Regrow Hair Protocol Review

Regrow Hair Protocol Review

Hair loss is a common phenomenon to a lot of people. It is actually perfectly normal to lose hair day to day. On average, each of us loses about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair a day. This should not come as alarming to you.

Women usually experience it with hair thinning and a lot of hair loss. On the other hand, men commonly experience it in their later years which causes balding. There are numerous more reasons as to why these happen to people. It may be the hair products that you use, stress, hormones, or just plain old age which comes from heredity.

However, it is good to remember that losing hair more than that number is bad for you. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to count it one by one but being able to notice a huge amount of hair loss is most likely a bad symptom. It is generally advised to immediately contact a physician for these. All the more when it occurs together with a few other symptoms.

But if you find yourself perfectly healthy and normal, then there is no need to worry about going to the doctor.

I understand perfectly well that you are more worried about your body image. I have had my fair share of frustrations with this very same problem. I have very thin hair which does not really look good for a woman. There are always products you can buy on drugstores and groceries like shampoos and medicines. Or you can always take the option of having a surgery like hair transplantation. Which might cost you a lot of bucks. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to finding solutions for this problem.

That is what exactly the Regrow Hair Protocol is trying to be.

It introduces itself as a solution to baldness and hair loss in a quick, safe, and cheap procedure. It comes in an informative guide with a focus on growing hair through safe and all natural methods. It mentions that this hair growth can be achieved in as quickly as within 30 days. This is what we are exactly going to find out in this review.


What is The Regrow Hair Protocol?

Upon visiting the website you will be greeted by a man talking about his own experience in baldness and how Regrow Hair Protocol was able to cure it in 19 days. He even mentions that a research was done at the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University that this method of curing hair loss goes against all the scientific theories established regarding it.

What is sure about Regrow Hair Protocol is that it does not require or involve any use of drugs, medications, expensive surgeries, or gels. Compared to all these, Regrow Hair Protocol is definitely cheaper.

It mentions that even as little as 2 weeks you will be able to see results with hair growth. You will eventually realize what your doctor thought about hair loss to be wrong.  He goes on to mention that apparently, these bald spots do not come from the aging process or genetics. This problem of hair loss comes from an enzyme which hinders your hair follicles to produce new hair.

Regrow Hair Protocol’s main aim is to turn this enzyme off and allow these dormant hair follicles to continue growing hair. It does not matter if your hair loss is caused by alopecia or just by heredity, what your age is or whether you are male or female. Regrow Hair Protocol promises that your hair will grow back again quickly and safely.

That is the science that goes behind the principle of the book. Before talking further about this, let us first get to know who developed and authored Regrow Hair Protocol.

Who is David Mckenna, the Author?

The developer of the hair growth guides goes by the name David Mckenna. He is a 48-year-old manager of a family-run legal firm. He is currently residing in East Providence, Rhode Island with his wife.

It is very obvious that David is just an average person. He is neither a doctor nor a scientist. What made him develop Regrow Hair Protocol is based from his own experience which started 12 years ago. His wife first took notice, then eventually his friends did too, which gave a huge blow on his self-confidence.

He tried using medications such as Rogaine and Finasteride, all cost him a lot of money for months, but apparently did not work for him. Not only that but it also caused him a few side effects including lack of sex drive. He even considered having a surgery but found it unbelievably expensive and uncomfortable. His low self-esteem all the more got affected upon finding out his wife is having an affair.

He discovered and learned about the hair loss enzyme, scientifically called Prostaglandin D2 or PGD2 while listening to the radio and an advertisement about it came up. It was initially discovered by researchers in Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and backed by a lot of research institutes as well such as John Hopkins University, University of Baltimore, Science Translational Medicine, and Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

He did his own research about it, scouring through journals as old as 1920 until he found one done in University of Athens Medical School in Greece in 2008. Simply put, there are chemicals or enzymes out there that inhibit the production of the enzyme PGD2 and are amazingly found in a lot of food we eat today. These include apple, cherries, red wine, broccoli, etc.

With this knowledge, he started out on a new nutrition regimen and in just a few weeks resulted in his hair growing back. A lot of his friends and colleagues, even his wife, noticed this drastic change that he decided to come up with the guide.

I really find David’s source all credible, but he himself is neither a scientist nor a research which kind of makes me a bit hesitant in the beginning. I still went on the buy the program and see for myself what it really results to.

How does the Regrow Hair Protocol work?

The main goal of the book, as mentioned, is to kill off these PGD2 enzymes to enable your hair follicles to grow again. The author suggests to do that by going through a 100% natural and simple nutritional program he developed himself. This is exactly the diet he followed to be able to attain his hair growth back.

The Regrow Hair Protocol Guide is assumed to be the major element of the package as this is where all the information is written. Information about hair loss and hair growth and what exactly is the nutrition needed to be followed and food needed to be eaten.

In here, you will also have access to a done-for-you day by day protocol which provides you all the food that you need to eat for every day. It comes with a schedule and a calendar as well to last you for all the 6 weeks that you need in achieving your results. The book also provides you with specific combinations to fully realize your hair growth as quickly as possible.

Another important section of the book is where the author talks about all the vitamins and minerals that are important in growing your hair and where to find them exactly. These include teas and a whole lot of raw materials as well.

Aside from the book, you will also be getting Hair Raising Recipes. I find this the perfect complement to the book when I was just starting with the nutrition. It provides almost 40 recipes that are said to boost hair growth through the food and ingredients mentioned in the first book. I have only tried a few ones and I can tell that the recipes are not bland and boring.

This book contains recipes that the author himself came up with. It contains exact recipes and directions that were easy to follow.

Finally, the guide comes with the last book entitled Hairy Smoothies. The author mentions that this is mainly for those who lead a busy lifestyle and find it too much of a hassle to cook and follow the recipes. These smoothies give the exact nutrition that the recipes provide without compromising time. The guide provides 20 nutrient filled and easy to follow recipes for shakes and smoothies.

I liked that the guides do not force you to completely change your diet and just suggests a lot of ways you can further improve it to achieve your hair growth results. It also does not work on calorie deficit or any other diet alterations because after all, it does not aim to make you lose weight or provide you a better health. But this can be a positive side effect.

What you get in purchasing the book?

I have mentioned all that you will get in purchasing the book including some brief description of each but to give you a quick rundown, you will be getting:

  • Regrow Hair Protocol eBook
  • Bonus: Hair Raising Recipes eBook
  • Bonus: Hairy Smoothies eBook

You can get all these for $37 on their website here.

Pros and Cons

Before buying the book I have listed down a few pros and cons that I have noticed while going through the website. Some of this got answered or changed upon buying the book but I also found out a few ones more after buying it. To make the job easy for you, I will give you a rundown of all the pros and cons that I noticed in it.


  • There is no doubt that the product is very cheap compared to all the other alternatives of growing back your hair. I figured if this is not so effective after all, at least I did not waste a lot of bucks.
  • It makes you more mindful of what you eat. The book really does suggest nutritious food for your diet which made me more conscious of what I am eating with my day to day nutrition. Aside from achieving hair growth, it might also give you a few positive side effects. In my case I noticed a huge effect in my skin.
  • The nutrition plan is very easy to follow, as well the recipes. First, it does not in any way restrict you with your diet. I still got the chance to eat all the junk food that I want. What it does is provide you with food to act as a supplement to your diet to help grow your hair.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee on your purchase. If his guidelines did not help you in any way, you can always have your money back.
  • The books are available digitally. For others, this might be a downside. But I find it a pro for those who are purchasing it from the other side of the world or those who are always traveling and going about.


  • Although the sources of the book come from reputable research institutes and everything is scientific based, David himself is an average guy. I do not doubt the facts behind the enzyme and the nutrition, but what worked for him may not exactly work for the others because he based the guides from his own experience.
  • With that said, there is no doubt that the guide provides a safe way of growing back your hair. There is no harm in trying it out. But just be prepared to see the results in a few months and not exactly as quickly as 14 days or even 30 days. Aside from the fact that each of us has different bodies, results really just don’t show up as early as that.

Frequently Asked Questions about Regrow Hair Protocol

Can women use this guide?
I used it and I found nothing wrong with it. It may seem like the product is marketed towards middle-aged men, but there is no age and gender restrictions in using it. That is actually another downside I have noticed in the product. Of course, David himself is a middle age man so there is no wonder that he would target people who have gone through his experience as well. But the guides are not gender and age specific so there is no need to worry about this. You will be recommended to eat nutritious food, this guide is more of a supplement than a restriction to your nutrition.

Does this really make your hair grow that fast?
As I mentioned, results when it comes to guides like this vary from person to person. David’s result may be true but he may just have got lucky. In my case, my problem was hair thinning, I noticed results a few weeks more than his showed up. Sometimes a product is effective for you and sometimes it is not. So to put it simply, on average, it most like would not.

My Experience

I have been suffering from thin hair since I was a kid. I think it’s genetics. It was not really a problem for me until I turned older. I find that it affects my self-confidence a lot because I could only style my hair on a ponytail. It looks horrible with my hair down.

I’ve tried using a lot of products to cure this: hair thickening shampoos, all those chemicals, and medications. Surgery was not really an option for me. I don’t think I needed it. But every day is just so bland for me with my hair up on a bun.

Being the product tester that I am, I did not hesitate to buy myself the Regrow Hair Protocol guidelines. I thought, there is no harm in trying. After all, there are no restrictions in the diet and it’s just a few bucks anyway.

I read the guides and I understood so much about the science behind hair loss. I followed what the book suggests as much as I can. My expectations weren’t that high after all the products and failures that I have been through. But I started noticing results in probably 2 or 3 months. That was not as fast as David promises but at least there is progress! I also noticed that my skin glowed much more and people have been complimenting how I look a bit younger.

It really did give me results and I thought this was because of all the nutrition I was getting from the food I am eating. What I like about it is that I don’t feel guilty at all about the food I eat because there are no restrictions. I have also finally gotten used to eating the foods mentioned in the guide that when eating out I don’t need to remind myself what to choose because it’s become a reflex to just choose the food that will be good for my hair growth.


Regrow Hair Protocol is a good option in finding solutions for your hair problem. All its recommendation is 100% natural which might give you a break from all the chemical you’re getting from the products and medications you are trying out. With this, there is absolutely no harm in trying if it works for you. After all, it’s also very cheap.

But just know that the results would probably not take you as little as 14 or 30 days. It varies from person to person, for instance, mine took a few more months. But at least there were no further costs incurred and it did give me other positive side effects.

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