P90x Review

P90x Review

Let’s review the P90x fitness and nutrition plan. If you have seen the infomercials on late night television then you have an idea of what P90x is, if not well it is a very high intensity grueling work out that takes 1 to 1.5 hrs. There is also a nutrition plan with it.

What will P90x do for you?

You will shed pounds with this plan, but be prepared to workout 6 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half every time. If you have an extremely busy schedule this is not the work out for you.

It will work all areas of your body:

  • Core
  • Legs
  • Arms – shoulders arms biceps
  • Back
  • Glutes

It will target those areas with a variety of flexibility, aerobics, and strength training exercises, just be prepared for high impact. This is not a low impact routine.  This is a high intensity interval workout.

What do you get in the P90x plan?

You get 12 dvds, that cover 90 days of strength, plyometrics, cardio, yoga and a nutrition plan. The dvds will keep you moving through one exercise to the next much like circuit training, it is led by Tony Horton, a celebrity trainer.


For the 12 dvd set you will pay $120.00, you can upgrade for $240.00 which includes a chin up bar, resistance bands, and a 30 day supply of post workout shakes.  There is an ultimate package for $330.00 which includes everything mentioned plus 5 advanced work outs and 2 more pieces of equipment.

Which should you buy? First if you are and have been inactive for a while, I would not even recommend the basic package until you get moving for a while first, even if you have been active, but are not extremely fit and have lots of stamina I would not recommend anything but the basic package.

Who can use this program?

Anyone who is already active, it is not for beginners. People with back and knee problems or women who are pregnant should consult their physician first. This program includes variations for people with arthritis; however those variations may be too tough depending on the advanced level or your arthritis, so you should consult your physician first.

Where you will use this program

This program is designed to be used in your home living room or home gym as a replacement for going to the gym. You will need room to do the exercises which include squats, stretches, and more, as well as a dvd player in your work out area.  If you have a portable dvd player you may be able to work out in the outside lawn or on a deck.

The 12 work out dvds

Chest and Back – this workout emphasizes two classic workout exercises for the upper body push ups and pull ups to build strength and define shape.

Plyometrics – cardio work out and you need to be ready to do a whole lot of intensive moves more than 30 to be precise of jumping moves knowing as jump training.

Shoulders and Arms – Is a potent routine of combination of movements including pressing, curling, and fly movements.

Yoga X – This is not your grandma’s yoga, intense strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and breath workout.

Legs and Back – You need to be ready for an intense session of squats, lunges, and pulls for a total body workout.

Kenpo X – This is a high intensity cardio work out that provides endurance, stamina, and coordination with lots of punching and kicking.

X Stretch –a full body stretch designed to prevent injuries and plateaus.

Core Synergistics –works out the core and builds and supports the core.

Chest Shoulders Triceps –includes press, fly, and extensions to build your upper body.

Back and biceps –is full of curls and pull ups to build definition to the back muscles.

Cardio X –Don’t let low impact fool you, this will give you a strong workout.

Ab Ripper X –theses exercises targets not only the ab muscles but the core as well.

The creator

Tim Horton is a personal trainer who developed P90x and worked with people like Tom Petty, Billy Idol, and Annie Lennox.

What I like about this program

The 90 challenge, allows you to see that you can shed pounds, fat, and tone your body with proper nutrition and exercise.

The nutrition plan that has 3 phases, the first is higher protein in order to jump start you, the 2nd is a balanced mix of carbs and protein to give you energy, and the 3rd is more of an athletic diet with complex carbs and lean protein to provide you the best performance and endurance.

The variations of the exercise routines for those with arthritis are a plus.

The variety in workouts, with 12 dvds you can work individual areas that need targeting more than others such as hips and stomach.

The nutritional plan that comes with the dvds, gives you a healthy way to eat not only while working out but to maintain your physique after you have reached your goals.

The 90 day money back guarantee is also a huge plus; if you devote the time, follow the program and nutritional plan and it doesn’t work you can get your money back. Of course you can also sell it as used in excellent shape if you haven’t been able to use it.

Things I don’t like about this program

The serious intensity of this program can lead to injuries, and if you have not been active this increases the chance of injury.

The length of workouts, if you are a very busy person you may not have an hour or hour and a half to devote to working out. On top of that, an hour or hour and a half can over work the body again causing injuries, as well as dehydration.

Testimonials from the P90x program

Debbie G went from 23% body fat to 8% body fat, and lost 31 pounds.

Kathy M went from 40% body fat to 15% body fat and lost almost 100 pounds in 90 days, since then the total weight loss has come to 110 pounds.

Darren S went from 26% to 12% body fat and lost just over 50 pounds.

Ron W went from 20% to 10% body fat and lost about 10 pounds.

Summary and personal recommendation on P90x

P90x is a high intensity workout and nutritional plan intended to build a sleek physique and help lose weight. Many people have had success some have not as with any program what works from some doesn’t work for others. It can cause injuries so be careful, if you have back or knee issues, are a woman who is pregnant, or have been inactive for some time, please consult your health care provider before starting this or any exercise program.

I would not recommend this to beginners, people who have severe arthritis or bad knees, hips, or back due to the high impact of the exercises in many of the dvds. Also if you lead a very busy life and there is no way you can rearrange your time to include an hour or hour and a half work out this program is not for you.


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377 Responses to “P90x Review”

  1. Steve says:

    P90X – the workout and diets – were conceived with “Category 3” people in mind. It was originally a program to help people in good fit get into great shape; hence, for the first it branded as a follow-up program for those who finished Power 90.

    Of course if you follow the diets and complete the workouts, even the most out our shape person can get ripped with enough time. So, P90X eventually became a “beginner” product that lots of people have had success with.

  2. Jullie says:

    I hated a gym and stayed in shape for the jobs that needed to be done I quickly became pudgy after getting out and looked to p90x. I approached it with a bootcamp mentality and have always had good and bad weeks but finished. Once a year, every year for 10 years now; started with a religious dedication to detail, now as a post cancer survivor I just show up and guess what..it still works. 9 months off and I enjoy every minute. As far as muscle confusion, I still get weird muscles hurting once a year that I have not used at all… the entire year. What I refuse to give up is looking and feeling better than I did at 20. Im 46 now and stronger and faster than I was at 20 and damn thankful Tony Horton for the guys like me that ended

  3. Henry says:

    What I find amuzing is the negative comments. They’re funny because almost every single one says exactly what the author said. The program is not optimal for most people. Most people follow up with some sort of change they made to the program and how they don’t follow it to the letter. That’s what the author was saying. If you make changes to it, you are agreeing with him. Silly people everywhere.

  4. Chris says:

    Got me into the best shape of my life at age 40! I’ve owned a gym on the beach and have always been in decent shape. I bought the P90x in 2007. Played around with it and then decided to follow the program in the order it’s intended. Even though I wasn’t 100% all the time and didn’t follow the diet, I ended up ripped. Now I’m still close to my peak. Where I would have stopped my workout… pressing play motivated me to finish every workout. I have several other P90 programs, but overall P90x, for me is the best. Keep pushing play!

  5. Esteban says:

    Each day, each exercise routine focuses on your overall fitness. it is a puzzle which comes together quite nicely. I have done this program four times, and I am a 53 year old man who is in the best shape of his life..
    Thank you for this incredible program. I just started the program over for the 5th time.

  6. Sharon says:

    I am in the best shape since High School. I am back to my weight that I was when I was 18!

  7. Elder says:

    As long as you “show up” and do your workouts, and do them the best you can… you will begin to see results. If you are not going to eat right… then this is going to take you a long time.
    Eat right, show up, and at the end of the 90 days you’ll see results. I didn’t start seeing results until about day 40-45… I hit day 58 and got injured. However, I was pretty happy to get injured. I was so tired of watching Tony Horton. No offence Tony. You don’t do half the workouts, you’re always checking on “the kids” who have already done this program… what we want to see is a TRAINER GO HARD.. and BRING IT. Its very discouraging and made me want to stop anyways. For that reason…. it would be hard for me to recommend this product o

  8. Marylene says:

    I am having tried the “others” but the original P90X still remains king.
    This program has given me the best overall results and if I needed more mass I simply adjusted my diet and protein intake and usef heavier resistance. P90X was used by me to prepare for Martial Arts competitions and it enabled me to excell.All I did was replace the doubles block by using Martial Arts practice as my second workout and followed the workouts according to plan.
    This is a lifelong fitness plan.

  9. Casey says:

    Bought P90X in 2010 and have never stopped. I have intertwined a cardio kettlebell extreme into my weekly workout. Always do Yoga. Always do Stretch on the seventh day. Take couple weeks off P90X at the end of each round and completely forget about it. I do alternating pull ups and kettlebell for two weeks and then I’m ready to get back to another round of P90X.

  10. Megan says:

    Hello .. It’ s been two weeks since i’ve started P90X. First of all, i want to say that i’m feeling great, not tired and lazy like before. The results are on the way and i’ve just noticed some changes on my body. I just want to know if anyone here is getting tired very quickly at the plyometrics day, like i do. Everytime i start it, i’m afraid i can’t finished it but i do, with a lot of pain but i do… Thank u everybody. Good luck all.

  11. Edward says:

    P90x is a great workout. It is good rounded and never gets boring. I have had this program for years. I do it (the whole program) about once a year. I also mix and match the individual workouts with other Beach Body fitness programs I own.

  12. Patty says:

    Best home workout ever ! See the results imeddiately !
    And it’s just getting started.

  13. Danine says:

    I am a stay at home mom and have gained weight because of lack of activity. I purchased the P90X and I absolutely love it. I was a tired, insomniac and obese person until I started this program. I was determined to follow this program faithfully. The program is difficult which is a plus. I can say today that this was worth the money and I am starting my routine again because I did stop. This was my big mistake. However, I am not completely back to where I started being out of shape, but I need to feel great again and this is my Happy.

  14. Teranee says:

    best workout for me so far……..totally worth it

  15. Suzane says:

    Six years ago I was in a boating accident that nearly left me paralyzed. I broke my femur, ankle, foot, rib, and pelvis. Thankfully, after getting a rod in my femur and months in physical therapy, I was able to walk again. But I wanted more. I tried running again, but I ended up in physical therapy again and again (I’ve been in PT every year since my accident for at least two months of the year). Then I had a baby. Talk about wreaking havoc on my already messed-up hip/pelvis muscles. My husband started P90X and I was curious, but didn’t think I would be strong enough to do it with all my injuries. In just 6 weeks (we just started in July) I have felt better than I have in a LONG time. My core feels super strong–exactly what I need to support my injured hips/pelvis. I am losing my baby weight. And I couldn’t be prouder to say that I may get through this year WITHOUT stepping into a PT’s office!

  16. Nervin says:

    This program is incredible. To be able to break such a sweat in 30 minutes in a 6X6 area of your house is wonderful. I just love some of these workouts, particularly the MMX workout. Unfortunately for me I’m having shoulder issues so I had to shut it down as pull ups are a big component of this program. I’m chomping at the bit to get started again so just may have to make some adjustments to the program eliminating shoulder specific exercises. With a good diet, this program really works.

  17. Alice says:

    From someone who has NEVER done to physical exercise and who has always been very lean, I am 3 weeks complete and LOVING IT!!! Yes it is bloody hard but they never said it was going to be easy!
    I am starting to see change in my body shape already but Rome wasn’t built in a day and I have a long way to go!! … I’ve never had muscle mass before this but already starting to look broader…. I’m following nutrition plan as much as I can as well against an already hectic lifestyle! You need between 1-1 hr 30 mins a day max 6 days a week! ….
    If you can “bring it” i highly recommend this!!!

  18. PeterPatty says:

    I am only starting my 4 week on P90X. I am 31 years old and weigh 273 pounds. 15 days later, I have lost 17 pounds and love it. My clothes are already feeling better. My wife is on this journey with me along with my 2 children so committing to P90X as a family has helped tremendously…yes, the workouts are loooong and they are a challlllenge for me anyway because I am so over weight but we do it every day and give it our all and we are following the nutrition daily as well. I hope I can hang in there the full 90 days because I know for a fact if I do I will be totally transformed. If I transform the way I would like, I will definitely add my before and after pics. Please keep me in your prayers that I finish!

  19. Flores says:

    I have 4 kids and its hard to get to the gym. These dvds work for me and my kids will join in and in courage me to keep going. I’ve only been doing it for a month. When I started I couldn’t do not one push up but now I can do 10. My kids are proud and so am I, I can’t wait to keep going and finish my 90 days. This really works if you dedicate 1 hour a day.

  20. Sophie says:

    It’s awesome! 1 hour a day is all you need to “Bring It”. I’m not finished with the program yet, but I know I will see the results I want. Get off the couch, grab some water and GET MOVIN’!

  21. Ursula says:

    I have always been about 10-20 lbs overweight and on the shorter side. Following this program and eating right changed my life. There are lines on my body I never had before, muscle definition and my energy level is through the roof. This entire program is genius and the results are extraordinary. Hard work does pay off and if you follow the program, you’ll be glad you did:)

  22. Huntsmann says:

    I am fit guy- been playing cricket whole of my life, but this is a killer.My wife has been working out to lose some weight after having 2 babies….and she said to give it go……WOW, I can tell you it is a very good one. I got absolutely broken after the first session:-) Definitely recommend program! You’ll feel great after it!

  23. Roxette says:

    The thing is you have to work! you have to eat right and you have to push yourself

  24. Tanita says:

    After 20 days i have lost 5kgs (11.02pounds). So yes,i would reccomend P90X workout program to others

  25. Marco says:

    I think customers should be able to download the videos in HD, at least the sound will work. I bet this would be a good program if the videos were better quality.Good luck for everyone

  26. Stephan says:

    My doctor told me that I had to lose 20 pounds and lower my cholestrol and triglycerides or he would put me on meds. I did not want to be on meds so I got p90x and started the program every morning at 6:00am. I kept up with it because I felt so good for the rest of the day after doing the workout. I used to get tired in the afternoon and that went away when I did p90x. After 1 year, I went for another physical and wondered how I would do. The doctor wanted to do my blood work again because my cholesterol went down to 173 and my triglycerides went from over 300 to 123. He could not believe the results and neither could I. Thanks, P90x.

  27. Kristen says:

    I am a results driven kind of woman, and with P90X you see it and feel it right away!! This program has worked for me in the past and I’ve just started it again because I KNOW it works! My younger sister had great results, my husband had great results, my parents and mother in law all had great results! I feel motivated and encouraged every day! Cannot say enough about this program,
    Highly recommend it!!

  28. Elisabeth says:

    This is my second time committing to the P90x program. First time, 3 years ago, I got incredible results. Shortly thereafter, I got married, work got busy, and I now have a 2 year old. I put back all the weight and then some. I convinced myself that it’s time to recommit to the program, and 50 days later, I’m feeling like I can take on anything. Amazing results. If the people in the videos can do it (one guy on one leg) I can do it. It’s not easy, and the first few weeks are the hardest. After a while, it becomes easier, and thats when the results get silly…

  29. Dulmes says:

    It is like having your own personal trainer for life. I get the best results. I purchased P90X about 4 years ago but didn’t commit myself until recently. the results are rewarding.

  30. Carla says:

    This programme will make your mind and body function better. I took a year off from it because I had cancer and had to have a big surgery on my neck. Then got cancer again a year later. Started feeing down about myself and lost who I was. Figured I would get back on the P90X train and already feeling so much better after only two weeks. Some of the best shape and most successful I have been in my life I have been on this program. Cheers!

  31. Rachel says:

    The hole fitness program is amazing. It has all the information and instructions for to completely transform your body into a strong, properly-functioning machine. I am 25 years old and this is my second time doing P90X. The first time I did the program (8 months ago) I didn’t follow the diet guide and still got results that surpassed anything that I had anticipated. I was, and still am, amazed. This time around, I am following the diet guide (portion approach). I just finished the first training block and I can already see results (body fat melting away) that I’d never expect from just one month of proper eating. I now realize that the diet aspect of the program is so critical if you want amazing results and not just great results. I’m so excited I can’t wait for that last recovery week this time around. Just embrace the wisdom that is laid out in front of you and you will achieve results you’ve never thought possible. Just bring it. You can do it.

  32. Rebbeca says:

    Not enough focus on but and stomach for a woman over menopause.

  33. Yayz says:

    I recommend P90x!
    I have tried many different programs but none were as effective as P90X.
    It is the most comprehensive and has the most variety of any program I have tried so far.

  34. Hoffman says:

    After dealing with 4 child births the loss of a baby and postpartum depression p90x helped pull me out of a downward spiral. Everyday hurts soooo good as I see my efforts and their success! Those with self esteem issues “BRING IT” just give p90x the chance and not just 1video get up and do it! Now I hear the commits as I walk in the room and couldn’t be prouder!!!! If I can do it so can you!!

  35. Sacha says:

    I was already in decent shape; already exercising and on a healthy diet. If people claim it doesn’t work, or “too tiring”, they aren’t really looking to change their physique. I am dripping sweat after every workout. It uses exercises and movements that you wouldn’t normally see or do, and that’s what makes it worth my time. I still go to the gym, do my own cardio every now and then, but they program keeps you on track and reaches a point where you feel LAZY for skipping a day. I wake up looking forward to get my P90x on every day. Tony needs to step it up a bit 😀 The ONLY drawback is that we are all in different phases of body transformation, have different physiques, and wish I could get personal feedback/advice on what I need to do to maximize muscle growth.

  36. Tom says:

    I’m 50 years old and played college football. If I had this program while I was playing….I might still be playing. Commit to doing it for 4 weeks. Once you’ve completed that length of time, you will see and feel the difference and that will allow you to continue. I have to force myself on most days but I am always rewarded when I’ve completed the days workout. Highly recommend it.

  37. Angie says:

    I love it, It’s a great workout and it’s going to help me run faster.

  38. Hilda Hadjuu says:

    I have committed 4 days a week to P90x Core and aerobics dvds this past year. I am turning 50 in November. Three weeks ago, I broke my wrist and had surgery, and my recovery has been significantly above the curve — my surgeon and PT believe it is because I am in such good condition and have a lot more strength than most women my age. I am still doing limited core work. Thank YOU!

  39. Bella says:

    I’ve been out of commission for 4 months following a torn ACL. Now finally able to get back to P90X and get my body back where it belongs. Been at it 3 weeks now and already lost 10 lbs and clothes fitting better. This is the greatest workout program for people with limited time who can just do it at home and get on with their day.

  40. Hellen says:

    I ordered this product years ago around 2006. I went through phases where I would do it for a few weeks but my workouts seemed to fizzle out. I am a 41 year old petite mom of 2. I never get bored and it will change your body. When I first started I couldn’t keep up and today I am going for a run post video. Thank you Tony and Beachbody for giving me back my body, confidence and changing my attitude towards working out.

  41. Norbit says:

    P90X is a great product don’t get me wrong. It definitely offers all of the essentials to succeed in your personal workout. My only issue was with the workout videos themselves. I was looking for something that was friendly and comfortable to follow along to where I could feel like normal people were able to accomplish the results advertised.

  42. Oscar says:

    Amazing program, however, I don’t have a DVD player anymore.
    I also don’t have a tv & dvd player in my workout room.
    This would be such a great product if I could watch the P90-X on my iPad! I’m a little surprised they don’t offer this product.

  43. laurette says:

    I just did about 15 weeks now and i don fully go on with programm but it works just perfect.THANKS

  44. Raymond says:

    I am 44 years old, 6’4″ and was 225lbs. I am on day 21 and I’m at 203lbs and am having awesome results.

  45. Melissa says:

    I am a 34 yrs, i havent worked out since my 20’s , I accepted the P90X challange and I am so happy I did , tomorrow is my ” graduation” but i still have a lot of work to do to get my beachbody, which is my goal.

  46. Alberta says:

    Just love this work out i loss over 11 pounds in five weeks still have a month and half left can’t wait to see how much more I lose and you get so motivated that’s all you want to do is get better and better love this workout it’s working great for me a mom of 2 kids and part time job I still found the time.

  47. Sam says:

    I am an average guy, this workout kicked my butt. Now I am a new guy, more positive, more confidence and a body to go with it.

  48. Marie says:

    I had spinal surgery twice, and i gained more weight on my legs and loss so much weight and muscle mass in my upper and lower back, for the past 2 months I took it as far as I could go and it was pure pain until I looked at the end of my 90 days and i loss so much body fat and put on so much mass I did the 90 and im on to the next 90 I had my girl tell me she is proud of me and it felt great to beable to move around like i am….

  49. Mark says:

    Just completed 90 days and never been in better shape in my life! Lost 30lbs,yupiii

  50. Yolanda says:

    I’m using it now just to try and tone up a little. I’ve finished my first week and already lost 3 pounds can’t see the results on me yet but the scale tells a lot too. I went from 170 to 167 in a week. That’s pretty crazy. So I know it’s working, but I hate that the videos are so long, I usually only have the time to do half of a video or I switch it out and just do the 15 minute Ab Ripper X. And the meal plan is hard to stick too, expensive, and time consuming. So what I’ve really been doing is portion control. No seconds and Incorpating more fruits and veggies into my day. But even just these few modifications I’ve made I am still seeing results.

  51. Candence says:

    The workouts themselves are great, even though I couldn’t do some since I was lacking equipment. The results speak for themselves and you start to notice a difference much quicker than I expected.There are a lot of different exercises and it’s hard for some, like me, to remember and the presenter, I can’t recall what it was, but I was doing the exercise and it didn’t seem right the first few times so I changed my stance placement of my arm and then I started feeling it where I was meant to feel it, but I shouldn’t have needed to do that on my own it should have been clearly taught before beginning.

  52. Tommy says:

    I decided to start getting in shape about 2 years ago, and tried various gym routines, fitness classes, and general fitness activities (biking, hiking, running, treadmill, etc). I got some good results early on, but quickly became bored with doing the same stuff over and over, especially running on the treadmill. I had looked up some information about P90X, and decided to try it in March of 2014. That has turned out to have been the best decision I’ve ever made, since I started I have gone through the program 4 times already.
    The workouts are very challenging (especially when you are first starting out#, but well worth the effort since the results are incredibly rewarding. Not only did I start to look better, but I felt better in almost every way. I had more energy overall, felt more alert and energized during the day, and wasn’t feeling tired all the time. In addition to the great results, what kept me going day after day was the lack of repetition in the workouts.
    Instead of doing the same things over and over, in the first week alone you are doing 8 different workouts, with the only repeated one being the ab workout #3x per week except during recovery weeks#. The variety keeps you challenged but also prevents boredom, and in addition to the workout schedule being varied the workouts themselves are varied and interesting.

  53. Kaltrina says:

    I’ve done P90X multiple times, the first couple times I got great results, getting into great shape, and toned, after a while I modified it and gained around 11 pounds of muscle, great routine, and very versatile!

  54. Aubrey says:

    I altered my P90X workout plan to 5 days a week instead of 7, and just made my own schedule changing it up from week to week. This worked for me because I didn’t necessarily have any weight to lose, I just wanted to have lean muscle and maintain. I started the workouts wanting to just maintain but the results were so much more, I never knew my body could look and feel this good! Love the workouts and will never go back to the stinky gyms again. Results are AMAZING!!!!

  55. Bevis says:

    I’m 58 years old, and have been routinely exercising since college.I’ve mostly been a runner, but I’ve wanted to develop more upper body strength without the muscle-bound look. This routine gives me the ability to choose more repetitions to meet my slim build. I’ve now been doing P90X for seven years. After about 2 years I developed a program to include my trusty exercise bike and elliptical machine once every three days. I exercise from 5 to 7 days a week. I write down all my weights and repetitions on a log sheet. About six months into the routine I was sleeping with my head on my bicep and the bicep felt like a larger “pillow” to me. But the true results are what I can do. In “Legs and Back” I do up to 119 pull-ups in an hour. I originally thought “Ab Ripper” was impossible to do straight through. Now, it’s more of an “inconvenience” that I’ve learned to love and hate. There are still parts of Yoga I cannot quite do, but I’ve raised my weights and repetitions on everything. Being retired, I have plenty of time to do this most mornings. I’ve transferred the DVD’s to my tablet computer and even do the routine on cruise ships in a corner of the exercise room. I’ve found that little hotel exercise rooms give me many of the props I need while traveling. I play pickleball (look it up) for hours on most days. I get lots of complements on my speed and tireless energy. My kids think I’ll live to be a hundred (at least). And I bring home the Senior Olympic medals in everything from pickleball to running.

  56. Scott says:

    This product is superb. i love it. I started P90X on Monday 11/17/2013. i’m pretty sore but i’ working through it and not damaging my body. i quit smoking on Sunday 11/16/2013. There was no way you can do this workout if you smoke. Three days later my lung capacity is improving a little and my heart and mind is set to never smoke or do anything thats gonna harm my body anymore. My body is my temple.

  57. Scott says:

    I started the program about 3 years ago. I was 21, female,, 5ft2 and 170 pounds.after three months i lost 20 pounds. I didn’t get to my goal of 130 because I didn’t have a proper diet nor did i do the program 6 days a week, more like 4 to 5. I’m now to this day 148 pounds and not gaining or losing. I’m starting p90x again finally tomorrow after all this time and willl post my results as i now have the motivation to stay on a strict diet and plan for the next 90 days. this program works. if you’re like me and get home at 5pm, no kids, no pets, and have all night to your self there’s no problem doing an hour or so every night. and the burn from the plyometrics feels so good the next day, you have no idea!

  58. Vance says:

    I started the program about 2 years ago. I was 22, female,, 5ft2 and 170 pounds.after three months i lost 11 pounds. I didn’t get to my goal because I didn’t have a proper diet nor did i do the program 6 days a week, more like 4 to 5. I’m starting p90x again finally tomorrow after all this time and willl post my results as i now have the motivation to stay on a strict diet and plan for the next 90 days. this program works. if you’re like me and get home at 5pm, no kids, no pets, and have all night to your self there’s no problem doing an hour or so every night. and the burn from the plyometrics feels so good the next day, you have no idea!

  59. Vance says:

    I just started my 2nd go-around as completed 1st 90 days back in Jan-Mar 2013. I am 52 years old & still very active & eat good most of the time but still like my pizza, wings, cookies & steak on a moderate basis thus I may not get the FULL impact which would inlude your nutrition plan. I actually gained a few lbs (muscle) after the 1st 90 days as the shirts did get a little tighter. I’m usually 2 days on 1 day off (same for non-p90X workouts). Did feel stronger in core but not a real big difference in my stomach though always completed the Ab-ripper X at the end of several of the Discs though most likely due to my diet!. Is no more time consuming than going to the Gym or an hour long bike ride plus you get a FULL body workout. I could not believe I made it through the 1:30 Joga disc my 1st time! As someone who has worked out for over 30 years, I can definitly vouche for the P90X & am glad I made the purchase!

  60. Todd says:

    I am 50 years old & still very active & eat good most of the time but still like my pizza, wings, cookies & steak on a moderate basis thus I may not get the FULL impact which would inlude your nutrition plan. I actually gained a few lbs (muscle) after the 1st 90 days as the shirts did get a little tighter. I’m usually 2 days on 1 day off (same for non-p90X workouts). Did feel stronger in core but not a real big difference in my stomach though always completed the Ab-ripper X at the end of several of the Discs though most likely due to my diet!. Is no more time consuming than going to the Gym or an hour long bike ride plus you get a FULL body workout. I could not believe I made it through the 1:30 Joga disc my 1st time! As someone who has worked out for over 30 years, I can definitly vouche for the P90X & am glad I made the purchase!

  61. Watson says:

    I smoke cigarette everyday. Is it problem for doing these exercises ?

  62. Gracie says:

    I felt out of shape and also wanted to shed a few pounds. My husband and I decided to purchase this product as we could do it together at home (it’s much more motivating to do it together). No need to go to a gym. It’s an excellent product – if you follow the nutrition plan and the workout schedule. I can assure you that you will not be hungry !
    The most difficult part about this program is that you need to commit to at least one hour per day: If you are ready to decide and commit then you will succeed! One hour to one hour and a half per day + follow the meal plan.

  63. VanessaVan says:

    I had tried every workout program imaginable and got very poor results. My husband and I saw the p90x commercial and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t terribly over weight but had always wanted to be fit and toned. Well after the first week, YES the first week, I began to see my muffin top disappearing! My love handles were my main issue and p90x has taken care of it. As someone who has always been active I never thought I would have the body I felt I should. I thought that 120-125 lb was what I was going to be. I am now down to 110lb and have a six pack and am more toned than I ever thought possible. I fell in love with the workouts and am very grateful for this program. I highly recommend p90x!!

  64. Yoey says:

    My husband and I bought P90X .We started it March 1st. Our goal was to each lose 30 lbs. By the end of the 90-days, May 31st, I reached my goal and he actually lost closer to 40. I have been able to keep the weight off by doing the dvd’s a few times a week, walking on my treadmill plus following the diet plan.

  65. KAITLYN says:

    this is my second week in p90x and it’s Amazing! i am 18 years old and naturally thin and this is my second week in p90x and i am already seeing results!! p90x is changing my life not only my physique… I became Healthier and More Fit Than Ever …
    I totally recommend this for everyone!

  66. Camilla says:

    I am on week 6. I have lost 20lbs so far. Day one I came on here and read all the negatives first. WRong thing to do! If you dnt watch what you eat then you wont get results so why decide to stick with a program when your not changing your lifestyle. All about lifestyle change once you have a mind set its on from there. My husband says do p90x, after 5 yrs of it laying around….I didn’t tell him no. I just said WHy not? Its hard to start once you start just keep at it! Enjoy the ride, you might even surpise yourself in the end.

  67. Uber says:

    First week is hard ,but you feel strong and feel good.

  68. Otillia says:

    I find P90x to be easier to stick to because the workouts are longer but not as intense. The P90 warm up eases you into the workout when you have that cold, “I don’t feel like working out” feeling to where you realize you are warmed up and motivated, whereas with Insanity you go balls out from the first minute and kill yourself. I think mentally this makes it easier to stick with it because you don’t dread the workouts so much. So for me, go with Insanity if you want fastest results and P90x if you want something easier to commit to

  69. Gordy says:

    The first time I did P90X was when I was in 8th grade and 13 years old (2011). I was a lazy but smart kid.(Not fat, naturally thin) and I could say that this program and Tony in general has changed my life. I saw results FAST! But thats not what it’s about, it is how this turned my life around, it made me more healthy, active, and happier. Workouts are great, but light on cardio. If you don’t like Tony, who are you? He is funny and one of the most genuine people alive. Fair warning: If you just want a 1 stop six pack, change your priorities because this is not it, it’s about giving you a new outlook on life as you do it

  70. KellyGurl says:

    I have only been doing P90X Lean for a week but such a big difference already! After 3 children my abdomen had split down the middle. I didn’t think my abs would ever look or feel normal again. But after only a week my stomach has come back together and has firmness. I am out of my husbands t-shirts now and into my own clothes and feel comfortable 🙂 after dealing with bulimia and self mutilation all because of my low self-esteem, this is a HUGE deal!!! Thank you for P90X, and thank you for making it so much FUN!!!

  71. Molly says:

    I have had the P90X videos for a few years now. I feel great after the workouts, they help keep my energy levels up and build my endurance. Love P90X!

  72. Chase says:

    Its a good workout…..but for workouts you will use multiple times…….it gets annoying to listen to him introduce the same people over and over. Also bad form on many tri-cep work outs……and in general an annoying person. Makes it tough to get through. I would suggest new trainers

  73. Chase says:

    As a former division 1 athlete and former ATP ranked player I can tell you P90x is the best program out there. I decided to give it a try after 2 years of injuries. I do triathlons for fun so when i play a tennis tournament my cardiio is great but my body hurts. P90x is helping my flexibility and my core. If that was not enough my energy level is to roof and my mind set is just great. Thanks Tony great job.

  74. Clayton says:

    As a former division 1 athlete and former ATP ranked player I can tell you P90x is the best program out there. I decided to give it a try after 2 years of injuries. I do triathlons for fun so when i play a tennis tournament my cardiio is great but my body hurts. P90x is helping my flexibility and my core. If that was not enough my energy level is to roof and my mind set is just great.

  75. Erin says:

    Good nutrition is important, when you combine with p90x the results are amazing!! I been off and on, struggle to keep a balance diet, until I mentally decided to eat healthy and p90x regularly! My life changed, this is by far the only workout that keeps me motivated, I change from doughnut and coffee to fruit and recovery drinks, I enjoy my meals and that was the key, make healthy meals that you crave! add some bike, running, etc. mix with p90x

  76. Dulmes says:

    I have been doing P90X for about 2 years now. I have done all kinds of home workout videos in my lifetime and when it comes to results nothing compares to P90X. My favorites are Yoga-X. My least favs are Core Synergies and Legs/Back…..MOSTLY because I need those workouts the most. Once your in the routine you will find yourself looking forward to each workout..

  77. Weylin says:

    P90x gave me exactly what I wanted in so little time. I am now twice the size I was and its muscle, I achieved in 3 months what it took my friend 5 months at the gym. I also didn’t know how to use the gym, so this really helped me out. They give you nutrition and schedules, alls you have to do is follow it. Tony also is entertaining during his videos, you can get a good laugh while you are sweating and panting. Get this program!!

  78. Gibson says:

    It was unbelievable to me how I could work almost every muscle in my body right in my living room. I was shy about going to a gym because I didn’t know anything about working out and didn’t know how to put together a workout routine. P90X did the work for me. All the routines are safe and really work your muscles. I got stronger after a week of doing it. It’s just effective and it just works.

  79. James says:

    I have been doing p90x for a year and it provides for overall health and fitness from ripped muscles to clearing your mind and providing excellent balance for your body and life. Recently, my fiancé has been doing p90x with me in the mornings and it intertwines another aspect of personal health and fitness to the p90x bag of tricks. Just be ready to bring it everyday!

  80. James says:

    I have done Insanity and lost weight. I was also getting abs, but no true body definition in arms and legs. This program will give you an all body definition if that’s what you’re looking for. I am 8 months post pregnancy and in the best shape of my life. I will be doing a second round of P90X.

  81. Joseph says:

    Im 60 years old …. I ‘ve spent sooo much money on personal trainers ,gym fees, time(40 min one way to the gym),and one day i decided that I should try P90X .I was very afraid that in my age it would be way to late and i should stick to “grandmas” workouts.Boy ,was I wrong!!!
    People give it a chance!!! IT WORKS!!!BEAUTIFULLY!!! Tony THANK U!
    This is hard workout, not for people who have no discipline or for those who want to see fast results ,it takes little time and commitment but I promise you ,you be happy you did this . Good luck and have fun.

  82. EllieHezz says:

    I do this program last winter as a challenge, while also doing football and wrestling. The results were amazing…I went from 150-163.5. I have never felt stronger/ more confident about myself. If you put everything you have into every workout, it is impossible not to see results. Wish you luck on your struggle.

  83. Yvry says:

    I am so happy my husband got P90X for himself and got me into it! Great workouts! But you have to commit! Its all about hard work and perseverance, but it will make you smile at the end of the day! Results are amazing!!!

  84. Eveline says:

    I did the full 90 days and I watched what i ate. I felt great, had lots of energy, my endurance was up and I I could feel muscle………under the fat. Still proud that I did it. All the work outs are good.

  85. Polan says:

    P90x increased my endurance and strength drastically,I did not follow the nutrition plan but still saw amazing results. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get in the best shape on there life.

  86. Mike says:

    Should offer a meal planner/ grocery list on there web site as part of the nutrition plan?

  87. Gloria says:

    This program is tough and if someone starts this right off of the couch it will be extremely difficult to make it or even stick with it. At the begining I thought I was in decent shape but really need to tone up and it still kicked my butt. I stuck with it and didn’t miss a day and I lost 32 pounds in the first round of P90X Classic doing the Fat Shredder nutrition program. I am now finishing up week 2 of the second round of P90X. I highly recommend the program in its entirety.

  88. Steve63 says:

    I have always done some form of exercise and I went from weights to a Total Gym when I was 61 years young, I am now 63. While I was keeping the tone I wanted I was missing something, I wanted more, and I wanted to get my six pack abs back and I’m almost there.

  89. Brian says:

    I heard a lot about P90X and I felt it was what I was looking for. It was just that, and more. I feel that it is the best overall exercise program out there. It will be my on going exercise program.
    I did not need to lose any weight as my height and weight were where I wanted them, but I did need to lose the roll around my abs that I got with age. I got rid of the roll, and my six pack are back. More than that was noticed, my overall fitness level improved greatly. Total push ups when from 186 to over 270, and did my pull ups and chin ups. I feel great and look great.

  90. Lauren says:

    It’s well known that the workouts are pretty good and challenging ,but if you stay committed and try to conserve time for yourself so you can do these workouts. What is most important is that you’ll get great results from P90X. I honestly didn’t follow the schedule that he instructs us to do on day 1 to day 7. I created my own way to get bigger, faster, and stronger. I completely drop the Yoga X and i still have great results from P90X. On the other hand, I didn’t increase in flexibility that much so if you want to increase that skill, I recommend you into doing Yoga X.

  91. Georgia says:

    Trying to get the recovery drink in sufficient time is costing to much. I think giving cheaper shipping cost for quick delivery or none at all would be great. But overall I love this program and all it is doing and going to do for my health and fitness. Thank you!!!!

  92. Gabriel says:

    I’m 14 and I just started. What it’s good is that I’m already feeling great about myself i feel fit and feel like im accomplising something.

  93. Martha says:

    Well I’m a 21 years old woman and I’ve somehow my weight is about 230, the other day my husband got me p90x so we can do it together because im always feeling down about my weight, and im not going to lie, im a little intimidated, I really hope it helps, ive always been heavy since i was little, so wish me luck!

  94. Andra says:

    I just born a beautiful baby boy 12 weeks ago and started p90x 8 weeks ago and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and in whole lot better shape. I feel awseome and I must say I get compliments all the time that people can’t believe I just had a baby 12 weeks ago. I love the workouts and love the results! Thank you guys!!!

  95. Emma says:

    Started in January, a bit of weight to lose. Use to be fairly athletic. I could see results within a few weeks in my strenght and flexibility, Few months into it, still motivated, lost 15lbs, in the best shape in my life and no longer suffer from back and neck pain from my herniated disks.
    Cons: The bad thing is I need new cloths !

  96. Andy19 says:

    Okay guys, this is my story I was always the chubby kid in my school and my junior year of high school so I decided to do something about it….P90X…my starting weight was 234.7 lbs and at the end of 90 days i weighed in at 183.6!!! Talk about feeling good about myself….heck yea i did!!! And still do, Ive been able to maintain weight for just over a year now and im loving my life.

  97. Robert says:

    Really enjoyed all the routines varieties and plan to keep going with this. I travel and have had no trouble keeping up on the road. I certainly could not do many if any pullups and have noticed increased strength. I went to pick up our vacuum for my wife the other day and could not believe how light it felt and asked my wife if this was the same one we always had. It was, I just had more strength. I struggled the first few times with Yoga X but now make it through the 90 minutes with no problem and do extra yoga. I have done yoga for over 20 years but the Yoga X was more of a workout and I incorporate into my yoga that i do each day. I only missed 2 days when I was sick and look forward to my daily workouts.

  98. Michael says:

    I Still want to be more toned, add a little more muscle but no need to lose much weight. At week 11 and still enjoying the workouts. My only compliant is that it does not focus as much on the legs which had more work for me with my biking and skiing. Also I need to do additional cardio or keep up my biking and skiing. Overall this is a great program and the first DVD workout i have ever purchased and I am 56 years old.

  99. Rockye says:

    My doughter and I started this about 2 months ago, we started out slow , but then have really got into it with great results. I am 58 and she is 26. It gave us something to do together and we have gotten a lot closer because of p90x. We both have lost weight, built up muscle that is very noticeable and lost 2 waist sizes. We both share the same name and waist size, not bad for age 58. This has truly worked for us.

  100. Louie says:

    When I started I wasn’t in the best shape so I modified my workouts. After one month I have now intensified all my routines. I feel and look great. Furthermore, as a participant in various sporting activities, I have to mention my performance has risen dramatically during this program!!

  101. Micky says:

    I just started a few days ago and so far I love it! It leaves me feeling great but I feel like the Ab Ripper needs more work. When I am done I don’t feel productive. Everything else is amazing! The only other draw back is that there is a lot of equipment and supplements that you need that you are not informed of before you order the package. So far I love it!

  102. Rexton says:

    This is an amazing fitness product . I have tried others . that just did not work. with p90x if you stay to the plan outlined you will see results .

  103. John says:

    I was at the gym 4 days a week and lost a few pounds to where I was when I started. Started P90x and within a month. Had lost 15 pounds. Job changed and couldn’t keep up with the program. Wish I did. If you don’t get results, you are not trying and you don’t want any.

  104. Mirela says:

    I think that yoga is too long and really confusing compared to the other workouts, most of which are fine. There is a lot of the yoga in the other workouts. Would drop the yoga video

  105. Miriam says:

    I have been doing P90X for 5 weeks.I must say that I love it. I run and have had 4 knee surgeries. P90X has really increased my strength I no longer worry about dislocating a knee when trail running and miss stepping. P90X has increased my endurance speed and flexibility. I can definetly feel the difference and am very pleased. Thanks

  106. James says:

    I totally think that P90X is a kick butt program. I have lost over 20 lbs in almost 6 months and I’m continuing to loose weight and build mass. I have modified the program to meet my goals, objectives and abilities – I was 50 lbs over weight. Just show up and do your best. The results will show your hard work.

  107. Bard says:

    Awesome workout. I don’t do videos but I find myself wanting to do two a day. I couldn’t physically do it, but it’s that good.

  108. Erik says:


  109. Mohamed says:

    I’m on week 6 of P90X and love the results… I didn’t expect results within the first 15 days, but I did saw them, and that in turn motivated me to work harder and challenge myself which caused a chain-reaction of more results and fat-loss. Awesome product, well worth the money, as I have paid for gym memberships before but NO comparison to the great results I get here.

  110. Paul says:

    I have just started on week three and just finished Core Synergistics. This Xtreme work out gives awesome results. I have lost five pond and I can see results in my abs and I feel so much better. I have no problem getting doing my job as a Firefighter EMT now. I have even got my fellow firefighters doing P90X. They do not do it everyday like me but when I come to work we work out together doing the P90X work out. Thank you very much!

  111. Dave says:

    I recently purchased the p90x program and I have been on the program for 4 weeks, I have had nothing but positive results from it, I can’t bealive that I lost 14 lbs and can already tell the difference in the definition in my biceps. i went from being able to do 45 push-ups to doing 52.

  112. Gloria45 says:

    We started the P90X on June 30th 2017. Today is our 5th day. Let me just say this…it is SO WORTH IT. We are loving it and look forward to getting off of work in the afternoon so that we can come home and work out. We never get bored with it. Even my 21 month old son likes it, while he can’t copy the moves exactly, he sure does try. It’s the cutest thing ever. Thanks for creating such a motivating system. WE LOVE IT.

  113. Tom says:

    I’ve had P90X for a while but to be honest, kept it shelved until a few weeks ago. I was still going to the gym and could tell i had ‘plateaued’. I’m on my 3rd week of P90 Lean and am absolutely loving it. I was sore after the first workout which let me know right away that I wasn’t getting everything I needed from my gym workouts. I can’t wait to see the final results and I defintely plan on continuing with other Fitness Programs like this.

  114. Luis says:

    Outstanding piece of gear, went into it thinking that being a Marine this would be easy and let me tell you far from it. I have been pushed and pulled and let me tell you it has really payed off. I am in my second week and I am already seeing the results.

  115. Stephan says:

    Hello people! My wife bougth me the p90x but in my case I don’t want to lose weight. I want to put from 5 to 7 pounds and I don’t know if p90x is the right program for me. I’m 6ft tall 165 pounds if there is anybody out there ho can help me please do it.

  116. Ratchel says:

    Let me say this: Yuhuuu. P90x has turned my life around. In my first week in using this program i started seeing results. It is incredible. I have been using p90x for about 5 months now and im lovin it.

  117. Stacy says:

    I worked out hard and often before doing this program — everything from weights to classes to basketball. Yet I have only experienced these results once in my life before P90X. It was with a personal trainer long before marriage and kids. I am on the down side of my 5th week. The results are absolutely stunning. The work outs are Kick Butt. but it is worth every single minute. I would not have believed it had I not tried it for myself.

  118. Melany says:

    Some time ago I considered myself to be in somewhat good shape with a little extra that needed come off.. However, I started P90X tonight and have to say I am far from being in good shape.. Looking forward to the challenge and loosing inches

  119. Renata says:

    I started p90x 6 weeks ago and am really impressed by this specially the results. I have only lost 7 pounds but no doubt gaining muscle mass – waist has dropped 4 inches already – I am now 210 lbs with a 33 waist – abs beginning to show – back chest legs and shoulders getting absolutely ripped. My agility and flexibility is back to where it was during my collegiate swimming days.

  120. Bella says:

    I just recently got the program and its kickin my butt and i love it. I just started my second week and I already can see some small results…

  121. Felicia21 says:

    This comment is for my father who will be turning 60 this month. He started p90x about a month ago and I never thought he would stick with it. I’m proud of him because, he did. I find him to be excited and energetic to get off work, and he is a workaholic dentist, and go home to do p90x. He actually turned the living room into a gym with a removable floor and all. I thought it was hilarious that my 60 year old father was doing a hard-core work out routine but now I am very impressed and I can see great results

  122. Patrick says:

    My wife and I will gonna start week 4 and we are amazed at the changes that we are already seeing. We can not wait to see the results after 90 days. I hope that everything will be ok till then

  123. Glance says:

    p90x workout are the best I have ever saw and also done and wow it works. I am a fitness instructor. The p90x workout is great

  124. Alessia says:

    I just recently purchased p90x I am waiting for it to come in the mail box. I really hope it will for work me because I’m tired and also have tried so many things that i am losing faith in myself and becoming more depressed and withdrawn from the world everyday.

  125. Justin says:

    This program called P90X is a very thorough workout that focuses on just about every muscle group imaginable. The exercises are easy to follow. I’m 17 years old and was already in good shape, but I wanted a program such as this to give a a guide to follow when trying to get more fit. I just began phase 2 and the results are already showing.

  126. Flick says:

    This program contains good and varied workouts, they keep you going and motivated, best of all they seem to be working. The KenpoX Video needs to stress foot and hand positions to fortify their claim of aiding self defense. A few of the practioners of this video need to straighten their wrists and lock their ankles. If they hit something in their positions they would hurt themselves. All in all a really good bunch of videos.

  127. Matthew says:

    I wish this website had a little more information, like how the DVDs are formatted, i.e. running time, number of workouts, how you watch them. And I would also really like to know what equipment is needed to get through the program. It looks like a great system, I just want to know more. Can somebody provide me some of those informations?

  128. Ryan says:

    P90X is great program, my only challenge is working around a sore wrist and a pinch nerve in the shoulder when doing the push ups. What is the alternatives for the above?

  129. Peter says:

    I really want this program but my concern is that its not going to bulk me up like free weights would in a gym. It looks like it really gets you ripped though I’m looking for some kind of feed back.

  130. Emmanuel says:

    I can wait to get it, I get my fammily in a few weeks to a bigger place, i will get it soon, but what tools do I need during the 90 days?

  131. Nancy says:

    P90X is AMAZING once i can get the money to buy it i will do it without a doubt they will have another success story.

  132. Bill says:

    Just finished day one of p90x and it beats anyday I’ve had in the gym for the past 4 years, i’m wiped but excited for day 2.

  133. Kim says:

    I that I am in the best shape of my life thanks to P90X. I can run faster and longer than I ever have using the workout routines to build my strength and stamina. My momma belly is gone and my abdominal muscles are actually visible under my skin. I am not ashamed of my body anymore thanks to P90X. I am going through another three months of the workouts because they make me feel so good.

  134. Joe says:

    I am loving P90X program. My friends and even I were a little skeptical of this workout program. But after 4 short weeks I am already seeing results. My wife cannot keep her hands off of me. I am seeing abs and muscles is places I have never seen before. I am a true believer. THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.

  135. Stone says:

    I must say that after sitting on the P90X dvd set for about a year and due to hard work I finally put my foot down and began the program All I have to say is OH MY GOD Its been four days of the classic program and on one level I’m hurting big time but on the other level I cant wait for tomorrow and the next 85 days after that Im a US Army Sergeant and this workout feels like boot camp all over again. Thank you

  136. Zach says:

    I love the program but Yoga X puts me to sleep. Is there a substitute. Thanks!

  137. Shy_Boy says:

    I’ve been seeing this program every now and then but, I’m not sure if i should buy it. I really want to change my life. I have a question for people who have. Is it worth ?

  138. Christopher says:

    Hands down the best thing out there, ya heard. This program is off the hizzy. My woman and i can’t turn it off the tv, we even watch this while we are eating. Its that good, ya heard.

  139. Keith says:

    Hello my name is Keith, this is my story with and about P90x. In dec. 2016 I decided to quit using chewing tobacco. After about 2 weeks I was eating alot and begining to weaken to nicotine. Early one morning I saw the commercial for P90x, I ordered it in hopes it would help me get back in shape and help keep me stay on a healthy track. It worked great. This is Julie. 2017, and I have hardly missed a workout. Thank you P90x

  140. Bred says:

    I started the P90X program like ten days ago. With the videos and a proper diet, I am already beginning to see some serious results. Thanks guys and I will update you in 84 days. I hope to be like Arnold in his good days. Just kiddin

  141. Anastacia25 says:

    It’s a miracle. I worked out the conventional way prior to starting the P90X program but I never got results like I have since I started the program. I’m on week 5 and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is REALLY determined to lose weight and gain muscle definition. It’s not an easy program, it requires dedication. Cya

  142. Andy22 says:

    P90X is the real deal (worth every penny/cent). I’m in the first week of the workout plan and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I have gotten family and friends enthusiastic about starting the program. I’m looking forward to results on this 90 day journey. Good luck everyone!

  143. Mike Schaefer says:

    The commercials for P90X have me excited to order the program but I had a question Out of the 12 workout videos how many should I do a day and does the program tell me what combination will give me the best results?

  144. David says:

    I just started today and i love it. I’m a former marine and now law enforcment officer. I always thought that I was in really good shape, but after doing this I realise that my body was just use to my everyday rutine.

  145. Jose says:

    I really love this workout and obiouvsly I also love the results. I needed way more than 90 days to get into the best shape of my life and I have used P90X as this tool. It is really tough and there are a lot of days when I struggle, but all I have to do . I show up and press play

  146. Rebecca says:

    I have been doing p90x for the last 7 weeks and the result is that I went from 230 to 205 lbs. I hope tp keep lose weight. At this moment I’m very happy with this program.

  147. Karen says:

    I am in my 4th week of the program, and the perfect words what can describe what i feel are “I absolutely love it”. I see progress every week and this keeps me motivated. I cannot wait for each week to see the changes in my body. Thanks P90X, you are changing my life.

  148. Rockie says:

    I am a retired professional boxer, and I have always had issues with my left shoulder dislocating. I had the big name sports doctors do the surgery and I never thought I would be able to have any strenth in those surrounding muscles. That is until I found this glorious workout. I could not lay on my stomach and put my hands over my head but after 8 weeks I can do the superman moves pushups and a large percent of the yoga moves. This means I can actually live my life to the fullest. Thanks.

  149. Karrie says:

    I have had P90 X for months and never touched it until a few week ago (5), I was afraid to touch it. My goal is to lose 30lbs in 5 months. I think I can do it. I am going to incorporate my Weight Watchers in with this and go from there, but I am in week 5 and all I can say is WOW .. wish me luck.

  150. Sacha says:

    I just purchased the P90X this Friday and I am so excited to recieve it. Reading some differrent blogs and inspirations. I cannot wait to be a P90X believer. I am 32 years mom with 2 kids and I have had my share of diabetes and weight gain. Friday is the day i made a choice to SAVE my life.

  151. Derik says:

    I’m on day 75 just a couple more days to go. When I started Labor Day weekend I weighed 210 with 29 pct body fat. Today I’m down to 179 and 18pct body fat. I still have a little to go before I reach my target, but the results are amazing. People I haven’t seen in 6 mnths immediately can see the change. I went from a size 36 waist to 33. All you need is discipline,show up and bring it everyday and the results will come. Remember 50 pct of this is nutritional plan, which is harder than the workout.

  152. Randy says:

    I have been doing p90x for 14 day (2 weeks) now and im loving it.. it is a real workout and will tire you out but you feel so good when your done.. I have allready seen a lot of improvement in my abs, biceps, triceps, and other muscles in my body..

  153. Larry24 says:

    I was so excited about trying this program after hearing only good opinions about it from my friends. I finally saw the infomercial and decided to order it. I tried it for a week and became discouraged because I prefer going to the gym and interacting with live people. Similarly, I found the nutritional plan to be extreme. I am debating as to whether or not I should return the plan. I have decided to give the plan another shot and modify the nutritional program to fit my needs. I’ll keep you posted.

  154. Eric says:

    I’m only on week 2 and feeling the burn (of my fay just kidding). Lost 2 pounds so far, and love it . The system is for real. No one should be a quitter just gut it out you thank yourself later.This really works. Thank you for the help.

  155. Telisha says:

    I want to thanks to everyone in the P90X commercials and to all of you who have posted your comments about your life changing experiences. I became a mom just over 2 years ago and I’m still carrying around 20 extra pounds. I have seen the infomercials a countless times and decided that P90X would be my Easter present to myself this year. Thanks again to you all!!!!

  156. Delores says:

    The P90X 90 days work out program is awesome. I dropped down inches and a size and a half in my jeans. I love you!!!.

  157. Jordy says:

    My husband and I started doing P90X together, and we feel more fit than we can ever remember. In just the first couple of weeks, we were already seeing results, and we had eliminated our cravings for our old favorite junk foods. It was surprisingly easy to make these lifestyle changes and keep the momentum going. Our lives have definitely changed for the better.

  158. Michael says:

    Today I finished my first week of the lean routine and I actually see little improvements this is awsome.

  159. Alex says:

    I’m 15 years old, when I started p90x on April 2017 I was 195 and my neighbor introduced me to it…I can now say i’m no longer overweight, it is the best workout ever and now I have loss 53 pounds and went from a size 38 to a 32 thanks to p90x…i’m looking forward to try the p90x plus soon..thank u for this live changing experience, now i love to work out i have learn to eat properly and best of all.

  160. Tommy says:

    I’m in the first week of P90x and wow this is insane. I love it, its the first week and i wake up in the morning feeling like i was at M.S.U. football camp the day before. It works your body so well. I can tell in 90 days im going to be ripped and looking good. Thank You.

  161. Kerry says:

    This is an awesome training, I had my wife take it with her during her deployment to Afghanistan and she put the videos to really good use. Thanks for creating and excellent workout program.

  162. Luke says:

    I combined P90X with my gym work out. I saw results in one week with a better diet. I do the gym or ballet 3 times a week and P90X in between, plus one day off every 7 days. A cross training program using P90X I is working as long as I stick with it.

  163. Gary says:

    I have never worked so hard in my life, but after 90 days when the solution is standing in front of you, there is no doubt is was worth it.

  164. Daniel says:

    I’m 37 years old and I just finished up my 2nd full week of the program and I can’t thank you guys enough for the results I’ve received in this short time. I watched the commercials on TV for over a year and I can’t begin to tell you how dissappointed I am in myself for waiting so long to finally start but how happy truly am that I have begun. I will report back on day 90 and anybody out there that is skeptical all I can say is put down those diet pills and get off your butts.

  165. Tonya says:

    Well so many of you want to know more informations about what actually this program involves. You are given a workout routine for 90 days telling you exactly what workout to do each day and what results you will get by doing each of the 3 variations. lean. classic. or doubles. as for equipment you need free weights. so yes you do bulk up just like you would in a gym. and either a good resistance band or a pull-up bar and a yoga mat. other equipment is optional. good luck.

  166. Narcisa says:

    Hi- My husband works out all of the time. He found it and also he ordered it. While only just finishing th 1st 30 days, we can see some the results. More importantly, he is not spending hours in the gym, away from home and the kids. He also travels a lot and has easily taken his program with him and has continued it without any problems. It’s a great system, with great results. Just wanted to thank you for helping him achieve such fantastic results, while spending more quality time at home.

  167. Narcisa says:

    Hello – My husband works out all of the time. He found it and also he ordered it. While only just finishing th 1st 30 days, we can see some the results. More importantly, he is not spending hours in the gym, away from home and the kids. He also travels a lot and has easily taken his program with him and has continued it without any problems. It’s a great system, with great results. Just wanted to thank you for helping him achieve such fantastic results, while spending more quality time at home.

  168. Goerge says:

    Hi! I’m 52 years old and have been working out in some fashion since 1975 simply because I love to exercise. I am using the 90 x to supplement my other workouts tae kwan do and weights. This is simply the best program I have seen and I just wanted to thank you for such a great product that I can use for many years to come. Thanks!

  169. Elizabeth4 says:

    P90X is an amazing in-home fitness and strength system. I played Division 1 soccer in college and even with our strength coaches and innovative training the results do not come close to those of P90X ( maybe they didn’t wanted this 100%) I decided to try P90X after the birth of my son and I have dropped all of my pregnancy weight and am well on my way to having a better body than before. I will say that P90X is not for the faint hearted. It is not an easy or cheesy workout. It is hard, sweaty and challenging. I am addicted

  170. Gabriel says:

    Hello! I am on my 3rd week of p90x program, and the advertisement slogan, it will leave you exhausted and wanting more, could not be more than the true. I know many people will read this and think I’m a paid person, or some fitness freak. I’m a 24 year old graduate student who barely has time to sleep, but this workout is my incentive to get through the day. My fiance and I bought p90x to get super sonic fit, for our wedding, yet we are finding it is transforming our LIVES.

  171. Axyer says:

    I started P90X 5 weeks ago. The beginning was tough , but now that I have made it through a few weeks I feel amazing. Seeing differences in how I feel and how I look. It’s not easy but if you work hard, you will DEFINITELY see results.

  172. Monica says:

    I’m on the 5th workout and it is fun. I don’t have a lot of room in my place so in order to get full range of motion I have to face away from the tv often. It’s awesome to hear everyone out of breath and sweating just as much as I am.

  173. Bailey says:

    Started p90x five weeks ago…..do your best and forget the rest…noticeable results, lost 10 pounds the first four weeks, and i will admit i cheated a few times on the diet. following the diet plan was tough the first week, but after that the appetite was pretty well subsided to the point i almost had to force myself to eat the last 3oz of lean meat. the yoga dvd is my least favorite…just can’t get the hang of it, so i’ll substitute xstretch or cardio on that day. phase two starts tomorrow..can’t wait.

  174. Yousri says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I do love P90X! So much so that I did it twice! But its really not for everyone and I wish people would realize that before they purchase it and then get discouraged and don’t do anything at all.
    If you have a coach who is knowledgeable in fitness & can help you with modifications on certain exercises then that is awesome. As a Pilates instructor, I find that most of the exercises in Ab Ripper X & Yoga X are far too advanced for the person new to exercise or the person who may have pre-exisitng conditions.
    Other than that I feel the program is well worth the money and like getting a personal trainer & nutritionist in one box.

  175. Daniella says:

    I’ve been on p90X for a month and I’ve lost 10 pounds but its no visible and I have no muscle showing. my belly’s still flabby and my thighs still touch.

  176. Tinaa says:

    this product p90x is awsome, i have doubled the pull ups i can do and push ups , and works the entire body in usually 1 hour sessions , for cardio i do extra if enough energy left on the whole i enjoyed it , takes a while but you only get in what u put in

  177. Daisy says:

    The best workout available for anyone and everyone!!!!!!

  178. Megan says:

    im 34 yrs old and 36.6% bmi and night shift worker, just started my second wk of p90x and already i can see big improvements, at starting point of 280lbs and down to 274lbs at end of wk 1, its not easy but boy is it worth it, cant wait to see the changes from the first end of phase to the end of the third, if i keep this up, beachbody might ask me to be in one of the informercials, my children will have an active dad again, you only have one life that god gave you,LIVE IT!!!

  179. Sarah says:

    My experience with p90x has been incredible!! There are so many workout programs out there that claim to be a “quick easy fix” to getting fit. Well the truth is, there IS NO magic pill that’s going to make you get to your goal, and i love how p90x makes that very clear. They’re not a magic pill, but it’s an AMAZING tool if you stick with it. There’s always about three different levels of the exercises shown, so whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned athlete, p90x is a WONDERFUL tool. My personal favorites are ab ripper, and plyometrics. I’m a volleyball player, i am involved in combat fighting sports, and a former gymnast, and p90x has been a great tool to help me be more proficient in all my athletics. DO IT!! It’s incredible, and makes you feel great!

  180. Tara says:

    There’s always about three different levels of the exercises shown, so whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned athlete, p90x is a WONDERFUL tool. My personal favorites are ab ripper, and plyometrics. I’m a volleyball player, i am involved in combat fighting sports, and a former gymnast, and p90x has been a great tool to help me be more proficient in all my athletics. DO IT!! It’s incredible, and makes you feel great!

  181. Norbit says:

    I absolutely love P90X!!!! When I first started, my goal was to get in better shape and tone my muscles. I never dreamed I’d get a 4-pack of abs, but I did! I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard but the resultats are amazing. Especially since I didn’t diet or follow an eating plan.

  182. Coraa says:

    I am not a beachbody coach and I have no monetary stake in this review. However, I would like to add my voice to the chorus.
    This is a a great program with good variety and if you’re exercising intensely for 1+ hours daily on ANY program you’re going to get results. Combine it with a nutrition/diet change and you get some really amazing physical changes.
    With the variety and the rotations every 4 weeks; whether you accept that muscle confusion is the reason why this works or not; you will see results.
    I have never been this fit before and although I am only done phase 1 (there are 3 phases); I have bulked up and lost 6% body weight (with strict dieting as well).

  183. Becky says:

    I was tired of thinking, planning and having to constantly change things on my own to continue improving. All you have to do is commit and keep putting in the DVD’s and you will get into the best shape of your life. I was just looking at before and after photos of myself and the results are astounding. From a 41 year old still competitive athlete who is arguably in the best condition ever, leaner, meaner, stronger, you should not wait to purchase this if you are still thinking about.

  184. Vance says:

    I’ve only been doing this for 14 days (exercising and eating according to the plan) OUTSTANDING results… Body is starting to show results, clothes are feeling loser and for the first time ever I’ve finally have some muscles popping out with out holding my breath and flexing as hard as I can… AWESOME PROGRAM!!!!

  185. Stana says:

    I used that same excuse everytime so I could avoid buying p90x. I asked people about the program, and they said that I would not be able to do it. At that time after hearing people say I could not do it Felt very discouraged. I stayed discouraged for almost an entire year; until one day I noticed that even my size 38 pants were begenning to feel a bit tight. At that time I decided to buy p90x, and ignore the people that said I could not do it. I already completed week two of the program, and I already feel the changes. My size 38 jeans are actaully kind of loose now. I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks. There is no way that I will stop pressing play everyday. The very next day after completing the first workout my entire upper body, arms, and chest was sore. I was barely able to pick up my phone. The soreness did go away after a couple of days. There is no way that I will stop pressing play everyday. Anyone whos been told that they can’t do it will never know until they try.

  186. Nervin says:

    More than anything i noticed Ive gained strength, stamina, and flexibility. I can run longer than i ever could before and I can fold my whole body it feels amazing to strecth. u literally feel ever muscle in your body improving!!!

  187. Aliccee says:

    I am into my 2rd week of this workout program, and I am seeing results. I thought I was in good shape before I began, but after the 1st day realized I was sorely mistaken. If you give 100% to every workout, even if you cannot finish every set, then this program will work.

  188. Joshua says:

    This program really works if you push yourself. Even a few weeks in and I was seeing results in strength and tone. The ab work out really hurts but the results are worth it. Don’t give up and keep at it everyday. I didn’t use the nutrition guide but still had great results. If you have an hour a day and drive to keep going I highly recommend P90X.

  189. Ludmilla says:

    I am a 40 year old female who last saw the gym ten years ago. Over the past ten years I have gained about 12-15 pounds of flab along with the dreaded stomach pouch( All my life I had flat abs until now). My signifcant other ordered P90x and talked me into doing it with him. I felt pretty sure though that gravity and age would prevent me from regaining my youthful shape. In just two weeks of P90x there were signs of the old me returning.

  190. Billy says:

    I decided to take the P90X challenge. It was everything I was hoping for and more. I know that transformation, in a visual aspect, might take some time. But on the inside- I already feel healthier, more up-beat, and rearing to go another day. I have 80 more days to go. I can’t wait until my 90 day transformation. Anyone can do this. Pace yourself. Get stronger by yourself. Motivate yourself. Remember, life doesn’t begin until you take the initiative.

  191. Tabita says:

    I wasn’t too overweight, maybe 10-15lbs but when I started P90X last year, it transformed my body and my life. I have more energy, I ended up with muscles I didn’t know I had. I’m a 45 year old woman with ABS, and shoulders and leg muscles that you can see! Everything got better. My energy, my sleeping, my ability to concentrate, my ability to maintain my finances, my life, even my job got better because I made my body better. Age is just a number. And oh yes, I had a child too! So no excuses! Its been criticized that the works outs can be a little long. But it worth it. And its the only way its going to happen… It will change your life.

  192. Carmen says:

    P90X gave me a reason to add resistance training and stretching to my routine. The plyo workout has kept me injury-free. I have not suffered one running injury since starting this program. I shaved 13 minutes off my best marathon time. I took second place in my hometown half marathon. I couldn’t be happier with my performance since starting this program

  193. Nusha says:

    My husband has been doing the workout and he’s looking great…… he enjoys the workout.. GREAT…..

  194. Uber says:

    The first time I started on the workouts it was tough to stay committed. Use the support, challenge a friend, it’s the best way to stick with it. All in all the program will work for you too if you stick with it.

  195. Hadju says:

    i have 1 disc that is scratched an dont know why its the kenpo an thats 1 of my favs an according to ur regimen u have to use it alot but cant cause mine is scratched it ran for 30 mins an then nothin an i played it on a bran new dell i git for xmas so i jus wondered if there is anything yall could i had to stop because of it.:(

  196. Hillda says:

    I just started the program about 2 weeks ago. I’m a 24 year old and skinny as heck. High metabolism so it’s hard to gain anything. Anyway, I started lifting weights while doing P90X also. I am going to start drinking protein shakes as well, to give me more mass cause like I said, I’m skinny, ha ha

  197. Candence says:

    Today was my first day of p90x, It was really hard but i feel great it s crazy i usually do not sweat maybe a little on my forehead and thats it but i had sweat running down my face and it was gross but i was happy for once in two years i feel amazing and i dont want to stop im ready for tomorrow!!!

  198. Eunice says:

    Not only does P90X provide great physical results, their service department is quick to fixing problems. I would recommend their products to all my friends.

  199. Iulius says:

    I started the program because I feel bad with my body. I can not believe how hard I work in the comfort of my living room. Today is my 24th day in the program and I am already starting to see the results.

  200. Ignor says:

    I have done P90X now 4 times and am currently on my 4th time through. It definately got me into the best shape I have been in my life. If you stick with the eating plan and the workouts, they will work for you. It is a time commitment, but in my book it is worth it. I would recommend this to anyone as anyone can do this work out. Adapt it to what works for you and you will get results.

  201. Diacon says:

    I gotta say im only 2 weeks into this program and it’s great! This 2nd week I noticed my back gaining muscle that was not there, and my chest is getting more toned! Thanks for this amazing program!

  202. Dacian says:

    The only way to get in shape is for you to work hard at this program. That does not mean take a week off. You must not take a break until after the 90 days are done. Follow the nutrition guide. This program is for everyone and can be used to gain all aspects of fitness. Ovarall this the best

  203. Elder says:

    I’ve been through several cycles now with this system and I continue to be impressed with the results.

  204. Silvanna says:

    i love p90x!! its Xtreme! me and my boyfriend do it everyday and i’m proud to say i can beat him at core and the ab ripper! this has helped me significantly with my push ups!

  205. Benjamin says:

    I saw the commercial for P90X on tv and decided there was nothing else I could do, but keep trying. And let me just say I was amazed with the results. It not only put me in the greatest shape I have ever been in, I feel great, and have been doing physically better in every aspect of my life.

  206. Halep says:

    I only just completed the first three weeks and I love this product. Thank the good Lord week four is a recovery week because my body is sore!

  207. Johanaa says:

    I love the workouts . That is one of the great things about p90x you can modify to your hearts content. Just make sure you keep busting your hump everyday and you will achieve your fitness goals.

  208. Konta says:

    Super workout, but very challenging. I can say that I’m seeing relatively immediate results (after only 2 weeks). I would recommend this to my friends

  209. Illy says:

    I used to thrive on being pushed by coaches and as I dove into the first disc my excitement of years gone by re-emerged. I first wanted to jump into the CDs prior to officially kicking off my 90 day commitment. I needed to understand the moves, exercises and routines before jumping in with both feet. I could NOT believe how out of shape I was for someone who supposedly worked out for more than 1/2 his life. I was finally excited to work out again, the workouts are very challenging but the next day I feel great! For someone my age stretchiing is SO important so I really appreciate the stretching techniques I’m SO exicted to officially kick this off in January and look forward to my results!!

  210. Mircea says:

    Wow! This is the craziest workout I have ever done. I have never been so sore after a workout. This is my first week and I can’t wait to see any improvements in strength, speed, cardio, and especially muscle definition.

  211. Shane says:

    Yes!! I did it and posted my results on youtube. Please search for p90xpushplay on youtube and you will see how my results looks like. Today, 3 weeks later I am doing the p90x again.

  212. Simona says:

    I bought P90X four months ago and today I am actually going to start it. I have been doing some research and feel disappointed that pictures on the web site are of people that seem to be already in shape. It would be nice to see people who are 30, 40, 50 pounds heavier…..I don’t know I just feel after seeing these pics I feel somewhat hesitant……

  213. Diana says:

    I been doing P90X for only 3 months and i have lost 11 pounds already .I really recommend this workout it’s hard but fun

  214. Jason says:

    This is a great program, but you must be fit to start with….This fitness program is the first one I have used that actually helps build the stamina and strength you need for competitive soccer (like in my case).

  215. Beatrice says:

    I’ve been using P90X for 2 years now. I cylce for 4 months and use P90X the other 6. P90X keeps my muscles tone and strong.

  216. Erin says:

    I have been doing P90X for a couple months now but havent done it in each day however I have seen some resutls. I am now picking up doing it everyday eating more healthy and it is getting to be so addicting I cant go a day without doing one of the workouts I am an athlete and I have been beaten by these workouts but it is for sure worth the constructive pain The program gets better the more you do it Thanks.

  217. Huntsmann says:

    When I started P90X I was trying to understand being fit and how getting healthy worked. The program not only helped me understand what total body fitness but along with being healthy. This program only makes you more excited to get the P90X-MC2, What a great Beachbody program.

  218. Patrick says:

    This is the most motivating and excellent training program ever. I have only been doing P90X for two weeks, but already I feel an amazingly and let’s say huge difference.I am using the program to not only get in better shape, but to train for a triathlon as well. I love doing the dvds so much that my two little boys come and watch and do the exercises too.Theyre only 4 and 3. I think there should be a P90X reality show. I volunteer to be on it.Moderately out of shape to AWESOME in 90 DAYS.

  219. Rolanda says:

    The variations of the workouts always made me sore and that seemed to bring about the change in my body. You will definitely get that “V” shape you’re looking for. Can’t wait to get further in the routine this time around.

  220. Kristi says:

    My husband and I were given P90x by my brother January 2016. We have been doing the program religiously for one year. My husband Kyle started out at 6’3 255 and ended up 217 and ripped. I lost 18 pounds. I am 5’9 now and weigh 125. My daughter and I did a triathlon and I trained for a week before. We finished and I felt wonderful. Not only do you look great with this program. You feel great. I just turned 40 and feel I am in the best shape of my life. Thank You

  221. Mike says:

    Best thing I’ve ever found in fitness training. Lifted weights and run for years, this is the best.

  222. Garros says:

    it is a great work out , loose 30 lbs on 70 days , thats the best i tryed on my live , i love this work out , i feel great , everyone at my job is asking me how ,and i just tell them one think .

  223. Brenda says:

    This program has changed my body and my life unlike any other fitness program ever has did. I have always enjoyed having fitness in my life, but P90X has by far surpassed my goals. If you BRING IT and follow the diet guidelines, the results will be amazing.

  224. Raisa says:

    i like the p90-x videos because i work hard and so do my pe classmates i see changes by the third week and now that into the 4th week of it ive felt better than i did in fourth grade and i hope that if you get this that you would work as hard as i did

  225. Laura says:

    This program works and shows good results . Make the decision and commit to the program. Definitely take your day 1 day 30 day 60 and day 90 pictures. The proof is in the pictures your clothes and the looks and compliments you receive, not the scale. I will never go back to a health club again.

  226. Jeaninee says:

    I’ve been working out and body building for 10 years. I’m now an adventure racer, runner, cyclist, paddler, hiker, etc. P90X is definitely the best program I’ve seen out there and it is very effective. JUST doing the P90X program could benefit from more cardio. The upper body workouts are superb and the variety as well but with a few tweaks this is an awesome program!

  227. Mark says:

    I am 45, out of shape and 30 lbs overweight. I am in my 2nd week of P90x, and I am doing the program with my teenage son, who is ripped like I was in my youth. We get up early every morning. I cannot do all the routines to completion . . . yet, and I am as a sore as one can get . . . but it is great. I look forward to each morning’s workout with my son. I have more energy at work. Thank you

  228. Bendeac says:

    The only ones who don’t get results are the ones that don’t buy the product and follow it.

  229. Bill says:

    I want to say that I am a former US Marine. I had been searching for a program to get me back in shape and P90x did it. Even with all the weight training and physical exercise that I did in the Corps, I still was amazed with the results. I’ve been through P90x, P90x Plus, and now I’ve started back on the original routine with a little mix of the latter. I’ve never felt better in my life. Thank you

  230. Flora says:

    What a KICK butt routine. I have fun. I recommend anyone to try this. What a change. The way I feel what I eat and drink. I love this program!!!

  231. Chello says:

    I enjoy the variety of the moves. I love the focus on flexibility, an aspect of my training that I have always neglected. As an MD I can tell you that my overall health is far better than ever before, especially when following the diet plan. My body fat his down. My endurance is up. My blood pressure is perfect. My good cholesterol is off the charts, and my bad cholesterol is extremely low. P90X is more than a fitness routine; it is a healthy living routine.

  232. Sandra says:

    My husband has just started the P90X workout and I have never seen him so motivated. It has only been 2 weeks but I can honestly begin to see a difference, especially in his diet. Cya!

  233. Visinesc says:

    this workout program is very complete and it did work!!! i love it!

  234. George says:

    I started P90x last Friday and I have already lost 11 lbs…..I say BRING IT.

  235. Morenci says:

    I am a mother of three wonderful children and a stay at home mom Two years ago I weighted 210lbs after having my daughter and was so depressed and felt so unattractive. So I started running and lost 40lbs then I stopped losing weight so I started P90X and I love it. I don’t have to leave my home to go workout, my kids sometimes do it with me, and I see great results.

  236. Michael says:

    Ive been working out for 4 years off and on so I guess you can say I have the experience to lift weights. I am in good shape but I know I can be better. I tried P90X 3 days ago, and all I can say is WOW. I haven’t been this sore in years. That means I haven’t been confusing my muscles and that means they haven’t been growing to there full potential. Thanks! This program kicks my butt.

  237. Marylain says:

    I purchase this program trying to burn off and gain a little muscle and be more toned. I was already around my goal weightn and wanted to look more cut/toned. Well, after 6 weeks, I GAINED 10lbs – granted, it was muscle, but I didn’t burn off any fat at all. I got bigger, thicker around the waist and legs, and most of my pants didn’t fit. This is something I would recommend to people who don’t have fat to lose, but want to gain muscle.

  238. Ben says:

    I’m 53 years old. I’m in my first week now I have aches and last time when i felt some of them was in my army period. Thanks for great work out!

  239. Florin says:

    I have been using the P90X system for three days and my chest and back are sore from the workouts. Now that being said it is a good sore because I feel I am getting something accomplished. I have arms and shoulders today and can’t wait to get pumped.

  240. Rahele says:

    I started P90X for “something fun” a month ago.I’m still doing P90X and P90X+ with excellent results. I’m 44 years old and stronger and more fit than most women younger than me. I love it!

  241. Dan says:

    I reccomend this program to anyone. I just love it. I am superbly flexible, energetic and strong. I was just wondering if I could let my 14 year old son do P90X with me. Is it okay for a skinny person like him to do it?

  242. Oana says:

    we’re on day 4 of week 2 and I’m already seeing results. A little dedication, determination and decent eating habits make this successful. I’d recommend this program to anyone. , I keep going because I know that on our next off day and I measure myself I am going to see even better results.

  243. Roxy says:

    I love, love, LOVE this workout. It kills, it makes you hate junk food, and it hurts. But man will you have a new body. I lost 15 pounds in two months This is the most amazing program I ever tried.

  244. David says:

    This is a great product. The variety keeps your interest (and keeps your muscles confused). . I highly recommend this program.

  245. Louie says:

    OMG Its been only a week and i can see and feel a HUGE difference. My clothes fit better and i already have more energy throughout the day. I have adapted my cooking and eating habits to fit this program and Im telling you its paying off. I honestly cant wait to see what next week has in store. Thank you so very much for offering this great excerise and eating routine and thank you for selling it at an affordable price. Its fun and it works…what more could you ask for

  246. Drew says:

    I started to do the power 90x at day 1 and i can tell this work out really pays off, i started to feel my muscle working up, i used the resistance band during the pull ups and i love the progress.

  247. Dominiq says:

    I believe 100% that this program will work, i just need to get the condition for the fit test or i am going to struggle really hard with this program. And like my grandfather has told me, “No good things come in a day…..”

  248. Kennan says:

    Being a chiropractor and medical doctor with a long history of fitness health and fitness including bodybuilding, powerlifting and mixed martial arts. I can say that this program is definitely worth it. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or both, you won’t be disappointed as long as you are dedicated. Best wishes.

  249. Scott says:

    I’ve only been doing the p90x for two weeks and I feel so much stronger more agile,and so much more endurance,no other program ive ever tried has pushed me to the limit,this seems to be the start of a awsome journey.

  250. Sara says:

    I am 22 years old and was a bit out of shape. I can now do most of the workouts to the end. Love the program. I would never be able to do it on my own in a gym. My brothers asked me if i was on steroids which i am not but took it as a great compliment. Best shape of my life thanks. .

  251. Randy says:

    p90x is great, I am 19 and i am in better shape then when I played highschool football. if you want to look and feel amazing then this is for you

  252. Pristine says:

    I have a question.. I have always had a problem with my thighs seems no matter what I do they are very hard to get to firm up.. Will this product help me with that problem area.. I see the comercials work on the arms and abs but not much for the thighs..I would like to know before I invest in this, if someone could help me.. Thanks

  253. Mona says:

    I’m only 4 days into the program but I can see that my body is a little tighter. I’ve lost 3 pounds in the first week and notice a huge addition to my energy level. This is a great program this is truly changing my life. Because I am using so much energy, in a good way, its actually stopping my insomnia as well. This program is great!

  254. Otzao says:

    I am a 29 year old mother of 7. My husband bought P90X for himself 1/2 years ago. I looked at it and said “I will never be able to do that!!!” Next week I will finish week 13 of P90X Classic!! I am in the best shape of my life! I am toned and I have tons of energy. I am so glad that I finally decided to give P90X a try!

  255. Pam says:

    In the first two months, I have lost 20 pounds and doing regular boy push ups now. The result keeps me motivated to come back everyday for more.

  256. Nussa says:

    I did my second round of P90X and saw amazing results. I didnt really notice until I looked at my pictures. OMG! I am about to start on round one again due to many surgeries the last few months, but I am really excited. The only advice I can tell people is, if you can get past the first two weeks, you will make it to the end and you will be amazed. Keep going. P90X

  257. Shawn says:

    Great workout. I love it. My roommate got it about a year ago so I have been on and off for a couple months now. But since i moved I needed to get my own copy. I just got it 2 weeks ago with the pull up bar and the recovery drink and the bands. The only problem is during my workout tonight the band handle broke, the plastic bar. They are brand new and now i cant use the bands. Could you help me out with this problem.

  258. Nicolas says:

    My husband and I both do triathalons including Ironman distance and P90X is a great cross training tool. We are getting many of our club members to use it too.

  259. Sushanu says:

    I have only been doing p90x for a week, and I can already see results. What is really helping me get through the week is the diet and nutrition plan. I am used to eating a lot of food, but before p90x it was mostly junk foods. With the nutrition plan, I still get to eat a lot, but it is all healthy foods that gives me tons of energy.

  260. Daniel says:

    This program really works. I lost over 20lbs. I still drink beer on the weekends but I burn it off faster now. Good program.

  261. Nicholas says:

    This is my first week. Great workout so far. I can already see a difference. Once you start it’s easy to keep the schedule, in my case.

  262. Isabel says:

    I”m in the end of the 2rd week and I’m already seeing results. Lots of energy, better posture, I feel a lot stronger and my clothing fits better and I don’t have a sore back every morning. I love it!

  263. Mike says:

    I have been watching the P90X informircials for some time now. I have been wanting to order P90X but I wasnt sure, so one morning I just decided to order it. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I am very anxious to start it and transform my body. I will definately send pics of my progress. See you soon

  264. Dumy says:

    After some years of P90X I have become increasingly happy with it. . I feel much younger, have more energy than ever and my blood pressure and colesterol have gone from problematic to excellent.

  265. Jacob says:

    It’s my day 30 and i could really see the results. 60 days to go. I can’t wait

  266. Brigitta says:

    The program is absolutely amazing and fun. You will wake up soar but within a few hours you will be begging for more.

  267. Lisa says:

    I am starting to watch the commercials,and getting very interested in trying this program i am about to be a mom and i am looking at skinny clothes for motivation i really need to loose this weight for summer so i can look great

  268. Christi says:

    I started P90X because my wife had told me she had friends who had completed the course and had become very fit. I really didnt believe that I would see the changes that I saw others in the infomercials. Well 4 weeks into the course not only have I lost 14 pounds but also my muscle definition is really noticeable and the bulge in my stomach has become much flater. My wife has also noticed a four pack forming. I do agree that P90X is an EXTREME regimen but all I can say is BRING IT

  269. Karl says:

    I just purchased P90X on 07.08 and I am Stoked. I cant wait to start my training. I hope it is as good as Everyone says… Thanks

  270. Denisse says:

    I am getting ready to begin week 9 and I have absolutely LOVED P90X! Not only have I seen remarkable differences to my strength, endurance and flexibility, I have had tremendous health benefits as well. The results are wonderful!

  271. Erick says:

    Hello! This program is awesome, I am in as good of shape as I was at high school.

  272. Lenna says:

    I have always viewed myself as semi physically fit…not. I learned that I can do more at age 40 and I ever dreamed. This program will challenge you but will also encourage you as you win the small battles of each day. Awesome program and so thankful I was encouraged by the results of others…just seeing is believing.

  273. Elisha says:

    I was actually a little bit skeptical at first, but then I started seeing results. I feel better, I have more energy, people are starting to ask what I’ve been doing and I actually look forward to working out every day! Yes, the workouts are all about an hour in length, so you have to make the time to do them. You definately have to be able to “bring it” and you need to follow the nutrition plan to get max results. The only con for me is that I wish the resistance bands were included!

  274. Ayda says:

    I Did this program with my husband for 90 days.We both didn’t need to lose weight, but we toned up so well we dropped a couple inches and are stunned at the ab muscle development, especially. Great legs… everything. Improved our energy levels too, after we got used to the moves. No moves last longer than 2.5 minutes. Most are 30 seconds to a minute. It is SO worth it. Eat well, replenish vitamins and fluids, and keep “bringing it”. You’ll LOVE love love your body. It is possible!

  275. Ayda says:

    Awesome, if I can do it, anyone can! My schedule is so busy, but I made time. I’m starting my second round

  276. Johnas says:

    I’ve just completed day 5 of the program. My husband and I are doing the program together. I am completely shocked at the changes I can already see in my body. I threw up after the first workout…which I have never done before following any workout…It is tough,but, if you want the change, you have to put in the effort. I cannot believe how much I look forward to working out now. This is a GREAT program and it is a life changing one.

  277. Oscar says:

    Before P90X I was 120 pounds, and going nowhere in life.This program works perfectly and does more than advertised, to be quite honest, P90X helped save my life.

  278. Andreas says:

    Starting Phase 3 after 8 weeks with this program I absolutely love it. Awesome results my whole family during the holidays were commenting on my fitness. Why so effective. Takes the thinking out and allows you to plug in your pure desire for fitness. Just bring desire and follow the DVDs the results will come FAST. Get it use it commit to it.

  279. Uhini says:

    Its one thing to drop weight but its a whole different thing to tone and tighten up. I never ever thought that i could transform my body to be lean and muscular! I’m 5’0 and every pound shows on me. I would gain weight… then lose it… then gain again. But after doing this program i can gaurantee you it won’t happen again. I work full time 40+ hours a week and i used to go to the gym for 2 hrs with no results. An hour of running and some weights and i never got anywhere. I cancelled my gym membership and started p90x… only an hour a day and after 2 weeks i saw results. i didnt follow the nutrition plan but i ate healthy (eat clean diet). I have more energy and ppl notice the change in my body. I can’t wait to complete another 90 days! If you want to see results – p90x is for you!

  280. Lucas says:

    I go to the gym 1-2 hours a day andI feel like I have hit a wall. I overheard some members talking about something with letters and a few numbers, but really had no clue what it was. What caught my attention was how well it worked. I just placed my order online and can’t wait to see the set. I plan to put this dvd set to the test. I will take before and after shots for proof of performance for you.

  281. Nancy says:

    Yes, I purchase P90X on a sleepless night of relentless infomercial watching. Thought I’d give it a whirl. I am 40 years old, mother of two, and over the years I have become complacent and squishy. He encourages you through every step of the way so you don’t feel like giving up because you can’t do what they do at first. And your clothes get looser and looser until they practically fall off and you can see the body you had at 25. GET P90X and BRING IT

  282. Inna says:

    I love the p90x so far. Since then has been greatly reduced. Yoga has definetly helped in that aspect, even though it kicks my butt. I probably look like a gorilla riding a tricyle but stick with it. I feel so much better after each workout, would recommend p90x to anyone!

  283. Morgan says:

    I just did one workout and I know that in few days I will see a change, I am 17 years old and , I hope this will help me achive my goal of becoming a cop. I can also tell you from my perspective the nutritional part is goin to be easier than the workouts.

  284. Teranee says:

    Today I did my very second day ! It was hard !!! I’m not really sore yet but im sure i will be in the morning !!!! I really dont have a lot of room in my house to excerise but i make do… ! Im excited about this. Im not going to give up …

  285. Popica says:

    I started P90X about 3 weeks and a half ago and I lost 16 pounds till now. My size is now 32 and at the beginning it was 36. Unbelievable. I have been training in the gym for the last 18 years and have never gotten the results that I am already getting from just 3 weeks of working out with the P90X. I think my biggest problem was diet, but the P90X system takes the guess work out of what to eat, when and how much.

  286. Polan says:

    I just finished insanity 100%, it was hardcore, as for p90x I’m only 4 days into it and it’s frustrating! I’m sure several peeps out there were sore do to his inadequate explanations of the proper form ect… I’m going to do p90 100% just like I did insanity, it’s awesome

  287. Gloria says:

    I am a 55 year old surgical oncologist who works long hours and very intersted in optimal health. I have been through 3 cycles of P90X and it has improved my physical and mental stamina dramatically. My teenage sons use the workout to train for school sports.

  288. Danine says:

    We decided to try the P90X program & have some positives but some negatives too. I did tone up & am more muscular than ever but am disappointed that I didn’t loose more weight (5 lbs) but did lose 2 1/2″ on my waist. The last 3 weeks were tough because I started getting bored with the same routines but different order. I loved the Yoga & Kenpo but was tough to find the time for the yoga with 2 kids running around. I tried to follow the diet but it just wasn’t enough food for my body because I’m so active with the boys. I modified it but went with the guidelines. My husband did it with me & was the same way. He lost 15 lbs & 4″ on his waist but struggled with the last 3 weeks because of boredom. Anyone who does this program will get results though & tone up. Off to do Asylum next!

  289. Roxette says:

    This program is by far the best ever made. You will get out of it what you put into it. It will not bulk you but will make you lean,strong, and explosive. I am running less than ever and in much better shape. My wife and I do the workouts together which makes it a little easier.

  290. Michaell2 says:

    This workout system brings it and after only two days I have experienced more of a workout than I ever did in my 2 year army career.

  291. Xeny says:

    I’ve already lost 4 pounds. I already feel more healthy, stronger, and I have more energy. I know somethings working because I couldn’t walk up my stairs the second day and it hurt to cough. I can literally feel my muscles burning and building on the first week. I have made my diet consist of basically lean chicken, brown rice, veggies, salads, water, etc. Muscle does burn fat, but building muscle on a fat body takes longer to see results; getting your heart rate going, and doing cardio PLUS p90x, makes you shed fat AND gain muscle (which in tern sheds more weight)

  292. Pitt says:

    I am on the fifth week of P90X program and the results are surprisely unbelievable. I have lost 16 pounds and have no doubt i will reach the goals which probably on my own I could never reach them. I can’t wait to head out to the beach after week 12.

  293. Inna says:

    I started out trying this program by borrowing it from a friend. I was afraid I couldn’t do it, being so out of shape and overweight. Well, 20 days into it I knew that I had to have this program so I ordered my own and I am now on my third round. I’m amazed at how great P90X is! I have recommended it to everyone who has commented on how great I look.

  294. Mina says:

    I loved this workout program. I hate working out to DVDs, but when my whole family started doing P90X and I saw their results, I had to give it a try. As soon as I hit play I couldn’t stop. Its been 90 days and I’m still not bored with P90X. Awesome, give it a try. Especially if you live in South Dakota where its -40 and you don’t want to go outside to get to your gym. I live in a small studio, so you don’t need much space.

  295. Eremia says:

    I have worked out basically my whole life – running, weight training, and eating realitively “right”…..I have always designed my own routines, and was just flat out bored until I bought P90X – it jump started my desire to work out, and I’m undoubtedly in better shape than I ever have been! I’ve been using the discs for about 2 years now, and have even modified the program a bit to make it MORE intense

  296. Sean says:

    I usually don’t write reviews, but I felt llike I should do one here. I just finished the P90X program a couple days ago and have astounded myself and my friends with the results. I lost 30 lbs and more than 14 inches off my body. I’m now down to about 8 percent body fat from close to 20. My 2 year old daughter doesn’t even recognize me from my before pictures. Thanks for the intense program!!!

  297. Yaman says:

    I use running as my cardio and P90X for weights (and abs). The weight workouts are pretty time consuming so I’ve had to tailor them to suit my schedule. Been doing this for about 1 year now and the results are amazing. Once I committed to good nutrition and portion control, my abs started to “pop”. I’ve got bigger biceps, great looking shoulders and lats, become lots leaner and look younger than my age. Love this workout and how it motivates me. Amazingly, I’m running less during the week and improved my half marathon time by 20 minutes! Love P90X!

  298. Feriha says:

    I just completed P90X classic and lost 15 pounds! I have started the P90X Lean. I am so excited! this is the best exercise program I have ever done!

  299. Peter says:

    This program was so amazing and I saw results so quick. It brings so much fun. P90X is awesome. I recommend it to everyone.

  300. Akram says:

    I have been doing P90X for 7 weeks now and my body is so much leaner and stronger than ever. My biceps are huge! It really isn’t that hard. All you have to do is just show up and really bring it. After you are done with the workout, just do your best to eat the right foods and keep going every day for an hour. It really works. When I am done, I am going to do it again or do a version of it just to maintain

  301. Abazaid says:

    P90X is an incredible program. I personally don’t even do the nutrition plan and I still get incredible and easily noticeable results.

  302. Miguel says:

    P90X sat in my closet for about a year. I am now on my 6th week and my only regret is that I waited so long to start. I got two of my more fit friends to order the program and I look forward to hearing their comments. You’ll look forward to each work out.

  303. Ornela says:

    I absolutely love the yoga workout Yoga is supposed to be peaceful. He ruins it by talking to much. This also effects my concentration. It is almost a deterrent.

  304. Sacha says:

    Just getting started on P90X and I fall in love with it.

  305. David says:

    This is an absolutely invigorating workout program. It is not for the beginner but if you are sick of your current same ole same ole gym routine I totally recommend P90X.

  306. Tanita says:

    I started P90X after I ran a marathon in May and absolutely love it!!!! I am a runner so i modify and change the schedule of workouts to fit me and my running as well. I have done fitness and figure shows as well as marathons and use to work out in the gym everyday. Every since I had my first child almost 2 years ago I have not been back to the gym. P90X has helped me get back into the best shape of my life as far as muscle tone and running. My running has felt amazing since I started the workouts!!

  307. Yoey says:

    Great for upper body. I see results. I wish there were more workouts right now to pick from so I can add them to my schedule.

  308. Carra says:

    I have been working out for years. My wife’s says that you are amazing! You keep on working hard, never see any result but still keep going! That is what got me motivated to do P90X. 90 days it worked the magic that I could never achieve in years.

  309. Angela says:

    I can not say enough positive things about P90x. I’ve always been fit but after having 2 babies, and my free time is limited especially when it comes to go at gym, I got back into pre baby form and far beyond in no time. I am no doubt the fittest, leanest and healthiest I have been in my whole life. The beauty part is how easy it has been to sustain and maintain this as a way of life after completing the program. My husband was so inspired he’s started the program now too. Thanks.

  310. Digitony says:

    I am loving the program. I am on week 2. I have already lost 15 pounds and my body feels much more toned. I am definitely going to make it a priority, though, since it really works!

  311. Joshua says:

    Wow i am only 14 years old and im doing the p90x with my dad. We are only one week into it, but we have been feeling the burn and enduring the pain. I love it.

  312. Derek says:

    P90X most definetly works. If I can do it i’m pretty sure anyone who is willing and ready to get fit can. It may get hard sometimes, but deserve it. P90X is awesome and I encourage everyone who reads this to try it.

  313. Fino says:

    When I began P90X it had been 2 years or so since I had last worked out consistently. To my surprise, pushing play everyday along with adhering to the nutrition guidelines enabled me to get in the best shape of my life. The biggest difference, however, came in the form of feeling extremely fit and healthy! I would definitely recommend this product to those who are hard working, dedicated, and want to look and feel excellent!

  314. Nick says:

    I talked to a friend that I have not seen or talked to in 20 years and he is doing the p90x. I have been a personal trainer in the past and looking to get back into itand also fit. He is sending me p90x so I can take a look.

  315. Randy says:

    My wife and I are near then end of our fourth week of P90X. We have been struggling at times but starting to see success in numbers of reps and lower resting heart rates. She actually bought a program for her boss for christmas. I feel that the best is yet to come and oh ya, thanks for the supportive narration during the work outs.

  316. Tamita says:

    I started P90X in June of this year after weighing myself and seeing I was 130lbs. Me and m friend both took the challenge and man was it worth it. I finished this November and the results were amazing. I would definately recommend this to anyone that wants to get into shape and really build some muscle. Doing P90X prepared me for more to come and now im on to insanity.

  317. Tudor says:

    Just starting Classic Week 8. I am seeing results. Because of my enthusiasm, I have already got three people to order P90X here at work. Can not wait until I reach week 13. I am using the Horton phrasologies at work also and they are catching on.

  318. Roxy says:

    I am only on day three of the P90X and I am hooked. I may be sore, but am wanting a BeachBody so bad I can taste it. Tony is wonderful in the video’s. I especially like the fact that he let’s you know he is feeling the burn too. I cannot wait for my 90 days to be up so I can see my new body. Thank you !!

  319. Raymond says:

    We are starting the P90X Program and are on Day Three and we Love the system. My wife is 190lb looking to lose 40 and I am 330lb looking to lose 110lb and we feel that this system will do it for us The Nutrition Plan Works We have change the way and what we eat Up date on day 30 60 and 90.

  320. Adrian says:

    I had a feeling I would be able to do the workouts but wasn’t sure if I would be able to commit to the diet. I knew I didn’t have the body that I truly wanted though because of my diet! The menu is so easy to stick to!! I am thrilled with the results and I will always be doing P90X. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go work out right now!!! Bring It!!

  321. Eric says:

    I was a college athlete and used to pretty intense training, but I didn’t believe that you could make such dramatic changes to your body without the use of gym equipment. I went through the workouts and had measurements taken on my body at the beginning of week 4 and at the end of week 12. I started the workout trying to actually lose weight. At wk 12, when we did my measurements I had actually gained 5 pounds. The insane thing was my body fat went from 14 percent to 8 percent.

  322. Alessandra says:

    I think this would be an effective workout if not for overkill.One would become very easily overtrained on this workout.The workout video is not done in real time.You can see this as the people in the video are sucking air during the warmups,but are fresh starting each new segment of workout.

  323. Orlando says:

    I love the variety that each DVD offers! It’s fun, I stay motivated, and I feel great! I was not overweight before, but I felt like I had hit a plateau at the gym. I have definitely toned up and look much better after just 3 weeks!

  324. Corbitt says:

    I love P90X I really think that this is the most important program I saw on the internet. I do it for hockey at least 3 practices a week and o man talk about the ripper abs im getting. Even though im not a ladies men or i should say i wasnt untill i started doing P90X and now, wow other guys better watch out because this cat is looking pretty fly for a white guy.

  325. Alinaa says:

    Since I’m a three sport athlete I can’t do P90X everyday because we have games and stuff, but what is great about this program is that when you back to your workout you most likely always find your second wind. And the really cool thing is is that when school starts I can do the X Stretch before my football, hockey, or baseball game so then I am really stretched out before my game and ready to kick some butt! I would just like to say that P90X has been helping me become such a great athlete and my stamina is just amazing to me now

  326. Shan says:

    My husband and I just finished P90X at the end of December 2008. Although the scale shows that I only lost 9 pounds – I lost 10 percent body fat, as well. As a mother of 3, I can tell you that I have not been in this shape since high school. I receive compliments daily. Now my husband is even more of a success story. He is 6′ tall and lost over 30 pounds and is now at 8 percent body fat. He has NEVER been so ripped in all of his life. He looks outstanding. Thank you.

  327. Marian says:

    P90x is the best thing that has came into my life in just four days i have lost 4-5 plbs. It is mine and my fiances new years resolutionn. Thanks for the opportunity to get healthy and active.

  328. Brenda says:

    I have been doing the P90X for 20 days now I’ve already lost 10 pounds and my favorite jeans have become my fat jeans! If you think about it an hour a day is nothing! It’s just like sitting down in front of the tv to watch an hour of reality shows. I will be honest I was very sore the first week but I pushed through it and by week two I had incredible energy! I no longer need caffeine to get me through the day! I only drink water! I’ve also swore off all fast food. This program just makes you feel great about yourself!

  329. Anabelia says:

    This is the best program on the market for getting and maintaining home fitness results. The variety and intensity of the workouts are the best. Nothing I have tried even comes close!!!

  330. Luis says:

    Yesturday I started my journey with P90X. I’m going to school to be a personal trainer so I feel like i’m in oretty good shape…. I was wrong. chest and back and the ab workout kicked my ass. I went to failure on my push ups and as i layed there I thought to myself this is what bringing it feels like. P90X is the real deal.I’ll keep you posted on my results. I’m going all the way with this.

  331. Delia says:

    It works. My advice to all is that if you will not commit to it, don’t waste your time. 1 hour a day of working out instead of doing nothing…..It is as difficult as you make it.

  332. Rick says:

    I just started this series on 06-20-17 and am very impressed. All of the worouts are tough, keep you motivated and despite their difficulty make you feel more energized. The only dvd I did not like was the yoga x because it was too long and had too many advanced poses.

  333. Ghosta says:

    I started this workout to lose weight, and I not only see a weight difference, but my clothes fit significantly better. I dropped 1-2 pants size in just one month. I had done cardio at the gym for about an hour (elliptical mainly), but rarely had done weights or bands. I’m still not great at push-ups and have yet to attempt a pull-up, and I still love this workout. It’s not even about the weight anymore, but about getting healthy.

  334. Derick says:

    I have worked out for over 20 years. After hitting 40 the workouts were no longer providing results. My brother in law, a fireman, bought this for my husband and I for Christmas. We have been doing it for 2 weeks and I have already lost inches and love this program. I am already a muscular woman but you can tailor the work out to fit what you want. This is an amazing, highly movitating workout, not for the faint of heart. It’s a blast.

  335. Amenus says:

    P90X is an amazing workout that will get you in the best shape of your life, but be warned – if you are looking for quick results without putting in the time and effort to get those results then this product is not for you. To get up every day and get in the right mindset to work your butt off for an hour a day is no easy feat but trust me, it’s worth it!

  336. Anastacia says:

    I was 420 pounds and in bad fitness shape. I started dieting and doing alot of cardio then my brother introduced me to p90x. I’ve been working out for 7 months faithfully and ive lost 258 pounds and I’m n the best shape of my life and am looking forward to p90x 2.

  337. TiganeleI says:

    ive been workiong out with p90x for about two weeks and a half and ive already started seeing reesults!! ive finally found something that works

  338. Miriam says:

    I was given P90X 5 months before my wedding. every one said i needed to loose a little here and there. this program has changed my weight already only within the first weak. i lost 4 pounds for some reason in the first 4 days of working out. i eat normally and still lost the weight. i am still lossing weight and gaining the muscle i lost a couple of years ago. this program rocks and it keeps on getting better.

  339. Kelly says:

    I bought P90X for my 16-year-old for Christmas. Now he, my 14 year old and I are all doing it and having a great time. Of course our muscles are screaming but we are seeing results and spending quality time at the same time. Thanks

  340. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been on P90X for only 7 days and have already lost 8 lbs. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like at day 90, Thanks Guys

  341. Zoli says:

    Ive been workin out for awhile and always had trouble getting fast results. But on P90X I feel the work out afterwards and the next day guarenteing i did a good days work, Its amazing.

  342. Jake says:

    I’ve always worked out hard,but this is the best ever.one question.i’m 62 and i’m working to gain some size.i work really hard at everything i do. am i going to gain some mass or am i doomed because of my age

  343. Lupita says:

    Let me start by saying that my husband and I bought this about 2 months ago and have been doing the program ever since. We do enjoy the workouts and mostly love the fact that we can do them in the privacy of our own home-biggest pro in our opinion.

  344. Enell says:

    I have been workiong out with p90x for about two weeks and a half and I have already started seeing reesults!! ive finally found something that works… 🙂 thank p90x!!!!

  345. Coween says:

    . The exercises are great!!! After the 1st round I have started to see the results. I feel great, full of energy and stronger!!! I would recommend this program to any one who wants to be in the best shape of their lives.

  346. Corneliu says:

    I’ve been doing this p90x for 4 days now and from the first day i did the casual workout so its check and back then ab ripper x first day thenplyometrics second day. after the first day my tummy and shoulders hurts zoo bad after doing a bunch of push ups now i can’t do push up!!

  347. Tudor says:

    This is a great workout. I have been going to the gym for past five years with the goal in mind to stay fit. I had personal trainer, so learned few tricks, but was not that effective. During the entire workout he is talking to you so you never feel like you are watching the video but rather he makes you feel you are in his class. He has very good sense of humor as well. I am in my week 4 of the program and I can feel the difference in my body. My favorites are Plyometrics and Yoga. Both of them test your ability and challenge you to build strength. So if you are thinking about it, don’t think twice. For the price and effectiveness of the program, you will not regret. Good luck!

  348. Danny says:

    The only reason my friends didn’t like this program is b/c they didn’t want to give up their sedentary lifestyle and fast-food.The only reason this program won’t work is you. Make your mind up and change your life forever!

  349. Pomohar says:

    I am 43 years old, in week 2 of the workout and have seen great results. I have firmed up my core as well as built up my overall strength and flexibility. I have had cronic back pain for years and have not had any back pain over the last 4 weeks. This program is worth its weight in gold just to releive my back pain.

  350. Sissi says:

    all I can say is i was 315, now im 190, p90x canged my life.

  351. Moneasa says:

    This is the best workouts ever. Very motivating and doing it on a regular basis gave good results. Lost weight and my body got a good shape. I am happy I bought the DVDs and I am proud I am able to do the workouts.

  352. Zerra says:

    Team Beachbody has changed my life! If you want to reach your full fitness potential, then P90X is right for you.I was out of shape and feeling sorry for myself. Then a friend recommended that I try P90X. WOW! I am now a graduate of airborne school, working on EFMB and training to go to Ranger school and Special Operations Command.

  353. Vadimm says:

    I am 24 years old. It was easier than i thought it would be to get started and i quickly saw results. My family has followed my lead and has started eating healthier and joins me with workouts. Before P90x i was very scrauny and wasn’t confident with myself. At 11 years old i was diagnosed with Hogdkins cancer and this made me very weak. I get commits on my athleticism and fitness often. P90x has also helped me in track and tennis. P90x has turned my life around.

  354. Brenda says:

    I have been using he product for three weeks now its the best program I have done.

  355. Rahele says:

    I was always in pretty good shape I play tennis and run alot, but I wanted to take it to the next level and this really helped. It is truly amazing.

  356. Loredana says:

    This is the greatest all around workout I have ever had. No more 2.5 hours to drive to the gym, get ready, workout, do cardio, get showered off, get dressed, and drive home. I can pop in a DVD when I get up before work or when I get home from a long day. I have a career that demands high stress and multiple Gs to be put on my body everyday, this workout prepares your body for almost anything. Push yourself and you will find out what you are made of.

  357. Agnes says:

    p90x is just the best work out i have ever come across it is hard but i love it. I started waching results in less then a week

  358. Annista says:

    I have worked out in the gym for years and even competed in figure. I am short on time at this stage in my life and am looking for something I can do at home.

  359. Weylin says:

    I was very intimated by this product,since i have copd,for the biggest part of my life especially after having kids was slowed down because of breathing problems I could barely walk up my own drive way,but since doing p90x i can now chase my kids around the house and dont have to be on oxygen all the time like before,it also gave me great biceps,legs are looking fine,lost 3″in my waist and up to 9 pounds so far and haven’t finished yet I’m on my last week and will be starting round to shortly after. can’t wait for p90x2 its so motivating,fun,tony is very funny,and shows every move and you can modify as needed,I can’t say enough about this program its the best.

  360. Ombria says:

    I am an average 23 year old female just trying to tone the body. I was doing the program to stay in shape and tone my abs, legs and arms I hoped. Maybe by end I will see more ab toning.

  361. Natasha says:

    I do P90X in addition to kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and regular cardio. I like that I can modify many of the moves to suit my needs. My personal favorite routine is Core Synergystics; it’s a tough routine but you will definetly reap the benefits. P90X has made me stronger and has given me more endurance.. Also, the recovery shake that came with the program seemed to make me really bloated, so I stopped using it. But that’s just my experience. Overall, my body looks great, I would recommend to anyone doing this program that you must diet, or nothing will be gained! I cannot say that I have lost inches or a significant amount of weight, because I was already in pretty good shape. P90X has given me a more toned and athletic look.

  362. Tyraa says:

    I started the program off perfectly for 3 weeks then it crumbeled because of exams.
    I didnt follow the diet plan at all and only did the workouts every second day.
    Now after a month im in the best lookign shape of my life. I probably would be better off with the diet but it still worked fine for me.

  363. Garnie says:

    I was very intimidated by this workout for a long time but finally got up the nerve to do it and so glad I did! My abs are more defined and my legs are strong. Not finished with my 90 days yet but soon and then I plan to go another round! Highly recommend taking before pics so you can track your progress-it’ll keep you motivated! I am loving my results and can’t wait to do more! Bring it!

  364. Ximena says:

    What I really like is that this program is so well rounded. Anybody should be able to carve out 90 minutes a day if they value their health. I’m seeing great results and plan to keep pushing play for as long as I can.

  365. Tiberiu says:

    Most of the DVDs are easy to follow, some moves are a bit challenging but usually show a modifyed version which helps. Im in my trird week and already seeing changes,slimming down and toneing, vast improvement in strenght, flexability, endurance, posture. Encouraging family to do P90 with me. I would definatly reccommend it, you may need to buy a few supplies, but its worth it.

  366. Estera says:

    I’ve tried the Cardio and the Yoga DVDs.I am very happy

  367. Nesty says:

    I hesitate if to purchase this as I would not describe myself as an athlete. I love the variety and the challenge. The workout sheets were wonderful too, because I could easily see my progress over time. I felt better and looked better too!

  368. Dreamer says:

    Its a world class workout you cant get muscular strength and muscular endurance at the same time in such a rapid sucession with any other workout I GUARANTEE IT! Im a raving fan i cant get enough of this workout i feel stronger than i have in months because an injury stop me from working out for three and half months and now i feel like i havent missed a step and im literally picking up right where i left off if you just get recovery drinks and get lots of protein that first month the results are phenomenal and im only in my second week two just about to finsh up and i can already see the same results as i did when i was working out all i have to say is

  369. Bachelor says:

    If you want to get in great shape this program is for you! You have to push ourself though even on those days where you dont want to workout or stick with the nutrtion plan you have to stick with it, Its worth the work1

  370. Fredie says:

    I am already alright in shape and just want to get better, so I started with doubles. This is my second day and I cant believe how hard plyometrics is. I felt like I was going to pass out any moment of exercise. It was straight pain. I could not finish all the repetitions and could not do the exercises in a perfect form like they do in the video because my body did not let me do it perfectly.

  371. Barney says:

    Absolutely love the weight lifting, had to modify a few things because I don’t have doors to fit a pull up bar; I lift weights during that part. I was already in pretty good shape and lifted weights so it did not transform me per say, but really tweaked my definition.
    I agree the yoga could be 60 minutes instead of 90 and I never did like the ab workout, seemed to really hurt my quads more than anything.

  372. Willma says:

    I would have given it a 5 but liked my own flowing yoga instead of yoga. It was more effective that way.

  373. Adeane says:

    I really recommend P90X. It’s been three years since I worked the program regularly and I still look good. P90X taught me about food and forever changed the way I eat. Most importantly, it’s a timeless product. I’m starting the program again to get in better shape for summer and I know just what to do – P90X!

  374. Sophy says:

    Intense workouts that definitely built muscle in my arms and legs and rid me of my knee fat and cellulite. I could not do the chinups so I added the P90X Interval Plus and Abs/Core Plus which helped my abs. I am over 40 and my body needs more cardio for the hard to loose fat places women have so I also added Turbo Jam and am now replacing that with Turbo Fire along with the P90X. I can’t seem to let go of the P90X.

  375. Serena says:

    Your product does all that you claim. I’m 48 years old and at day one I weighed 200 lbs and was in descent shape but was very pleased that at day 90 I was a lean 175 with great definition. The work outs were tough at the start but I quickly got to where I could keep up and finish. Great product

  376. Pillow says:

    It works. It is extreme – not easy – but it works.

  377. Isabel says:

    I think it is very distracting that the movements in the routine do not match or synch with the music. Its very difficult for me to be “off-tempo”, so when I am not following the beat it make me feel “off”…
    If you have no rhythmn at all then it won’t bother you..

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