Paleo Grubs Review

Paleo Grubs Review

Ever been curious about what Paleo Diet is and why it’s making a scene recently in the fitness sphere? Wanted to try it before but never really had the courage to try out recipes that you just randomly find on the internet? I have been there as well before, and now there’s no looking back. This is since I got introduced to the Paleo recipe book to end all the Paleo recipe books: Paleo Grubs.

Now, just to give you a recap and just so we are both on the same page and understand what we are talking about, I will have to define to you what Paleo means in the nutrition world. Paleo, as for how you would hear it in some history or science channel, means early primitive or prehistoric. That is what exactly the science behind this emerging nutrition trend amongst fitness enthusiasts. Going on a Paleo Diet or Nutrition basically, means eating like how our ancestors would do.

And how would our early primitive ancestors eat? If you’re following well you history lessons back in high school, prehistoric people would hunt and gather food. This means they eat more of whole foods, foods that are not packaged and processed, and most are protein – meat, fish, etc.– more than carbohydrates. Other than that, the Paleo nutrition follows a diet of no grains, no dairy, no refined sugars, and no legumes. Okay, enough of the history lessons.

So, now that we are on the same page and you have convinced yourself that you want, or maybe even need a Paleo diet, where do you start? For sure you would consult the internet like I did on my first time. But I totally get it, the internet is full of crap sometimes. You would not want to trust your diet on some shady recipe you just googled search. You want credible sources of your knowledge of the Paleo diet, so here it is! Paleo Grubs.

Paleo Grubs consists of all the recipes that you need in starting out with Paleo or even if you are on Paleo for a long time now!

What is Paleo Grubs?

It is very simple, Paleo Grubs is a recipe book that contains Paleo-approved recipes and ingredients. Now you might think and wonder how is it different from any other book or even from the recipes on the internet. A lot! Paleo Grubs, as I have mentioned, is the ultimate Paleo recipe book to end all the other recipe books. It just got everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING, that you need to live a life of Paleo nutrition.

What do you get when you buy the Paleo Grubs book?

I will walk you through and give you a brief explanation of what each of the products you will get when you purchase through their website. First, you will get the Paleo Grubs Book. This book is in the form of a digital eBook that is easily downloadable, it contains almost 500 pages of recipes which are all Paleo approved with Paleo ingredients to use. There are also over 160 recipes for those who are looking for autoimmune-friendly recipes and cannot eat eggs, nuts, or nightshades.

This includes tons of categories for divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and then further divided into subcategories like drinks, fish, seafood, vegetarian, sides, and more. There are over 17 sections in the book that are very easy to navigate and access. I also liked that in some recipes, when you feel like eating your comfort food, it will always have an alternative Paleo recipe for you in the book. Some of the recipes include Chicken Skillet, Nachos, Poached Cod, Mushroom Pate, and much more.

Each of the recipes is guaranteed to have a photo included to help you even further in preparing it. There are clear instructions of each up to the measurements. And if you feel like using alternatives, the book will definitely mention that as well. This is by the way approved by a certified nutritionist who has a background in Paleo.

This book is the ultimate recipe book that you need in starting out your journey being on Paleo diet or even if you have been on Paleo for a long time now. I will be talking about my favorites later on in my own experience.

The package also includes Paleo Desserts recipe book. This book contains all the desserts that you love minus the grain and the dairy! This contains over 40 recipes of delicious, comfort food dessert recipes.

Some of these include Blackberry Almond Bar, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Shortcake, Sponge Cakes, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Muffins, and more!

You will also get a digitally downloadable eBook of Slow Cooker Meals. In here, over 30 recipes of Paleo slow cooker meals will be provided. This is proven to be easy to prepare and hassle free. Including are short ribs, garlic poached shrimp, chicken cacciatore, braised beef with red onion relish, and much more. Their recipes are guaranteed to make you busy free for 1 hour up to 6 hours, depending on the dish you choose.

Finally, you will also get in the package a 10 Week Meal Plan. Imagine, over 70 days of prepared nutrition plan for you. As in week by week and day by day, starting from you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Every recipe is laid out for you to just follow. Plus it does not get boring at all! That is just about enough time for you to memorize the recipes by heart and even have your own versions to it, slightly tinker with it, and have it in the way that your heart desires! This is probably my most favorite bonus in the book because it helped me so much in starting out with Paleo nutrition.

Plus, you also have access to shopping lists for each week in this 10-week meal plan! How convenient is that? You just got to go the grocery with your shopping list and voila, save yourself a lot of time and a lot of hassle. The authors of the book are just so thoughtful to even include this! I guarantee that the ingredients that the recipes require are not heavy on your budget. In fact, the weekly plans are designed so you will not be bored with the recipes and still be able to use the same ingredients for the whole week. It is also well thought out up to the littlest measurement. You do not have to worry about your food and money going to waste. Talk about creativity. I will talk about my experience in using this later.

So that’s about it! These are all the you will get when you purchase the Paleo Grubs Book. Let us have a recap.

What you will get when you purchase the Paleo Grubs book?

  • Paleo Grubs Recipe Book with over 470 recipes.
  • BONUS: 10 Week Meal Plan + Shopping Lists valued at $29 for FREE.
  • BONUS: Paleo Desserts of over 40 recipes valued at $23 for FREE.
  • BONUS: Paleo Slow Cooker Meals of over 30 recipes valued at $20 for FREE.

All these you can get for only $37. Mind you that the total original value of everything combined is $95. What a total steal, right!? Buy yourself a copy on their website here.

Pros and Cons

Of course, as with all products, there is always some pros and cons you would have to consider before purchase. No worries in figuring it out for yourself in case of this recipe book, I will do it for you! Let us start with the pros that I noticed in the recipe book.


  • I don’t have to mention it again I know, but can you just imagine the amount of recipes the book has? That is a ton! And that is definitely a pro.
  • Plus, if I have not mentioned it yet, the recipes are very delicious. So far, everything I have tried was so good it does not feel like I’m compromising some ingredients! And I have already tried tons!
  • I love that the recipes have bright pictures so that I get motivated in achieving the final products.
  • It is totally affordable! And with all that bonuses included, that is just a legit steal not to miss.
  • Because it comes in digital downloadable format, anyone in the world can order it and have no worries in trouble of receiving it. You can just download it after purchase and you are good to go.
  • You are guaranteed to a 60 day money back option. This is for those who weren’t satisfied with their purchase or who found something wrong with it.
  • Everything uses ingredients that are fresh, natural, and legit whole foods. Because after all, that is what Paleo nutrition is all about.
  • Every recipe in the book is approved and backed by a certified nutritionist who has a firsthand experience with Paleo nutrition himself. That is how credible the recipes in the book are.

There were some cons that I noticed, but not too much. And they definitely are outweighed by the pros of the recipe book.


  • Since the book can be bought from anywhere in the world, sometimes the measurements the recipes use is different from that you use in your home country. You gotta adjust on this one on your own then.
  • The serving sizes, I noticed, in the weekly plans vary. If you are a family of 4 or living alone, you gotta make adjustments by yourself.
  • You will see no calorie count in every recipe. This may be a downside to some but it is actually a good thing for me. It just goes to show that the recipe book is not trying to make claims of weight loss. That is not what Paleo nutrition is about after all. I will talk about this matter on my experience later on.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paleo Grubs recipe book

Can I buy it in hardcover? Why is there no hardcover version?
The team behind the Paleo Grubs book is passionate and dedicated in providing their customers with recipes that are legitimate and are very affordable. To be able to produce a hardcover, you would have to spend over $124. This does not include any shipping costs if you are from the other side of the world. Making the recipe book in a digital downloadable format does not only save you the time, hassle, and money, you are also entitled to any release of its upcoming new editions. That is all for FREE.

Who is the Paleo Diet for?
The Paleo diet has been gaining popularity over the people who are wanting to lose weight. In the fitness world, the Paleo diet is also very much appropriate for people who are sensitive to gluten and require gluten free food, for people who have autoimmune diseases, and of course for anyone who just want a cut back on their intake of heavily processed food and want to start eating wholesome, nutritional foods.

Can I use the Paleo Grubs Book even if I am new to Paleo nutrition?
Definitely! The book is designed both for the beginners and for those who have been on the Pale nutrition for some time now. This is a perfect guidebook for beginners to start with. The 10 week meal plan is the perfect way to memorize paleo recipes and ingredients by heart. While for those who have been going paleo for a while now, this book is great for when you want to learn new recipes!

How is this recipe book different from all the other recipe books and the ones that I can find on the internet?
I have mentioned that each of the recipes are back and approved by a certified nutritionist. Not only a certified nutritionist but one that has a firsthand experience in the paleo nutrition and diet as well. This is what differs it from all the other books and recipes. Of course there are tons of stuff on the internet coming from different sources. You would not want to trust your weeks of diet on a source that is coming out of nowhere.

Are there people who cannot use or follow these recipes?
Pale nutrition is absolutely for everyone. If you do not want a healthy nutrition then this is not for you. But who does not want that? Everything in this paleo recipe book is safe for everyone. And if there are recipes that might affect some disorders and allergies, it is well stated in each of the recipes.

Will it make me lose weight?
I have already discussed this in the pros and cons. Going on the paleo diet means you are eating nutritious, wholesome food that is very much different from the processed food you would usually buy full of saturated fat and refined sugars. Getting rid of this will definitely make you lose weight. But, just a reminder, going on the paleo nutrition with the sole aim to lose weight is not the right track to follow. It has to be a lifestyle of eating nutritious food that is not processed and full of chemicals and sugars. Simply put, yes it will get rid of your bad weight coming from processed food but it is not a weight loss program.

My Experience with Paleo Grubs Recipe Book

For a long time now I have wanted to try going Paleo. I have read about it in lots of forums and websites and even bought books to understand more about it. But I just cannot seem to really start doing it. I get a bit hesitant on the recipes that I see online, some are just plain sketchy.

When I started out Paleo Grubs, I was overwhelmed by all the recipes it offers. But I thought at least it was legit and approved by a certified nutritionist. To start out my journey, I used the 10-week meal plan and follow the recipes stated in the main recipe book. I would g out grocery shopping every Sunday to prepare all my food for the rest of the week. I was able to finish the 70 days of paleo nutrition and I couldn’t be happier.

I can really say that I practice paleo nutrition now because I know every recipe and ingredients by heart. I stopped following the book, although I would still look for some new recipes to try because there are tons! and started living a Paleo lifestyle by heart.


I highly recommend this book to everyone. And I mean everyone. Those who are just starting out on paleo nutrition or those who have been in it for ages. It’s just that the world we live in is full of food that is just not safe for us anymore. We need to start eating wholesome and nutritious food and this book is a great start in doing that. Imagine, almost 500 recipes? That’s enough to last you a year of good, nutritious, and healthy food. Plus, along following it in your day to day life, you will be able to understand more about paleo nutrition and finally make recipes of your own. That what paleo lifestyle is all about.

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