Flat Belly Overnight Review

Flat Belly Overnight Review

Flat Belly Overnight is a set of nutrition program that aims to flatten your belly overnight. The program comes in digital format books and video. I have been using the system myself for months now and I I can say that I have seen results and the product really is effective. To find more about the product’s information and where to buy, visit their website here. I am going to talk about what the program is about, its pros and cons, and what it helped me achieve. The comes with three digital guides to use to achieve your own flat belly overnight:

The Flat Belly Overnight Done For You Template – This done for you template is a life saver! It gives exactly the specific instructions and protocol to follow night after night for you to wake up with a flat belly the next morning. It features recipes for herbal tea which help you rid your body of harmful toxins and boost your metabolism. Most importantly, it features an easy to follow template. This template will instruct you with the specifics of what food you have to eat each night. All that you need to know is in the book and all you’ve got to do is follow it.

The 3-Minute Belly Flattening Follow Along Sequences – The program also follows a 3–minute fat burning sequence that anyone won’t have a hard time following along. It’s so simple and easy and takes so little of your time. People of old age and people who suffer from severe injuries can even safely follow the sequence along. Most of the activities require you to lie on your back. You might doubt this method but it’s really very effective in burning that midsection fat. This is because you will be able to learn how your core gets properly activated and starts to engage in a diaphragmatic breathing rhythm. This also adds improvement to your metabolism and a way to distress which also is a way of fat burning!

The Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula – The system finally comes with the Detox Formula book. In here, the author will discuss and reveal the truth in our food and its effects on our body. A lot of the topics will focus on medicinal herbs and how each has their own way of defeating toxins in our body. How to use spices in your detox formulas will also be instructed. Lastly, it will suggest the perfect food combination in increasing metabolism and energy and at the same time fight off the fat and toxins in the body.


Background of the Author

Flat Belly Overnight is written by Andrew Raposo. He is CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach living in Toronto, Canada. He also has multiple awards in the field of boxing and Muay Thai and has published various books other than Flat Belly Overnight. His knowledge in this field together with his experience in providing nutritional programs is what I think makes him a legit and credible fitness guide.

Andrew came up with the idea behind the nutrition program wanting to save his sister’s life.  Amy’s story can be read on the product’s website and it tells how she has managed to achieve her goals through Andrew’s program. Amy, after turning 40, developed a type 2 diabetes from her obesity with a BMI score of over 35. She also suffered from Transient Ischemic Attack or TIA, a warning sign of a stroke. She was informed that her next stroke, if not prevented, will likely end her life.

How the Program Works

As I mentioned, there are three core modules in the program each providing different guidelines that work together to achieve your flat belly goals.

Before discussing how the program works, I would like to remind how the program DOES NOT work.

First, it does not work on cutting back calories. It is already proven by numerous health experts that cutting back on calories is the worst way of losing weight. Cutting back calories is not effective in terms of mentality. It will only leave you craving for food even more and often times end up with cheat days until you’re having cheat days every day. Also, for people who are in their 30s or above, cutting down calories affects metabolism in huge amount. Metabolism slows down with your body having very little amount of energy source. Your body’s reaction to fighting this off is holding on to as much fat as it can and if these are mostly located in your belly area, then they will refuse to budge off with calorie cutting.

Second, then nutrition plan does not work on fruits and vegetables alone. In fact, the author himself has proven that the fruits and vegetables in supermarkets that we think are healthy for us, actually contains a lot of harmful chemicals. This is because these supermarket goods are injected with fat storing hormones. These hormones, if eaten in huge amounts, can greatly damage your stomach and intestines from inflammation which makes it even more harder to get rid of that belly fat.

The program simply works on a simple and safe guide on creating your own detox formulas with proven safe ingredients, a nutritional plan for night to night preparation for you to be able to burn fat while you sleep, and of course an exercise sequence. There is nothing to fret about since the exercise regimen is only 3 minutes long and all are very easy to follow.

The three-minute sequence is safe for all ages and even for persons with disability. It mostly involves exercises require to lie on your back which I must admit got me a bit skeptic at first. But as I read through the guides and understand the instructions, this is actually a very safe and effective way of targeting belly fat. What happens during the 3-minute sequence is your core activates and goes through a diaphragmatic breathing rhythm. This method improves a lot of lung functions and heart functions which help your muscles groups be engaged in fighting off your belly fat. The sequence is also in a way helpful in getting rid of stress which is also another effective way of fat burning, specifically burning the fat-storing hormone Cortisol.


What do you get in purchasing the Flat Belly Overnight Program?

Purchasing the whole program gives you access to three digital products which are, as I have mentioned, two digital books and one exercise regimen sequence. Here is the breakdown of the three major products:

The 3-Minute Belly Flattening Follow Along Sequences – The regimen contains seven videos in total. Each of this video has a length of between 2 to 4 minutes only. The video has text in guiding you and a fitness guide on how to perform these properly. A total of two to three exercises are done in each of the videos depending on its length.

The exercises included are planks, hip lifts, glute bridge, dead bug, etc. There are plenty of variations available in each video so it does not get really boring. Even then, it only takes you 3 minutes to do it.

The Flat Belly Overnight Done For You Template – The template comes in a downloadable format in PDF. It contains 20 pages of information, which may come a bit few to some but actually covers a wide ray of topics regarding the subject of belly flattening.

This includes tips and tricks that are proven in helping losing weight, a guide to understanding the food groups and nutrition and how to apply it to your everyday eating, and example meals and recipes to follow in starting off your journey.

The Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula – The detox formula also is in a form of downloadable PDF. It provides handful information about drinking teas which exactly are beneficial to weight loss. As we all know, with all the kinds of teas out there, each actually has their own purpose and effect to the human body. Plus, of course, it features recipes of teas and smoothies carefully tailored to suit your goals of belly flattening. Lastly, it provides information about herbs too and what are the benefits of each and how it can be added to your food.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Flat Belly Overnight Program

Can people above 50 years old do the program?
Totally! The program is designed to be of ease for people who are already suffering from minor injuries due to old age. The digital book guides can absolutely be followed by anyone. If your concern is the exercise regimens, there is nothing to worry about. Each of the sequences only takes about 3 minutes and does not feature any high impact activities. Most of it is actually just lying on the ground as it is the goal of the program to engage your core into a diaphragmatic breathing rhythm. Even folks of 70 years and older and are suffering from painful joints can still be able to perform the exercises well.

Does it really flatten your belly that fast?
I will be talking about my experience from the program later on but simply put, yes it did. It did give me results at a much faster rate than most of the belly flattening program I have tried. Of course, it did not just magically happen in just one night rather a series of nights that only lasted in such a short period of time. Every morning when I wake up I would find a pound or 2 completely shed off and my stomach felt lighter and lighter. The Flat Belly Overnight guides give so much information to why this happens to your body and this is because of the right food you are consuming. Paired with the exercise sequences, there is no wonder that you will really notice results every day.

Will I get bored of the limited number of recipes?
I have mentioned that there are only a few meal recipes included in the major guide. At first, this was also an issue that I had upon receiving the guides. But as I was reading the guides and learning the ingredients, the food, nutrition. herbs. and spices and each of their benefits, I figured I will be able to come up with my own recipes and substitute some of my usual day to day ingredients with the ones listed in the guides. I could even randomly search a very unhealthy recipe on the internet and turn it into a healthy one just by substituting ingredients that are mentioned in the guide. So no, you will not get bored. The goal is not exactly to follow the recipes in the guide but to learn how to use these ingredients, food, and herbs and incorporate it into your own recipes!


Pros and Cons of the Program

There are numerous Pros I can provide about the program but here are the ones that I find the most important and what you should also consider in purchasing a nutrition program:

  • The author, Andrew Raposo, is a credible individual in the fitness industry. As he is a certified fitness instructor and is a multi-awarded athlete in different sports, there is no doubt that the program is not only effective but is also safe to perform. Add the fact that it was made in dedication for his sister, it goes to show that he does not really intend to help people in it.
  • Everything takes so little of your time. Even the exercises! – All that you need to do is to spend a few moments at night to prepare your detox tea or smoothie and a few moments in the morning to perform your exercise sequences. The rests of the work happen with substituting your day to day habits with healthier choices you have learned in the guidebooks.
  • It does not only help you flatten your belly but also help you fight other diseases. I have mentioned the background of the story as to why Andrew came up with the nutrition program. This is to save his sister’s life from her diabetes and oncoming stroke. In fact, by doing the program, your ultimate goal is to have a healthy body free from sickness. Having the flat belly comes in as a bonus!


There are a few Cons I have found in the program but these are just minor changes that I think would be better off with an improvement:


  • The program is only available in digital format. Others of old age and who are wanting to learn about the program sometimes has very little idea how to use computers and navigate the internet. Others just really find physical copies easier to use. I think it would be better if we have options to choose from according to our convenience.
  • The videos of the exercise sequences as I mentioned had no audio. I would have loved to hear the fitness guide talking about the information instead of showing it only on the screen so I will be able to hear it while performing the exercise. Though eventually, I was able to realize I would rather play some music in background. Still, for new users, this could be a downside.


My Experience with Flat Belly Overnight Program

Just so we’re clear, I have been using the program for about 3 months now and it has already become a part of my daily lifestyle and has improved it ever since. The first time I saw the ad online, I also had doubts myself but I thought with the author’s credibility I could give it a try. I have always wanted to get into detox formulas and drinking detox teas as well so I figured this would be the right time to start learning about it.

Upon receiving the digital formats, I immediately tried the steps in the PDF books that night. I made myself a detox tea from what I could find in my kitchen and went to bed feeling light and refreshed. I don’t know if it’s just because I got really excited and hopeful but I really did felt  the change in my stomach the next day. So I went on to weigh myself and find that I lost a pound and a half. That day I started doing the exercise sequences as well every morning right after waking up. I find that it helps give me energy to last for the whole day.

In a span of a week, I felt lighter and more refreshed every morning while I continue to drink detox teas or smoothies and incorporate the healthy ingredients in my meals. I also did the recipes featured in the guides on my first days but eventually learned I could just substitute ingredients to my old recipes with new healthy ingredients.  On that weekend, I went grocery shopping with a mindset that I will be shopping for food that is listed in the guides and from then on it never felt like I was trying to do the program. Instead, it has become a part of my lifestyle.

For three months I never once cut back on my calories and even have a few nights of eating out with my friends and family and I didn’t feel bad about it. I would just drink the detox tea and feel recharged the next morning. If you’re curious, I was able to achieve my goal of a flat stomach in less than a month and have been maintaining it by still using the program.



With all that said, I can say that I highly recommend the Flat Belly Overnight program to everyone. This is a program that is so easy to follow, takes little of your time, and not to mention a cheap investment and the payback is a good lifestyle, good health, and a very good physique. The program provides you with all the information that you need to get started with detox formulas and it lives up to its promises of a flat belly. Although not really over just one night, but in a much shorter period of time compared to other programs. I don’t think I will ever stop doing the exercise sequences, do the tea recipes, and incorporate healthy ingredients into my meals because it has already become a part of my lifestyle.


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