Instabuilder Review

Instabuilder Review

So you are trying your hand out on affiliate marketing but have no complete idea of what do to or even where to start. Like me, you have probably spent hours on reading and understanding what landing pages are and how you even build one. I completely get it, starting out as an affiliate marketer is overwhelming and sometimes gets so daunting. You may be wondering why some website owners are just so good in maintaining their sites and landing pages, do it so beautifully, and most importantly, do it in such short amount of time.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret. You know what they used to say that there seems to be an app for everything. Well, in some ways, that is kind of true. There is an app that could save you from your frustrations and not mention, a whole lot of time.


What is InstaBuilder 2.0?

It’s the WordPress plugin you are looking for to save you a lot of effort and time in making landing pages. I mean, if it isn’t obvious with the name yet. Instantly build landing pages! And not just merely building landing pages, but building them as beautiful and efficient as possible. Now, that’s an app!

The plugin can do every landing page your heart, or your website for that matter, desires. Squeeze pages, sales pages, video sales pages, prelaunch and launch pages, webinar registration pages, webinar sales pages, download pages, legal pages, bonus pages, review pages, membership pages, and phew! a whole lot more.

Who developed InstaBuilder 2.0?

It was first released in December of 2014. It was created by the developer going by the name Suzanna Theresia. More information about the developer and her contact details can be found online. I bet you’re excited to hear about this powerful plugin’s features.

How does InstaBuilder 2.0 work?

It works like magic! What happens is, upon installation of the plugin in your own WordPress accounts, you will have access to a toolbox while editing and customizing your website’s layout. In here you will be surprised to see that editing your landing pages is just as easy as dragging and dropping elements to your designing area. No more working and figuring out those pesky and confusing codes! Customize everything. Sizes, colors, fonts, everything!

I will briefly talk about each of the features of the WordPress plugin to let you know what’s in store for you once you purchase this amazing product.

  • The user interface is not just very sleek and easy on the eyes, it’s very easy to use as well. The user-friendly interface may actually be the easiest WordPress plugin I have ever used! It is perfectly designed to cater to those who are busy, such as online marketers and entrepreneurs, to lessen their hassle. The navigations and controls are all sleek and not so scary.
  • I have already mentioned this, the drag and drop visual editor is one of a kind. What you do is you just have to choose the elements you wanna add to your landing page, drop it exactly where you want it located, and customize it with a wide ray of customizing tools available. No need to learn and understand coding. I know full well the hassle of that stuff. All the more when you want your website to be coordinated with your image and branding.
  • Do not worry about the codes for the phones and tablets as well – it makes the designs you made on the web mobile-friendly ready. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Save a lot of time and save yourself the hassle. Everything that you’ve inserted in the web editor will look incredible on mobiles and tablets as well.
  • You’ve got over 100 templates to choose from! How incredible is that. That’s obviously a lot more than the other builders out there. All these fit exactly what landing page you need: sales, video, launch, and upsell pages. There are tons! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Everything is totally customizable.
  • You can even have control up to the tiniest bit, text formatting! Font, topography selections, design, placement, etc. All these can be totally customized without having to know HTML and CSS. Want your text to be in-line, have highlights, and adjust font weight? All that can be done and a whole lot more.
  • There are tons of custom elements to add to your landing pages. Aside from the usual text, images, boxes, and columns, you can add buttons, date stamps, Facebook comments, background, a much more.
  • Combo elements have got to be my most favorite of the features. Your favorite elements can be turned into a combo! Mix and match all the elements available and then customize it even more! This is usually applicable to sales funnel continuity.
  • For the serious marketers out there, you are going to love the InstaBuilder 2.0’s 2-step opt-in technology and 3-step opt-in technology. These two are proven to get you more leads and guaranteed to help you cash in on these trends faster and easier.
  • Obsessed with getting even more leads? These can be totally done by the plugin with the questions opt-in You have the ability to integrate lead generating surveys, customize every part of it to your heart’s content, and have it in up to five questions. A lot of elements can be added to your questions opt-in such as video, buttons, etc. These are usually useful and great for non-IM niche like Dating, Health, etc.
A few of the landing pages available on instabuilder

A few of the landing pages available 

  • You an even choose to have a welcome gate upon your visitors visit. This is exactly the tool in getting and buildings lists of leads fast! What happens is all your content is blocked, this forces the visitor to opt-in before seeing all the information that they want and need. Do this in one page or all of your pages!
  • There is a built-in image editor in the plugin which saves you a lot of time and a lot of hassle. Probably even the first of its kind. This is powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK so don’t worry about having to deal with bad photos, this stuff is powerful! This is perfect for those who are worrying and having concerns over their brand.
  • Dealing with internet marketing? There are tons, and I mean TONS, of built-in marketing graphics for you to use on your pages. These aren’t just some mediocre and simple graphics. These are high-quality stuff from the design team. There are choices for all your needs: headers, call to action buttons, icons, page separators, and a whole lot more!
  • Besides all those designing and editing features, the plugin also allows you to have access to its advanced statistic and analytic tool. This is legit FULL access to all the information that you need. The reporting is very reliable and reflects on each of your landing pages. Exactly what is needed by those who create sales funnel page, etc.
  • The plugin even allows for split-testing. This helps you know more about what variation of your pages gets the most visitors. No more second guessing and having to weigh your options. This is a powerful decision making tool by itself. Not only that but it also turn your low performing pages into high converting pages with just this tool.
  • Exit Traffic Redirection helps your visitors who are exiting your site to turn into leads! Much like your gate block, this is totally the tool that will squeeze more business out of your content. This is proven by a lot of internet marketers already.
  • You can also choose to make them wait for it, give your visitors a bit more freedom, and still get an increase of conversions from it. This is done through the time-delayed content. This is perfect for those who constantly use video sales letters, time specific open carts, etc.
  • Scarcity building is also one of the proven ways of turning visits into sales. InstaBuilder 2.0 offers exactly this. This makes your visitors act under immediate urgency before an offer will run out. You can customize this big time too, depending on your liking. This means you can choose your customized time, day, and the moment when to revoke the offer. You can use this together with split-testing to make the most out of your visits and sales. This is most useful in lead generation pages, sales pages, and video sales letter pages. Use this when you are running special deals, getting an immediate increase in leads and sales, or when you are offering new services or products.
  • To even add more urgency to your visitors and make them act even faster, together with the scarcity building tool, use the countdown timer. This is one of the most visually stimulating tools in the plugin and is 100% customizable. Edit it according to your preferences, brand, and image.

  • To maximize your reach even more, utilize the plugin’s social sharing tool. In here you can have more shares through the social sharing system in the four most leading social media sites: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You even have the option to display or hide your social status in just one click.
  • There is a science behind using notification bars as a call to action and this is proven by a lot of internet marketers. Good thing that InstaBuilder 2.0 offers this tool. You can customize it to deliver messages, announcements, news, or even special offers.
  • If you wanna make your landing pages look a step ahead of the others, you gotta use its animation / dynamic elements tool. This does not only engage visitors but is guaranteed to create leads and sales as well.
  • Feel like using your design somewhere else but not in WordPress. And we have already discussed we’re not at all good with HTMLs. No worries because you have the ability to render your finished design and publish to HTML. Run its HTML version in your other websites who aren’t supported by WordPress.

That’s only about 20 of its features. Publish to Facebook, save template, and even SEO options.

What do you get in purchasing InstaBuilder 2.0?

So there are three price points that you can choose from in buying the plugin. It depends on your necessities.

  • For $77 you can install the plugin on three domains that you own.
  • For $97 you can install the plugin on unlimited domains that you own.
  • For $197 you can install the plugin on unlimited domains that you own as well as install it on client websites.

All these come with a free one year support and update from the developers themselves. No need to worry when you have troubles. Buy it from their website here.

Abstract vector illustration of landing page flat design concept.

Pros and Cons

I think I have discussed all of the plugin’s pros in its features but just to give you a lot more, because there’s a whole lot more, here are some others that I’ve noticed:

  • It’s got tons of features. I just gotta say that again. It has everything you could ask for in making affiliate marketing and maintaining a website easy for you!
  • It is very easy to install. Just how you would install any other WordPress plugin. There’s even a video tutorial given for the complete newbies. Very surprising for such a powerful too and all it has packed inside.
  • You have a 60 day money back guarantee for when you don’t feel satisfied. Which I definitely doubt.


  • This is such a shame, but as much as I don’t want to sound a product promoter, I really can’t find anything bad about the product. Maybe up the technical support for a lifetime? But really, other than that, everything works smoothly with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about InstaBuilder 2.0

Is this fee a one-time thing or do I pay it monthly?
It’s completely a one-time fee. There wouldn’t be any anxiety over commitments and unsubscribing because purchasing the product for once will entitle you for a lifetime access on multiple domains depending on your choice and as long as your domain works.

Are there any software or hardware requirements in using InstaBuilder 2.0?
Nada. Nothing. None. Of course you gotta have WordPress installed on your website, but then you wouldn’t be here if you don’t use WordPress, don’t you? Other than that, nothing else. There is also a video and PDF tutorials available upon purchase.

Do I have to buy updates?
Buying it comes with 1 year of free support and updates. If you wanna continue receiving updates and getting technical support, you can always renew it for such a low fee of $37 and that’s already for the whole year! Awesome!

My Experience with InstaBuilder 2.0

So, you may have also guessed, I am not technology savvy. I know nothing about codes, HTML, CSS. I was a frustrated affiliate marketer then. I thought to myself, am I even doing this right? But when I looked for answers on the internet, I found out I was not the only one who’s a bit lost with all these. Making landing pages, after all, is a common problem to a lot of people.

I was hesitant at first and thought I’ll just hire myself a web developer or designer or something. But when I inquired for prices, I was struck at how expensive these guys are. And then the thought of having to hire one again if I wanted to add changes or do improvements, it was daunting and was not a very good investment. So I went for it, InstaBuilder 2.0. I was really hoping that it would be a very good investment for me, and here I am using it for years now!

earning with website made using instabuilder

Everything that I mentioned in its features, all of those I was able to use at some point. It helped me improve my landing pages. I really only thought of simple designs and the usual looking stuff but with these options and choices, it turned out a lot more extravagant and very much improved. I wouldn’t even be able to imagine and think about it without the help of the tool.


I really highly recommend InstaBuilder. It is so perfect and exact to those who have trouble in doing their landing pages because, I know, codes are daunting! Of course, the internet is not only limited to those who just know codes, and it 2.0 provides you exactly that. It does not only make everything for you effortless, does not only save you a lot of time but also improves your designing skills! How cool is that? Make your landing pages stand out with this tool.

But I really think that IB 2.0 is not just for the beginners or those who are having trouble with codes, it’s actually even greater for those who already know code! Imagine all the time you are going to save just by using the tool. And imagine all the possibilities your landing pages can be with your combined knowledge of HTML and CSS and the power of the tool. That’s totally gonna be the most legit landing site ever.

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