P90x Review

P90x Review

Let’s review the P90x fitness and nutrition plan. If you have seen the infomercials on late night television then you have an idea of what P90x is, if not well it is a very high intensity grueling work out that takes 1 to 1.5 hrs. There is also a nutrition plan with it.

What will P90x do for you?

You will shed pounds with this plan, but be prepared to workout 6 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half every time. If you have an extremely busy schedule this is not the work out for you.

It will work all areas of your body:

  • Core
  • Legs
  • Arms – shoulders arms biceps
  • Back
  • Glutes

It will target those areas with a variety of flexibility, aerobics, and strength training exercises, just be prepared for high impact. This is not a low impact routine.  This is a high intensity interval workout.

What do you get in the P90x plan?

You get 12 dvds, that cover 90 days of strength, plyometrics, cardio, yoga and a nutrition plan. The dvds will keep you moving through one exercise to the next much like circuit training, it is led by Tony Horton, a celebrity trainer.


For the 12 dvd set you will pay $120.00, you can upgrade for $240.00 which includes a chin up bar, resistance bands, and a 30 day supply of post workout shakes.  There is an ultimate package for $330.00 which includes everything mentioned plus 5 advanced work outs and 2 more pieces of equipment.

Which should you buy? First if you are and have been inactive for a while, I would not even recommend the basic package until you get moving for a while first, even if you have been active, but are not extremely fit and have lots of stamina I would not recommend anything but the basic package.

Who can use this program?

Anyone who is already active, it is not for beginners. People with back and knee problems or women who are pregnant should consult their physician first. This program includes variations for people with arthritis; however those variations may be too tough depending on the advanced level or your arthritis, so you should consult your physician first.

Where you will use this program

This program is designed to be used in your home living room or home gym as a replacement for going to the gym. You will need room to do the exercises which include squats, stretches, and more, as well as a dvd player in your work out area.  If you have a portable dvd player you may be able to work out in the outside lawn or on a deck.

The 12 work out dvds

Chest and Back – this workout emphasizes two classic workout exercises for the upper body push ups and pull ups to build strength and define shape.

Plyometrics – cardio work out and you need to be ready to do a whole lot of intensive moves more than 30 to be precise of jumping moves knowing as jump training.

Shoulders and Arms – Is a potent routine of combination of movements including pressing, curling, and fly movements.

Yoga X – This is not your grandma’s yoga, intense strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and breath workout.

Legs and Back – You need to be ready for an intense session of squats, lunges, and pulls for a total body workout.

Kenpo X – This is a high intensity cardio work out that provides endurance, stamina, and coordination with lots of punching and kicking.

X Stretch –a full body stretch designed to prevent injuries and plateaus.

Core Synergistics –works out the core and builds and supports the core.

Chest Shoulders Triceps –includes press, fly, and extensions to build your upper body.

Back and biceps –is full of curls and pull ups to build definition to the back muscles.

Cardio X –Don’t let low impact fool you, this will give you a strong workout.

Ab Ripper X –theses exercises targets not only the ab muscles but the core as well.

The creator

Tim Horton is a personal trainer who developed P90x and worked with people like Tom Petty, Billy Idol, and Annie Lennox.

What I like about this program

The 90 challenge, allows you to see that you can shed pounds, fat, and tone your body with proper nutrition and exercise.

The nutrition plan that has 3 phases, the first is higher protein in order to jump start you, the 2nd is a balanced mix of carbs and protein to give you energy, and the 3rd is more of an athletic diet with complex carbs and lean protein to provide you the best performance and endurance.

The variations of the exercise routines for those with arthritis are a plus.

The variety in workouts, with 12 dvds you can work individual areas that need targeting more than others such as hips and stomach.

The nutritional plan that comes with the dvds, gives you a healthy way to eat not only while working out but to maintain your physique after you have reached your goals.

The 90 day money back guarantee is also a huge plus; if you devote the time, follow the program and nutritional plan and it doesn’t work you can get your money back. Of course you can also sell it as used in excellent shape if you haven’t been able to use it.

Things I don’t like about this program

The serious intensity of this program can lead to injuries, and if you have not been active this increases the chance of injury.

The length of workouts, if you are a very busy person you may not have an hour or hour and a half to devote to working out. On top of that, an hour or hour and a half can over work the body again causing injuries, as well as dehydration.

Testimonials from the P90x program

Debbie G went from 23% body fat to 8% body fat, and lost 31 pounds.

Kathy M went from 40% body fat to 15% body fat and lost almost 100 pounds in 90 days, since then the total weight loss has come to 110 pounds.

Darren S went from 26% to 12% body fat and lost just over 50 pounds.

Ron W went from 20% to 10% body fat and lost about 10 pounds.

Summary and personal recommendation on P90x

P90x is a high intensity workout and nutritional plan intended to build a sleek physique and help lose weight. Many people have had success some have not as with any program what works from some doesn’t work for others. It can cause injuries so be careful, if you have back or knee issues, are a woman who is pregnant, or have been inactive for some time, please consult your health care provider before starting this or any exercise program.

I would not recommend this to beginners, people who have severe arthritis or bad knees, hips, or back due to the high impact of the exercises in many of the dvds. Also if you lead a very busy life and there is no way you can rearrange your time to include an hour or hour and a half work out this program is not for you.


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