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If you’re actually a product vendor and would like us to review it, feel free to reach out to us – but be WARNED. We will give impartial reviews to whatever product our attention is drawn to. This can end up being a double-edged sword, so make sure you product is tried and tested before we get to it!

Please Note

BEFORE you email us… We are not at all responsible for any recent purchases made on a product we review, whether the reviews are postive or negative. If you’re looking to actually reach customer support for that product, or perhaps inquire about a refund, you’ll have to check out that product’s vendor by visiting the main website of said product. We do not manufacture any of the products that we review on our website – we just REVIEW them. Only the people who actually created the product you’re inquiring about have control over your access to said product.

We also do not advise that you use our reviews as gospel without consulting your personal medical professional – people are all built differently and your results may vary greatly from ours.

If, after reviewing this webpage, you’re certain you want to go through with contacting us – please feel free to! Just keep in mind we have no control over you receiving help with being auto-billed or attempting to cancel/refund any programs or products that we have reviewed on this website.

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