My Bikini Butt Review

My Bikini Butt vs. The Bigger Butt Workout. Which is better?

I am going to talk about the two hottest butt workout plans going around the fitness sphere recently. My Bikini Butt Workout and The Bigger Butt Workout. The two leading butt workouts have been making names all over and I bet you’re just as curious which is more effective, more worth it, and overall just better. After all, we don’t wanna waste money and effort on something not really worth it, right? I think it’s about time to figure out and decide which of the two workouts you should consider.

But first, I am going to talk about what each of the programs offers, their own pros and cons, and my own experience in each. Then I will help you decide which one is worth your purchase.

So upon purchasing My Bikini Butt program you will have access to workout videos and a diet plan. The science behind the program, according to their website which I found rather outdated and very difficult to navigate, is targeting enzymes which the author herself called it “SlimZymes.” These “SlimZymes” are actually scientifically named AMPk and what happens is doing the program targets these enzymes and releases stored energy from your fat cells. Also, the program, contrary to its name is actually a full-body workout plan with the main goal to burn as much calories and tone as much muscle groups. Sounds very familiar, right? By the way, the author behind this is Andrea Albright who describes herself as a natural weight loss expert, author, and a motivational speaker.

The program runs for 12 weeks and includes the following: My Bikini Butt Complete Workout, Smooth Out Cellulite, Mini-Vacation: Spa Escape, 100 Melting Recipes, Blast the Fat, Blast Belly Fat, Healthy Ways to Eat in Your Car!, 6 Moves to Slim and Tone Inner Thighs, How to ‘Cheat’ and Still Lose Fat, How to Eat Clean with a Busy Life, Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now, The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike, Reveal the Thin Within, 28-Bikini Day Program which all come in eBook guides or video guides/ workout videos in CDs. All these along with a meal plan, a success journal, an email support by Andrea Albright herself 24/7. Now that’s a lot!

The Bigger Butt Workout program, on the other hand, is a downloadable digital eBook guide which has the aims to make your butt look bigger. Unlike the Albright’s program which deals with fancy scientific but actually very sketchy words, this program works on simplicity and straightforwardness. The answer to your dreams of a bigger butt is through 4 exercises which guarantee effective results.  No diets and nutrition plan to follow!

The program runs for only 9 weeks and you are required to follow the workouts for 4 days a week. What you get upon purchasing the program is the Bigger Better Butt Program Guide, a Skype session with a certified trainer for 30 minutes, and a bonus eBook entitled 7 Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight.

The program is developed by Steve Adams. He is a passionate author to a whole lot of fitness programs and articles, he is also an advocate of not just physical strength but of mental strength as well. He is a fitness coach, an athlete, a certified trainer, and a fitness competitor. Aside from that, he has earned a degree of Bachelor of Science at Iowa State University and has attained an MBA in Harvard Business School.

The product’s website has all these information and a lot more. It was very easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface and has all the pictures to prove how effective the workout is. It also includes a lot of testimonials and reviews from successful readers and buyers. It also has a blog and of course, you can order the product straight from the website.


Pros and Cons: My Bikini Butt Program vs. Bigger Better Butt Program

I am going to talk about the pros and cons for each of the program or what makes the program better over the other. This is to help your further what to purchase between the two.

  • Price – My Bikini Butt Program is sold for 97$ while the Bigger Better Butt Program is only sold for 40$. Obviously, we got a real winner here. You might argue that My Bikini Butt program offers more content but I am actually going to talk about that next.
  • Content – My Bikini Butt Program offers a lot, and I really mean, A LOT of workout plans and diet plans while Bigger Better Butt Program is very straight to the point and only offers an eBook guide. It was a bit hard to decide which one is the winner in this category but upon starting out with My Bikini Butt Program I was already exhausted I haven’t even read half of the guidebooks yet! I’ll be giving this category for the Bigger Better Butt Program because the content was very straight to the point and only really targets what you are achieving for: a bigger butt. My Bikini Butt was trying to be everything at once which I think eventually loses its credibility and is not in line with its aims and name anymore.
  • Diet Plans – So, as I mentioned, My Bikini Butt offers diet plan while Bigger Better Butt does not. Again, you might think that My Bikini Butt is much better in this category but really all its recipes and diet plans are all in the internet! I’ll be giving this round to Bigger Better Butt also because it does not make it hard for me to follow a strict diet plan. Diet plans take so much of our time and effort. Sometimes even a lot of money! I also couldn’t figure out which diet I should exactly follow in My Bikini Butt with tons of guidebooks included. And, as far as I know, it’s not really very healthy to change your diet every now and then because it causes more harm to your body than good. I don’t think Andrea Albright ever considered that when doing this program. I got scared that I might harm my body with all these yo-yo dieting.
  • Author – Andrea Albright, the author of My Bikini Butt, is a woman who has successfully lost weight and improved her butt and physique through her own program. This is a plus point for fellow women fitness enthusiasts because what she explains in her program is tailored for women as well. Other than that, she is a motivational speaker. Bigger Better Butt author Steve Adams, obviously a man, is a certified trainer, athlete, coach, and competitor. He also has degrees in Iowa State University and Harvard Business School. Again, I’d give this round to the Bigger Better Butt Program author Steve Adams. He just seems more credible in providing content for his program. He has a certification in being a fitness coach which is a really important thing in providing out scientific facts to a lot of people. Maybe that’s why his program isn’t just a bunch of different workouts collected together and tried to sell as a whole. His program really is tailored for achieving your big butt which shows in his credibility as well.
  • Support – My Bikini Butt program’s support comes in a lifetime access to a fitness instructor ‘s advises through email available for 24/7. Bigger Better Butt Program’s support comes in a 30 minute Skype interview with a certified fitness instructor. I’ve thought about this category or a very long time and have come up with the decision that I found Bigger Better Butt Program’s support much more effective and believable that of My Bikini Butt’s. The Skype talk may be a one-time thing but at least I am assured that who I am talking to is a CERTIFIED fitness instructor. I will talk about my experience with the program later on but I can say that all my questions were answered legit. My Bikini Butt program may offer a lifetime support via email but I find it sketchy because for one I have no idea who I am talking to. It wasn’t mentioned that he/she is a certified fitness instructor, worse I may even be talking to a robot or an email sending machine. My doubts were all the more added when I found out the support is available for 24/7. I don’t think that it is ever possible for a human to ever do that. I will talk about my experience later on about this program.
  • Guides/eBooks/Workout Copies – My Bikini Butt program comes in physical copies of CDs but the guides come in eBooks. Bigger Better Butt Program only comes in eBook form because it has no CDs or videos. I give this round a tie because it really depends on you what you think is more convenient. For me, I liked that with the Bigger Better Butt program all I just need to do is read and understand its content and I am good to go. I can even go traveling or lose my digital copy because I’ve already memorized the routines. With My Bikini Butt program, I’d have to bring with me tons of CDs and go through the guidelines from time to time to do the workouts which were a bit of a hassle.
  • Money back guarantee – I also give both of the programs a tie in this category because both offers a money back guarantee within 60 days.


There you go! Those are some of the major pros and cons that I have noticed between the two and in each category I selected the program which performs better. Of course, the differences aren’t as easy as differentiating left from right, there are a bit compromises to be done in choosing one over the other. Obviously, Bigger Better Butt program outweighs My Bikini Butt program in almost all of the categories.


My Experience with My Bikini Butt Program vs. Bigger Better Butt Program

So I first bought My Bikini Butt Program and tried it first. I had a hard time navigating the website and placing my order because of their very outdated website. I had no idea where to buy it! Eventually, I was able to buy myself the program. I started it out immediately upon arriving.

It took me forever to read all of the guides I’m telling you. The program arrived in the morning and I finished going through all of it at night. It was a classic case of information overload and it was the most exhausting thing I’ve done in my life. I figure I could start the next day with the main program. So it took me 12 whole weeks from start to finish.

I tried following the nutrition plan while I was doing my workout and I’d go grocery shopping with the products listed in the meal plans but after 3 weeks I was already bored. I couldn’t choose what nutritional plan I should follow exactly. There was just a ton of it! I noticed that half of it were recipes that I already know as well and I can find on the internet.

The other guidebooks, I really didn’t use at all. The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike and the Spa Vacation program, they were just left lying around my house. I thought what a waste of money. But I still went and pushed through the main Butt Workout every day and did what I could with the recipes and workout plan. I must say, it wasn’t really hard to follow. But everything is just overwhelming. I am trying to achieve a bigger butt but some days the workout plans are making me do arm workouts. I got so confused.

I tried using the 24/7 email support feature and they were able to answer my questions but I noticed it wasn’t very helpful at all. It was a bit of a general answer I could easily search on the internet. This is when I started having doubts with their support team. I also get answers sometimes as longs as 24 hours. It was disappointing.

In the end, I saw results but it was so little I thought the time and money I invested wasn’t worth it. The results I saw can be achieved with other butt workout plans ins just a month, and I spent 12 weeks for it! I was very disappointed I went on to but another butt program to use.

That’s when I fell across Bugger Better Butt program.

So a few weeks after finishing my first butt program, I bought the Bigger Better Butt program. It was in a form of downloadable eBooks so it arrived in just minutes. I spent an hour reading and understanding the workout plan and I liked it! It was very simple, straight to the point, and very easy to follow.

At that very same day I also did the one-time Skype support call with a certified fitness instructor and I was very pleased. He was able to answer all my inquiries which I had in the first workout program and I intend to improve using this workout. Very friendly and answers my queries with credibility. I was very excited!

So the next day I started doing the workouts, it was just 4 easy movements so by my 4th day I had already memorized it. I even went on a one week vacation without any gadgets with me but my phone and I were still able to do it! I also had no diet plan to follow so it was such an ease. Of course, I still continued to eat healthily but at least I won’t have to spend twice my grocery bill and cook bland and boring recipes. I was enjoying the program I thought to myself even if it takes forever to achieve my dream butt it’s totally fine by me. It didn’t feel like a chore.

I also only had to work out 4 times a week. The rest of the week I was on rest which was also helpful for my muscles as well. My ideal workout schedule for the whole week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

When I finished the 9-week program, I have seen results that are much much better than My Bikini Butt. I figured because I was really targeting my butt area now. I’ve actually seen results at around week 4 even. I was so giddy that it kept me motivated to continue the program.

Until now I’m still using the program to further improve my butt and I’ve ever been happier. It was just exactly what I’m looking for.



If it isn’t obvious enough, I would really choose Bigger Better Butt Program over My Bikini Butt. Not only it was easy to follow but it also gave me the results I wanted in such a short period of time! It also didn’t feel boring and exhausting to me. It actually gave me more motivation every time I’d see little results from day to day. My Bikini Butt was actually just a pain in the butt, that wasn’t even a pun. It just exhausted me with all its trying to do and achieve and I did not even get the Bikini Butt I was aiming for. It wasn’t an outright waste of money but most of the workouts and information are either useless and can be found on the internet, so in a way, it kinda wasted my money. I was only able to make use of the main workout program, not even the recipes!, and it didn’t give me the results I wanted.

I really highly recommend Bigger Better Butt because it is very worth it and lives up to its promises!

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