Easy Azon Review

Easy Azon Review

What is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. It is a powerful tool for web development packed with a lot of features of all sorts to help you with maintaining your website and make the most out of it.

An affiliate program is always a hassle and source of confusion for those who aren’t really an expert in web development and blogging. Amazon’s affiliate program is not different in any of these and although it might give you the best and most worth it experience, it can still be a hassle to use and maintain. The process takes a long time and is time-consuming. Beginning with finding the products and going through all the steps just to be able to get the HTML code you that you need.

With the EasyAzon tool, it does not only make it an ease for you to manage these affiliate links but also help you save time and cash in more revenues from all those Amazon affiliate links. It does everything you need to set all these up in a breeze and a whole lot more!

About the Developer

Before delving into the key features of the tool and what it could provide you, I will first introduce you to the developer of this very powerful tool.

Chris Guthrie is the developer and creator of the said tool. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, and an Amazon affiliate superstar. He blogs about his journey in entrepreneurship on his website. He also has a podcast talking about his knowledge in technology, the world wide web, and his entrepreneurial ventures within it. Some of the things he has been working on aside from this are Salesbacker and Amasuite. Both are products designed for Amazon affiliates and users.

How does EasyAzon Work?

The tool boasts of its two most effective way of WordPress site management: how to save time and how to make more money.

  • Save time by getting rid of the hassle and confusion that is coding. Some of us aren’t just that knowledgeable about these matters nor have enough patience to go through all the information and learn all about it. Using the EasyAzon tool, you will be able to have full control of your affiliate links without having to learn how to use code. This can be done not only by individual links but to all the links all at the same time.
  • Make more money with all the features the plugin offers. The automatic link localizer is one of its greatest tools as it shows links based on the Amazon locale of the visitor which can then provide a huge boost in your commissions. This can also be enabled in any country that offers the Amazon affiliate program! These include the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • EasyAzon’s built in pop up feature can bring in more clicks and commissions for you. Catch the attention of your visitors with this feature that can be customized according to your liking.
  • Another must have and must try feature is the Add to Shopping Cart tool. In here, users who click the affiliate link can automatically add the items to their shopping cart hassle free and you have 89 days to wait for them to buy it and have your share or commission. This can be highly customized to any links that you prefer or have it entirely turn on or off in your whole website with just one click.

I am going to share to you some of the key features of the tool, how to use it, and how it can help you in your on WordPress site development.

  • Amazon Associates Tab – In here you can prove your Amazon affiliate details. With the pro version, you can use and enter multiple tracking IDs that you own in any country you have signed up for.
  • Search Tab – Here you will have the option to decide which country you will be able to use as the default when you type in the search bar for products. Whenever you are writing content and would like to add an affiliate link, this tool is in charge for giving you the results for the products that you might want to add and is set to your default or chosen country of search.
  • Defaults Tab – This feature helps you customize and use the tool according to your preference. Some of the options that are useful are having your links open up in a new window, the add to cart feature where, as mentioned, your products would have the easy access option for the visitors to add to cart, cloaking links, and providing product pop ups when a visitor hovers over the affiliate links.
  • Link Localization Tab – This is a default feature of the product and is very useful for WordPress users and content makers that aim to target audiences around the world. When a user from another country, for instance, the United Kingdom, clicks on an affiliate link on your website they will automatically redirect to the UK website of Amazon.


How do you install and use EasyAzon?

All the information about this matter is provided upon purchase of the product. But just so you have an idea and are really very curious about it I will provide you a simple guide for you to get a gist of how simple and easy it is to install and use it.


  1. Before starting, you first need to have the EasyAzon plugin purchased, an Amazon affiliate account, and an AWS account which will provide you your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key code.
  2. You can then continue to install the plugin just as how you would install a plugin in WordPress.
  3. Once it has been installed, you can finally activate it and use it for efficient use of Amazon affiliate links.

This is just the gist of how you do it and the product comes with a complete and comprehensive set of instructions for when you feel like you’re lost or just have no idea how to do it.


  1. First is you’d have to forget all about your manual and traditional way of dropping all those Amazon affiliate links in your website. If back then you’d have to go to Amazon.com and search for each of the products, copy the code, and paste it in your content then EasyAzon is going to be such a breeze. No more wasting time and effort for all those.
  2. So you go on and write all the content that needs to be written like how you would usually do it.
  3. You highlight the text that you want to provide an affiliate link and instead of doing what you’ve been used to doing, all you have to do is click on the EasyAzon tab which is strategically located just above the post editor on the left.
  4. Go and search the links that you need and once you’ve found the one that you want simply drop it straight to the highlighted phrase or word into your post.
  5. You can go on and customize it according to your preference and with all the options available. Have it in a text link, in an image link, in a CTA link, or even add an info block about it.
  6. You can also change different settings to it or have it in default which you have decided and chosen in the defaults tab page.
  7. There you go! Check your post and your website and see that your link is working!


What you get upon purchasing EasyAzon?

EasyAzon comes in two different packages which are tailored to suit your preferences. I am going to talk about what is included in the package of the program first.

  • Of course you will receive the EasyAzon Amazon Affiliate link plugin tool.
  • You will also be given access to a bonus material: A downloadable eBook guide entitled EasyAzon How to Make More Money with Amazon. In this latest version, you will be able to learn all about setting up a website, buying your domain, link building, keyword research, to building and maintaining Amazon affiliate links. The guide is divided into 8 modules each discussing comprehensively topics that could help you build your website and make money with it. The modules are:
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 2 – Choosing Your Website Topic
    • Module 3 – Setting Up your Website
    • Module 4 – WordPress Basics
    • Module 5 – Setting Up Amazon Associates Accounts
    • Module 6 – Creating Content for your Amazon Review Site
    • Module 7 – Getting Traffic to Your Site
    • Module 8 – Maximizing Your Amazon Associate Earnings

But EasyAzon comes in two price points that are tailored to what exactly you need. The first package comes in $67 whit Developer Site Use Rights. These include:

  • Use on unlimited personal websites
  • Use on unlimited client websites
  • Use on unlimited websites to flip
  • Bonus: The 2017 Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Guide (completely brand new material) $47 value

While another price point at $47 dollars offers Multi Site Use Rights which include:

  • Use on unlimited personal websites
  • Bonus: The 2017 Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Guide (completely brand new material) $47 valu


Frequently Asked Questions about EasyAzon WordPress Plugin Tool

How do I set it up and is it hard to install?
Since this is one of the most asked questions regarding the tool, I have already included a brief guide to setting it up in this review and I will also talk about my own experience setting it up. It did not give me a hard time setting it up and installing it was a breeze as using it. I only read through the guidelines on the book and it did not take me more than 15 minutes.

There is also a members area once you’ve purchased the product and in here the developers have created a video with step by step guide on how to install it. You can also ask for further assistance for other members if you find it rather confusing or new. But rest assured on my part, I did not have a hard time.

Does the plugin have any software and hardware requirements? Does it only work on PC?
No, EasyAzon does not require you any hardware requirements nor software that you need to purchase beforehand. It works on all kinds of operating systems including PC and Mac because this matters little to use it.

What is required by EasyAzon is for your WordPress blods to be versions 3.5 and up. This does not require any prior purchase. Your blog also needs to be a self-hosted version of WordPress.

Why is it not working?
There could be problems in your initial set up or problems with your Amazon Associate account/s. This could be easily mended by going through a step by step process provided by the guidebooks both on initial installation of the software and on troubleshooting it.

Rest assured that all your inquiries are all mended in the guidebooks. And if there is something you would want to learn more or ask more, there is always a members only website for you to tell your inquiries.

Pros and Cons

I will be talking about some of the software’s pros and cons to better help you decide in considering its purchase.


  • I consider the very easy and quick set up of the software a pro. It is such a breeze and it only took me around 10 minutes with all that the guidebooks have provided me.
  • It also saves you a lot of time because after all that what it’s supposed to do. I tried making a content as the way I would usually do it and tried using the software for the first time and and it saved me 10 to 20 minutes for a single content. Imagine how much time you could have saved in all the content you have done. I will talk more about this experience later on.
  • It boosts your revenue. I can really vouch for this. Because it automatically localizes your affiliate links making it also a breeze for your visitors to buy the affiliated products on your wwbsite. These products when bought also give you a huge commission.
  • There are various linking methods you could choose from, not just in text links. Images can also be linked and there is a call to action links available such as add to shopping cart. There are options for adding pop ups, etc. There’s an endless way of customizing your content to suit your liking and maximize your earnings.


  • I have noticed that with my custom buttons, I find it difficult to use EasyAzon. However not impossible. It took me an hour to figure this out.
  • The software according to some people I know who are using it does not run on their websites that use PHP7. This means postponing your website upgrade to PHP7 until EasyAzon have also updated their website to run on PHP7.
  • Which kinda takes a long time with EasyAzon. Perhaps with all the ventures that Chris is managing. But EasyAzon is a bit slow in providing updates to its current users. Although not entirely neglected, updates only happen once in a while.
  • I have also noticed that EasyAzon does not provide images with SEO options which is a bit of a downside for some who prefer it.


My Experience with EasyAzon

I have been running multiple sites for years and I have joined and started with Amazon Affiliate links as long as I have been running these sites. I have always found it a chore to do this task and sometimes would even postpone publishing to a later time because I’m just too lazy to update it with affiliate links.

That’s why the first time I heard about EasyAzon, I had no doubts in purchasing it because it’s exactly what I need. I was able to install the plugin very easily and without fuss. I was very excited to try it and as soon as I posted content, it just blew my mind. It saved me lots and lots of time, even hours of work in a day.

Not only that but after weeks of using it, I found an increase in my revenue. In a month my Amazon affiliate links revenue increased to over five thousand dollars. It was the best thing ever I thought.

I have been using the latest plugin, version 2017 for a few months now and the experience just gets better and better. I cannot wait for more updates and upgrades by the developers.



EasyAzon is a handy tool for everyone who is managing websites. It can be easily used both by those just beginning in the blogging industry or those who have been in it for years now. It not just saves a lot of time but also increases and improves your revenues.

I highly recommend this product for everyone, and I really mean everyone. For those who are wanting to save time in building content or for those who want their revenues to increase, in EasyAzon you get both.

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