Memory Repair Protocol Reviews

Memory Repair Protocol Review

Memory loss is usually associated with old age. Although this may be true, others actually go through the phenomenon at such a young age. This may be common but know that memory loss is not at all something that you should neglect. It usually is a symptom or a sign of a much more serious disease (or disorder).

Memory loss usually is a common occurrence and a sign of a developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. If memory loss is already a hindrance to living your daily life, if you have trouble solving something, or if you are having confusion with time and places then it is recommended for you to seek professional help already.

Take for instance my grandmother, she is currently 72 years old and she has been told by her doctor that she has mild forgetfulness. This is nothing to be worried about he mentioned and that it is a normal part of the aging process. Still, sometimes it would affect her daily life like that one time she forgot she put on the stove and left it open for more than an hour. There are some repercussions and consequences at stake with her memory problems.

For these problems, numerous memory repair medications are all over drugstores nationwide.  A lot of them are being sold actually that not only it gets overwhelming to decide which is better but it also poses suspicion for a lot of consumers. What exactly is inside these medicines and how come all of them differ?

Memory Repair Protocol introduces itself as an alternative to these expensive medications. More than that, it claims to prevent the onset of more serious brain problems such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

I will be guiding you through the contents of Memory Repair Protocol, talk about my own experience in it, and give my honest opinion if it is worth the purchase.


What is Memory Repair Protocol?

Memory Repair Protocol is a step by step guide and program aiming to help you with you brain problems, specifically memory loss. This is helpful in preventing major brain problems such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. It claims to provide results in just days of following the program.

The guide follows a nutrition plan that is 100% natural and healthy. It does not recommend taking any chemicals or medications. In fact, it suggests for you to replace your medications with this guide.

The exact nutrition program Memory Repair Protocol follows is the Ketogenic Diet. More information about this will be discussed later on but basically, Ketogenic Diet follows nutrition where all carbs and sugars will be eliminated from your food. Apparently, these two are what causes your brain to deteriorate and lose its sharp memory. But your brain under the state of “ketosis” regains its ability to repair itself and work perfectly again.

The guide focuses on providing you all these information and helping you understand how and why memory loss happen but more than that it also provides you a nutritional program to follow. The developer boasts of the program following an all-natural diet. This includes recipes and meal plans for you to easily follow.

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of the book’s contents, it first helps to get to know who developed this program and what are his reasons for developing it.

About the Author of Memory Repair Protocol

Martin Reilly is a 59-year-old science teacher in Stamford, Connecticut. He developed the program because of his wife’s story, Sandra.

Sandra, six years ago, had a completely healthy life both physical and mental. But eventually, as time goes by, Martin finds her having difficulties in chores that she does every day such as operating the microwave oven or use the television. It was already a hindrance to their daily lives and it was causing Martin alarm.

He took her to the doctor to find out she is starting to develop early stages of dementia. The doctor, of course, prescribed them medications as often and as much as needed. Nothing worked for Sandra and worse, these would cause her side effects. Her physical health was compromised in trying to gain her mental health which they weren’t able to achieve as well. Her situation just continued to worsen, one night she even tried to sneak into their old home and was mistaken for a burglar. So they decided to have her in a care home.

In a lunch with a friend, Martin was able to meet Manisha, a 107-year-old woman from Northern India in a town called Ballabgarh. The old woman told her that in her hometown these diseases do not exist and Sandra should not follow and eat the care home’s meals for her.

Martin started doing his own research regarding the small town and its links with other existing research and got the answers that he needed in living an Alzheimer free life. He proceeded on developing a nutrition plan for his wife through his knowledge with the help of a doctor that goes by the name Dr. Fielding. He apparently approves and follows what exactly Martin had found out. Eventually, he started developing this book and guide to share with others as well.

How does Memory Repair Protocol work?

Memory Repair Protocol, as mentioned, follows a Ketogenic Diet. The science behind this is to bring back the brain’s energy. In a research done at Brown University and Louisiana University, the cause of memory loss which leads to Alzheimer’s is the brain’s difficulty in metabolizing and converting glucose into the energy that it needs. With high glucose levels that are not metabolized, in a way, this makes your brain “diabetic” and leads your brain to starvation which is the main cause of brain deterioration. This is also the reason behind why more than half of diabetics have a risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

In order to reverse this, the body needs “ketones”. These brain boosting molecules dissolve the excess glucose and they are the ones who will convert them into energy. This is most usually found in a diet rich in coconut oil. Other than that, the author also delved into the secrets of the Indian village and found out that their diet consists of herbs, spices, plants, and oils that are all helpful in curing the disease.

The main guide included upon purchase is The Memory Repair Protocol Fast Start Guide. This guide is where all the information about memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia is written. It includes its causes, why medications fail, and sometimes even make the situation worse.

It also includes the ideal nutrition that you should be getting in order to improve your situation. These are all natural and wholesome ingredients that are proven to provide high levels of ketones. Martin is very firm about the idea that this diet is all that you need in solving your brain problems and preventing them from worsening or even developing.

Apart from the main guide, you will also be getting The Memory Repair Protocol 21-Day Protocol. This is a step-by-step guide provided for you for a whole 3 weeks to start your journey on Ketogenic Diet and fighting memory diseases. It provides 25 recipes that are easy to follow. They range from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even smoothies to guide you for 21 days.

The author is also generous to include a bonus eBook entitle The Fact Retainer. In here, you will be provided with guides on how to exercise your brain to be able to retain facts and information. These are actually the same guides quiz contestants and winners use to win thousands of dollars.

You will also be given a final bonus eBook:  Meditation Mind Power. This book will introduce you to a certain kind of meditation, the Kirtan Kriya. This is proven by researchers in Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation to improve one’s cognitive function mostly targeting subjects of ages 52 to 77.

This certain type of meditation has shown to increase blood flow in the cerebral parts of the brain. The author has then developed an 8-week Kirtan Kriya meditation program to follow similar to how the subjects have done it and improve their cognitive function.

What do you get when you purchase Memory Repair Protocol?

For a recap, purchasing the package will give you access to:

  • The Memory Repair Protocol Fast start Guide eBook
  • Bonus: The Memory Repair Protocol 21-Day Protocol eBook
  • Bonus: The Fact Retainer
  • Bonus: Meditation Mind Power

All of these can be bought for a price of $37 on their website here.

Pros and Cons:

I have found quite a few pros and cons to the program which I will be sharing to you.


  • Everything in the book is very easy to follow. Even the meditation protocol only takes 12 minutes a day to do. The meals are easy to prepare and does not take too much of your time. There are restrictions of course to the Ketogenic Diet but being able to follow it is not a difficulty.
  • Martin really did put an effort in researching all about the development of this guide. His sources are reputable when it comes to the science of Ketogenic Diet. He did his own extensive research regarding the matter of nutrition in the small town in India which I think is credible enough.
  • His research is explained in an easy manner that is not hard to understand and not at all confusing. I was hesitant at first to understand and try to learn all about it thinking that I would find it confusing or too technical. This is what I liked about the books. He is not trying to sound like a complete scientist which makes you understand more about the disease.
  • It is very affordable compared to all the alternatives of preventing and curing Alzheimer’s. More than that, buying this is only a one time investment unlike buying medications that would cost you money every now and then.
  • The guides come in digital downloadable form so it is very easy to buy and get ahold of. If you feel like you need to but it now you can definitely have it now.
  • You also are given with two months of money back guarantee in case you did not find the product to be helpful in any way.


  • I wouldn’t really say that it gave the results in just 12 days. I will be talking about this more later on as I had my grandmother follow the program. Thing is, programs like this may be completely safe to follow and are not harmful at all but results really do vary from person to person. One may notice it in just few weeks while others have to do it in a few months. In some cases, it just doesn’t work at all.
  • With that said, it is better for you to have patience if you plan on going through this program. The 21-Day program itself is short so consider continuing it for a few more weeks to be able to see improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Repair Protocol

Does it really work?
As mentioned, it varies from person to person. It does work, there have been reviews and testimonials behind it, but do not expect it to work just like it worked for other people. It might take longer or shorter for you, it might work well or work only a little, it depends. It also matters how serious is your memory loss problems. With the case of my grandmother with only mild forgetfulness, it worked well for her in just a few weeks. If you have a more serious case of Alzheimer’s result will absolutely be different.

I am in my 20s/30s and I sometimes suffer from forgetfulness, can I use this?
The program is designed in a way that there are really no specifications on who can or cannot use it. It is very safe in my opinion, after all, everything that the author suggests you change in your nutrition is 100% natural. There are no chemicals that you need to take. No medications, whatsoever. So yes, it is perfectly safe for you to do this. The meditation, in my opinion, would help the ones in their younger years as you are actually the ones who lead a busy lifestyle. However, for such a young age to experience forgetfulness is very uncommon and I would suggest having yourself checked to further understand your situation.

My Experience with Memory Repair Protocol

As I have mentioned, I had my grandmother who is 72 years old now follow this program. She is suffering from mild forgetfulness according to her doctors and there is nothing serious to be worried about. But sometimes this affects her daily life so much that at one point she almost burned our whole house down. This is because she left the stove open for more than an hour and forgot about it. Those are really some of the serious consequences of the problem, even if her disease is considered mild.

I had her follow this after she’s had enough of medications. My grandmother is a very natural person and hates taking medications and chemicals even for just headaches and coughs. She believes that food is medicine. She said that she just needs to understand what exactly are the foods that she should eat to improve her situation. I realized this program is perfect for her.

She was very excited about it herself. I helped her in understanding the guide and the science and even participated in preparing meals. I also got enticed with the meditation program that I started doing it with her. I found that it helps with my busy lifestyle. Effective or not, it really is a good way to exercise and distress your brain from all that it’s thinking.

I checked up on her a few weeks ago to have her say on the program, I think around 2 months have passed since she started it, and she told me she does see improvements with her memory. She now remembers where she left the key and, thankfully, remembers to turn off the gas stove. There are still cases of forgetfulness her and there but I can say her situation has improved positively.


I would recommend following the guides the book offers. It is after all 100% natural, easy to follow, safe, and not to mention cheap. Trying it out to see if it works for you is not such a harmful decision.

However, I would not recommend using this guide alone in trying to cure your disease. It is always best to seek professional help when it comes to serious problems such as memory loss. All the more if it’s something serious and life threatening.

I would say this is a good supplement in further improving one’s condition but for serious illnesses, medications should still be always in your options. This may be proven to fight the disease but it might not be enough especially if the developing disease is fast and rapid.

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