactly to the parts which I think is appropriate to my situation. So I quickly went and look for lessons that could help me score that date from one of my oldest friends that I have long had an eye for, a new coworker that I haven’t gotten to know yet, and one online match that I got coming from the module about texting and teasing. I did not believe it at first and I got so giddy but it was the reality! I scored dates for the whole week.

Now I am steadily and exclusively dating my old friend and sometimes we’d have a bit of miscommunications or issues both romantically and sexually. I would just go through the lessons and follow what it says and it will work out its wonders. My partner even mentions at times how he feels with how I get more and more better at dirty talking.


I would recommend this program to all women out there! Even if you’re not having any problems with your man, this will definitely improve your relationship in general. I cannot even begin how much this has helped me in all aspects of my romantic and sexual life beginning from dating to keeping a healthy, exciting, and pleasurable relationship for the both me and my man. Felicity Keith is a real life saver and her tips and tricks need to be discovered by all the other women in the world.

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