BTV Solo Review

Always wanted to learn how to make music? If you’re one like me who’s really into learning how to make music but don’t know how to play instruments, doesn’t have time for learning it, or just really into the new and modern beats that you hear on the streets right now. Then this one’s for you.

BTV Solo does exactly what you’re looking for. This is a gear used by beginners and experts alike. Here I will give you an overview of the product and my honest review of it.

BTV Solo Review

BTV stands for Beat Thang Virtual. It might sound a bit familiar if you have already heard of the Beat Thang. Beat Thang provides customers with a portable production studio that comes in a hardware piece. But BTS Solo can be availed individually because it is a standalone software that only comes along with the portable production studio. It can work by itself, in your laptops and PCs, even without the hardware.

Beat Thang is trusted by a lot of music hobbyists, artists, producers, and DJs all around the world. No wonder that BTS Solo has already made its waves in the music industry. It is a must have for everyone, I can vouch for that. It is actually an award winning music production software. I bet no one would want to miss the opportunity of using this and making it a part of their music making.

If you’re already wondering what this thing offers and what it’s packed with. It has got a lot, and I really mean A LOT, of dope features which I will all introduce to you later on. But first I got to introduce you to the makers and developers of the software so you know you are dealing with some legit stuff.


Who developed BTV Solo?

Dallas Austin – the mastermind and award-winning beat producer.

As mentioned, BTV Solo is produced and developed by the same minds behind the Beat Thang portable studio production. This hardware and software duo is developed by Beat Kangz Electronics (BKE. LLC). They have been known and trusted in the music industry t be the creators of the best and most innovative music technology products. Their aim is to make their customers make the best music of their lives. Simple as that.

Beat Kangz Electronics have always been an independent music production equipment company which is currently based in Nashville, TN. They are consisting of a dedicated and passionate group of producers, engineers, songwriters, and musicians with a common belief in producing music in its best and finest quality.

Beat Kangz Electronics is known and widely used worldwide. Some of the well-known musicians and artists who use Beat Thang equipment that you might have heard of are  DJ Toomp, DJ Ruckus, Polow Da Don, Mr. Bangladesh, Mr. DJ, and two times Grammy Award winner Dallas Austin.

How does BTV Solo work?

I am going to let you in some of the best features of the software which producers and musicians alike are going gaga over this very powerful tool. All these can help you make the killer beats that you his software wanted to produce whether you are just beginning or you have been a professional for a long time now.  But first I will give you an overview of the interface to give you an idea of what they mean when they say that this software is powerful enough for a professional and simple enough for the beginners.

The BTV Solo interface is one of the most user-friendly beat maker user interface I have ever seen. It comes in clean, neat, and is not at all confusing. It is actually very unique from the other music production software if you have tried one of them or just even come across them. The main difference is that it is laid out and patterned on a music production controller (MPC) machine. This is the reason why it provides you with a quick access to different sounds and beats as efficient as possible. That is so quick and flexible way of making music.

You will notice that on the left side, a list of all the drum kits and sounds are available. When starting to make music and making beats, these can be assigned to the keypads which can be easily found in the bottom of the main area.  While if you look at the screen you will see the channel sequencers which total to 16. One of the best features of the BTV Solo.

When you are currently playing, the screen display will show you everything without all the confusion. You will notice this easily when you start making your first beats. If you look in the right area of the screen, there are a handful of sound effects you can pick from.  More options actually show up when you select a particular sound.

In just a few hours I bet you’ll get the feel of the whole interface and get used to it. I actually did memorize where everything was in less than a day of tinkering with it. It’s very simple to learn and understand that by an hour you can already start with the music and beat making.

So here goes the main features of the BTV Solo that I myself has been going all over about these days:

  • The BTV Solo feature a 16 track sequencer. These are all real time and linear pattern based which makes for your best music making experiences ever.
  • You also have the power and ability to edit and customize the existing kits that are provided by the software. And you can do that very easily!
  • You have the option to choose and import your own sounds if you do not feel like using the ones in their library. But I must really that the ones in their library are a good handful of selections.
  • You can also create your own drum kits if the ones they provide are not enough for you.
  • You can record any sound you like or even load your own samples. 16 and 24 bit .WAV and .AIFF files are even supported by the software.
  • Their on board mixer is one of a kind with so many effects to choose from. Imagine, there are over 60 preset effects! This will definitely help you create some of the most outstanding beats that there is.
  • It supports MIDI keyboard controller if you don’t feel like just using your mouse and keyboard. More ways to make music and more music to make!
  • There is a support for multiple export methods. This means you can just export a specific track in your music, or a specific effect. You definitely have the say on everything.
  • There are training videos available for those who are just getting their hand at music and beat making. These are high quality tutorials that will cover all the features and section of the software to give you a more in depth knowledge of each.
  • A professional sampler is even present and there are advanced sample editing tools that come with it.

What do you get in BTV Solo?

So you may be convinced now that the BTV Solo is a dope music maker equipment. Wait till you know what is included when you purchase the software. You will get:

  • Of course you will get the BTV Solo Software itself.
  • In it you will be provided with 1000 sample and synths.
  • 50 premium drum and percussion kits.
  • 50 premium acoustic and electric playable instruments.
  • 50 professionally engineered preset patterns that you can fully customize.

Get this and more in their website for only $33.95. That’s a lifetime access with unlimited updates and upgrades!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my computer? What are the system requirements?
The BTV Solo software works on most PCs and laptops. Check your hardware if it has these:

For PC: Pentium 4 or higher, 1GB RAM or higher, Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP (SP2 recommended), 2 GHz or higher, and 900MB of free space in the operating system’s drive

For Mac: Intel based MAC, 1GB RAM or higher, OSX 10.6 or higher, and 800MB of free space in the operating system’s drive.

If your computer has all these, then you’re good to go.

Why does it not make any sound even if I’m hitting the pads?
There are various troubleshooting techniques for this very common problem. The first and most likely scenario is that the pad does not even have an assigned sound to it. To check this you should click MODE, select KIT, and then click EDIT. If something does not show up in the SAMPLE window then this is most likely your problem.

If it still does not make a sound, you should check out your audio interface. To do this, select SYSTEM SETTINGS, choose SYSTEM. To select an audio interface choose BUILT IN for audio input and output.

Why do I hear clicking and popping when I use the sound effects?
This might get a little too technical but simply put these effects actually are pretty heavy for computers which in turn causes these clicks and pops. To work your way around these annoying clicking and popping, you can first increase the buffer size. To do this click SYSTEM and choose BUFFER SIZE. You can now choose which value to choose. Increase it from its current value, that is the goal.

But if the issue still persists, you can maybe disable other devices like the Ethernet and other wireless controllers. This is to help your computer free up system resources.

Why won’t my controller trigger the notes?
Maybe because it is not plugged in. To check it out, click SYSTEM and then click OMNI. Or you could restart the software and have your controller plugged in still.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons that I noticed in that I noticed while using the software. This will definitely help you in considering whether to buy the software or not. Starting off with the pros:


  • It is the perfect software for beginners but also for professionals! The neat layout and easy to navigate interface does not compromise the power of the tool.
  • The preloaded drums and sound kits are the best that I have heard before. It’s got this professionally engineered sounds and there are thousands to choose from.
  • There is an allowance for two licenses. Yup, you read that right. You can use it in two of your PCs if you want something for your home and for when you’re travelling or if you are that generous you can give your friend a copy!
  • It has lifetime upgrades and updates. If it isn’t obvious enough, BTV Solo is bound to get big and you will be included in all the updates in their software!
  • It is very reasonably priced. With everything that in can do it is actually on of the most affordable yet powerful music production equipment out there.
  • You have the ability to customize individual sounds but not just that, as well as the full beats.
  • The drag and drop feature is a life and time saver. This just makes music making very easy and quick.
  • There is a money back guarantee within 60 days for those who does not feel satisfied with it.
  • Everything was very easy to learn. It takes less than a day to get used with everything that the software provides. Add the video tutorials that were provided upon purchase.


  • I find that there is no VSTi (virtual studio technology) Plugin option which is one feature that I would love to use with my music making. But since there is a lifetime update available for purchasers, I bet in no time it will be available in the software as well.
  • There are a lot of sounds and with that you might want to be able to search for the to make it easier but the software does not allow that. You can only browse through the sounds and go all through everything to be able to find what you’re looking for.

My Experience with BTV Solo and My Honest Review

I have always wanted to try my hand at music making for years now. It’s just that I don’t know how to play any instruments, I have zero experience in even handling a guitar, a piano, much less a drum kit, and I am very certain that I cannot afford lessons with time constraints. I thought I was stuck being a frustrated musician.

I would go out and find in parties that there are some people who would play music straight out of their computer. I really thought at first they were just there to be in charge of the playlist. Until I had the nerve to ask this guy one of the parties I went to. “What is that you’re using to make music?” That’s when I got introduced to BTV Solo. In less than 10 minutes he walked me through everything that the software does and offers.

I was really convinced and I thought this may be what I should really do. So I went ahead and bought myself the software. I tried learning it in less than a day and at that night exactly, I was already making beats. It was addicting. It was so easy and everything just worked smoothly and went well. The next few weeks I dedicated my time to learning more about the software’s feature by watching the video tutorials. I can really say I can do much more complex sounds now than before. Even my friends told me so.

One time, a close friend ask me to play in his small birthday party. It was my first time and I was really hesitant at first. But I figured why not give it a try. I was confident with my skills already and with BTV Solo’s powerful help, I think I could pull it off. A lot of new friends have been complimenting me since then. BTV Solo really unleashed the musician and artist in me. I was even surprised myself. I am now the go-to DJ of my friends at small parties. Actually, I am trying to start playing at some small bars and clubs in my hometown. I’m getting the hang of it so far and all this because of just a single cheap investment.


I couldn’t recommend BTV Solo enough. It is such an amazing tool that you just gotta try it yourself. It’s got everything you need and it’s a complete investment for he beginners. This is because its easy to use interface is perfect for those just starting in music making but it’s got all the power of a professional music making equipment. You would never have to change gears and upgrade software as you get better because BTV Solo is it. Plus, the team behind of the Beat Kangz Electronics is very passionate and dedicated to what they do that you are sure to get future updates from them and level up your music making experience.

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