LOL Builder Review

LOL Builder Review

So you have been playing League of Legends for a while now and found that your team sucks so bad. Sometimes you even resort to force quitting a game than rage on your teammates and get reported for your rants or have your mouse and keyboard broken out of frustration. I totally get it when you would just intentionally let the other team win or you already surrender even just after the first blood. And trust me, I too have once thought of just quitting playing the game all in all and just uninstall it from my computer.

Until I found out this little secret that helped me win games. From being stuck in the bronze to being a diamond player in less than 60 days. Remember when back then we all wished there was an app for anything and everything that we do? Now there’s an app for playing League of Legends and winning against your opponents strategically while leveling up as a diamond player in the shortest amount of time possible!


What is Lol Builder’s Trinity Force?

The League of Legends boasts of its Trinity Force that consist of all that you need in winning games and leveling up through the game. It has been used and proven effective by almost 25,000 players worldwide. This Trinity Force consists of three important features in playing the most out of the game. I will give you a quick overview and discuss this further later on:

  • First in the LoL Builder’s Trinity Force is The Winning Builds App. This is, as the name suggests, an application that will help the player import the best diamond player builds straight to the game. It comes as an in game interface which is easily found and accessible below the normal “recommended items” tab at the shop.
  • Secondly, the Trinity Force consists of the Training Manual. This is a handbook that is divided into 12 installments. Its aim is to guide the player in becoming a diamond player as quick and efficient as possible. This is self-paced so no need to fuss over the whole course.  Basically, it consists of instructions with the main goal to help you improve your in game decision making.
  • Lastly, the Trinity Force includes a Weekly Insider Champion Reports. In here, you will be able to witness the rise and fall of weekly champions. This is powered by the advanced algorithms the team has dedicated towards the software.

Those are basically what you need to know about LoL builder. But, I will talk about the major features of each of these later on. First, let me introduce you the team behind this amazing software and guide.

About the Developers of LoL Builder

The team behind League of Legends builder spends 24 hours a day, every day to provide you all the insights in the game. They spend hours and hours scanning through game data and taking snapshots of games to determine what orders champions purchase item in.

The team consists of professionals and dedicated people who have started out as players of League of Legends as well. Currently, the team can be found online on their website and they also manage a lot of different social media accounts such as their Facebook page which can be found here and their twitter account which can be followed here.

How does LoL Builder App works?

LoL Builder comes in an application while you can subscribe for a premium version to have access to a lot more of the team’s services, offers, and developments. I will talk about how the LoL Builder App first and then talk about the rest of the features and products that you will have access to if you buy the premium.


LoL Builder App

Basically, from what I mentioned that the team behind the app records data of 24 hours a day, what happens is they analyze data from the diamond and challenger tier summoners. This helps them determine and group these builds. These are some of the major and best features of the LoL Builder App:

  • Automatic Updates – The builds that will be able to see on the application will surely be always updated because the team behind the app scans everything by the hour. These are built from the Diamond Player matches and automatically reflect and update the game for you.
  • In-Game Access – The application can easily be accessed in the game with this feature so you would never have to spend time going back in forth in each. This also helps you consider what strategies and this you would have to do before even playing the game. This increases your likelihood of winning and moving up the real time ladder of ranks big time.
  • All Champions Included – The app, with its hourly update all the time, will automatically reflect in the game the champions of every game and the top 16 builds of each of these champions. Even champions that have just climbed up the ladder or are relatively new will reflect these builds within hours only.
  • Win More – Because you can now determine the best builds for your champion, you are now one step ahead of your opponents. This helps you spend much less time in the shop and more time on playing and leveling up your champion. It is no doubt that your champion is guaranteed to increase your chances of winning and ranking up in the ladder. Even statistics have said so.

Those are just some of what is in store for you in the application. This is downloadable in LoL Builder’s website. I will now move on to the premium version that is a surefire way to rank your champion first in the ladder and level it up in less than 60 days. The second product of the Holy Trinity package is an eBook guide. It stands as a training manual which is the ultimate diamond player handbook. It consists of 12 modules that can be walked through in your own pace. It does not only include instructional content but as well as illustrations. This makes it easier for the player to understand. The main goal of the guide is to help players improve their in-game decision making. There are also customizable drills with progress charts included in the game. This helps in increasing the player’s skill level.

The features and benefits of this eBook guide are numerous but here are the major ones that I found were totally helpful on my part:

  • In-Game Setup – This part of the training manual covers in all comprehensiveness the instructions to install your in-game application. This also covers a lot about configuring your in-game interface. This is to set up some hotkeys and shortcuts according to your preference. This does not only make your game customizable and tailored but this also makes it very efficient to play for you.
  • What Objectives and When? – The training manual answers all your inquiries in full detail on what to do in an ongoing battle. If you have been asking when is it the best time to choose to baron, to dragon, or to get a tower. All these objectives will be met, answered, and explained in details.
  • Pre-Game Strategy – This part of the training manual will tell you about all the pre-game strategies and techniques that you will have to consider before even going to a battle and playing the game. This is proven to increase the chances of winning of your champions and eventually their rank up the ladder.
  • In-Game Strategy – This installment is all about strategies while playing the game and what scenarios that could possibly occur. This will all give an answer to each of that and give your teammates the peace of mind that you are doing the right and better strategy.
  • Team Fight Strategy – This is the part where you will be able to strategize for your team whether you are a team of 5v5 or even a 3v5. This is because it will teach you to calculate your chances on winning a team fight through learning the know-how in positioning and the cool down availability. We all know well that even a single team fight that turned bad late in the game almost always results in an immediate loss.
  • Mastering a Champion – This is the installment that most would do anything to get their hands on. It covers in all and full details the specific processes and steps to be taken to master a new champion. Even professional players use this and swear by its quick results and legit effectiveness.
  • Honing Your Skills – Probably one of the important parts of the whole training manual, if not the most. In this part, you will learn how to hone your decision-making skills. After all, an advanced in-game application and theory crafting would not be a use at all if the player does not know how to execute the winning move in the real environment. This has all the customized training drills and challenges that are sure to hone and improve your in-game skills level, but most importantly your discipline and patience.

Finally, the third product of the Holy Trinity which makes up for the best in-game experience and builder out there is the Weekly Insider Champion Reports. Here the player will not only see the ranks and builds of each champion but also their win rates rise and fall. This is perfect for determining who are the champions that are also rising and are being buffed so hard while who are the others who are losing so bad that they have fallen off the face of the world.

This is because even if it seems obvious from the hottest winners and losers who their champions are and what their builds are, the champions that win the most are in fact what players are not choosing and playing all the time. Even almost rarely. This is what makes the game very appealing and adventurous. You will never have an idea who will always rank highest and win the most. Players must be able to adapt to the changes along with the skills of others.

This weekly report cannot be found anywhere else. This is because the team behind LoL Builder who make up not only dedicated players but also professionals and engineers, have come up with an advanced algorithm that compiles for you in an easy to understand manner the reports of the highest winning champions. This is usually done with compiling the summoner experience and the popularity of each champion and each player.

As mentioned, this scanning and data analyzing are done hourly. What is shown on your computer screen is always real time and live data. This gives you an exact and current report that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

Its major features include:

  • Weekly Updates – You will be given weekly updates of the reports and data. And not just updates that are tweaked from an old data from the previous week. Updates that is new and fresh every week.
  • Reports by Division – You will also see comprehensive reports of each division starting from Bronze up to Diamond. This helps the player plan and strategize their climb to the Diamond division in no time.
  • Reports by Role – Reports per role are also given and the reports of the top 5 champion in every role and in every division. Talk about legit and complete strategizing.

So those are basically what you will get in purchasing the LoL Builder app with a premium subscription. All these for just $9 a month. Sign up and purchase yours here.

Pros and Cons

As with every application and product, there is always pros and cons to consider. I will make this very simple and fast.


  • Everything in the application and everything that you will get upon purchase is always updated. The team behind sure knows well how to treat their customers right with proper and constant update of patches whenever necessary.
  • The application updates automatically and in real time. This help you always get ahead of the others.
  • Everything in the training manual is very easy to follow. And this is a self-paced instruction manual as well. No pressure in finishing it at all.
  • The in-game application is beautifully designed and works smoothly with the game.
  • It makes you spend much less time in the shop. This extra time is totally useful in farming and honing up your skills.
  • The Builder features a filtered option. This makes it a breeze to navigate through things and find what you are looking for very easily.
  • You don’t have to spend time figuring out those pesky shortcuts such as Alt+Tab. The Builder does exactly what have you want to do so you will not have to find the next item to build.


  • Of course you would have to follow these instructions. Why else are you buying it? Sometimes, for the lazy ones, this comes as a chore.
  • You need to invest your time and patience in this game. That’s exactly what the training manual is trying to make you learn. Do not expect huge results in less than a month, the app guarantees that it can be done in 60 days.

My Experience with LoL Builder

My experience with the LoL Builder app is just completely amazing. I have been playing LoL for a long time now and I get frustrated at times with my teammates because my leveling and building gets compromised with their lack of skills. I searched the internet for ways to work around this and I found out this product. I first tried the app itself and I had a blast using it for weeks. It was everything that I needed.

But I thought this was not enough. My teammates still suck so bad when we’re playing and it makes my leveling much much slower. I heard that the app comes in a premium version with a training manual. I thought this is exactly what I need. I read everything in the training manual from start to finish. I knew I was ready to do it. So I played with my teammates in a 3v5 and I applied everything that I remember together with the help of my in-game app. That was the sweetest win that I ever got.

Since then I would always win in battles. There are a few losses here and there but what’s important is that I was able to level my champion to the Diamond division in just a few weeks! It was insane I never thought it was possible.


I highly recommend this package. The app itself was good enough and has all the best features. Go and try it if you haven’t yet. But if you really want the real deal, you gotta have the whole Holy Trinity package. No wonder everyone’s fussing over this. Feel like you’re too novice or just wanted to get your hand in the game? You still definitely gotta have this. Save yourself the frustrations of having a bad game and losing all the time. If you feel like a pro and you don’t need this anymore, you have never been more wrong. It’s exactly what the pros need as well. It’ll help you learn what you lack or what you think you got but actually haven’t.

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