Best Survey Sites – Get Paid Online (2017)

Best and Legit Paid Survey Websites in 2017

You might have heard of paid surveys online and thought for yourself if they are legit or not. Some have shared their stories of websites offering horrible scams. It’s really hard to take risks and give out your personal information so casually because there are just people out there who would take advantage of you. I understand you might be wondering if paid surveys are legitimate or are just a scam. The real answer is that it really depends on the company.

And then even after confirming their credibility, you’re left wondering if these websites are really worth it or do they pay high enough for you to invest your time. Before starting out with doing paid surveys, that’s exactly what I was thinking and how I was feeling. The website might be legit but I don’t earn as much money anyway.

You might even ask, how these paid survey websites work anyway? Well, what happens is companies, and I mean big companies who have sometimes made it global such as Coca-cola, Ebay, Amazon, Nike, etc., are hungry for your information. They want to know what you think of their products or what could be improved further. They want to know what should they innovate, change, or not change according to your opinion. This is what they usually call “market research”. This is also the reason why some companies continue to grow while others die down and file for bankruptcy. Your opinion of their products and services is a form of investment for them. That’s why they are very much willing to shell out lots of cash just to be able to get it.

So there you go, you now know the basics regarding paid surveys. I am making this list of paid survey websites that are proven to be legit, and not only that, but guaranteed to give you earnings, and I mean a lot of them! There’s just too many of these on the Internet right now that curating this list of legitimate and high paying websites is a must. I will be talking about what each of the websites offers, my own experience, and each of their pros and cons to help you consider where to sign up.


  1. Click 4Surveys

Starting off with Click4Surveys. The company offers from $5 to $75 dollars for each of their surveys. And the website is full of companies that provide these surveys.  They have assured that they have all the inside connections to be able to connect you and the rest of their members to these companies.

Upon reaching the website you will be greeted with a professional looking speaker in its video advertisement. In here, the speaker will talk about how the paid surveys work and how Click4Surveys work. It was actually very comprehensive and informational. The website is very neat as well and was easy to navigate and while reading the information about the company I also was able to see some of the testimonials made by other members.

Click4Survey works very easy. You will do surveys, the price of each survey depends on its length and amount of time it will take you which you will be able to see any way even before doing the survey, and the payment will go straight either to your Paypal account, to your bank account, or sent directly to your home via check. As soon as you get ahold of your check you can take it straight to your bank account and cash it. Easy as that!

Anybody is welcome to join Click4Surveys as long as you are over 18, which is a good way university students who want to earn extra money for allowance or loans. Anyone can join regardless of their background and country. Rest assured that Click4Surveys works globally.

Joining Click4Surveys requires you to follow a 3-step process. It’s a very simple, easy to follow a step-by-step process that takes no more than 10 minutes. You first have to go through all the companies from the website’s database and find ones that you prefer. There are tons of these and there is a lot to choose from with different price points.  Second, if you have already found your favorite or preferred companies to answer surveys for, you can now choose which surveys exactly you would want to answer. Once selecting the survey, the invitation to answer it will be sent straight to your email. Or you can also log in to the website and see the available surveys that you can answer for that day. Finally, for the third and last step, you get paid by Click4Surveys! You have the option to receive it through your Paypal account or have a check sent straight to your home to cash out later in your local banks.

There is a sample survey available on the website for you to try and get a gist of how the surveys provided by the company works. Before signing up, I first tried the sample that was provided and I did not find any hassle plus it only took me less than 5 minutes. I had doubts at first before signing up if the surveys that were in their database were harder or different from their sample but as it turns out they were just as simple and easy to answer!

A bit of a downside, however, is the membership fee of $34 dollars. But in my experience, in around 3 days I was able to gain this back just by answering the paid surveys they are providing in their database. It is actually a worth it investment.  This can also be refunded within 60 days if you are not satisfied with their service, which I highly doubt.

You can sign up on Click4Surveys here and see for yourself what the fuss is all about!


Upon visiting the website of Paid Surveys at Home, it showed me a table of which I can fill out and it will automatically answer for me. It says, “How much money can I make for 20 min surveys?” I tried answering every box with different numbers and it showed to me the weekly income, monthly income, and yearly income I could possibly make just by using their service. The website had no feel of heavy professionalism at all but instead a bit casual and lighthearted which I actually liked.

Going to the website, a pop-up of a virtual chat agent showed which was very convenient for when you have questions and inquiries. I did not ask for any help though because all the information that I needed was on the website already. There were testimonials and reviews on the website as well from their members which I find very convincing.

So how does Paid Surveys at Home works? Similar to Click4Surveys, you will have access to a big database of companies and surveys upon registering. These also involve multinational companies and some small ones that are all willing to shell out cash just for your opinion. Everyone can also register and be invited to join.

The surveys that you choose will also be automatically redirected to your mail for security and in here to will then be able to answer the survey. These vary a lot from answering things and giving information regarding your shopping preferences to giving out opinions for a certain product.

Other than that, upon registering for a lifetime access to multinational companies’ surveys you will also have access to a whole lot of benefits provided by the website. These include a bonus called “Get Paid to Drive” ad another bonus called “Over300 Additional work at Home Opportunities”

Get Paid to Drive is one of the company’s feature to provide you other ways of earning other than answering surveys. It’s basically opportunities for people who own a car or know how to drive. Same goes for the other bonus feature, true to its name, you will have access to lots of other work at home opportunities other than answering surveys.

You may now be wondering how much you can get with Paid at Home Surveys? It’s very much the same with Click4Surveys, the price range for every survey taken ranges from $5 to $75 depending on its length and the amount of time it can provide you.  But unlike Click4surveys, it only costs you $7 to register and become a member which is a good thing.

I was able to register in just a few click and I was able to access their database which really does offer huge numbers of surveys from a lot of multinational companies to choose from. In a week I was already making hundreds, it was addicting.

There is an available help and support for the website, as mentioned, which gets more responsive upon registering. You can sign up and be a member at Paid at Home Surveys here.


  1. GoldOpinions

GoldOpinions is also one of my most recommended paid survey websites. Actually, it is one of my favorites. It has a professional looking website which also features some of its testimonials from its members. It promises huge pay as well which was true to its word when I first had my paycheck from the company. What I like about the website is apart from the cash you can also have the option to receive gift cards from these companies.  These even include airline miles, iTunes vouchers, Home Depot vouchers, Starbucks gift cards, Walmart vouchers, and even a donation to a charity!

Upon registering to the website you will be introduced to its 5 modules. These are: Getting Started, Premium Paid Surveys, Paid Surveys by Countries, $400 sign-up bonuses, and Contact Us.

In the Getting Started section you will be given with a comprehensive walkthrough of the process of getting started with their website.  Easy to follow, step by step instructions will be provided for beginners on how to search for surveys, apply for answering it, and how to get paid. All those will be discussed completely which was what saved me from having doubts and having problems with looking for surveys.

There is a Premium Paid Surveys section wherein all the companies in connection with them and all the surveys are housed. This varies from a simple survey to opinion and focus panel sites.

There is also another section for the surveys wherein they are grouped by countries. This is easy for those who are in other parts of the world so you can save yourself the disappointment of getting excited over a survey and finding out it’s not applicable to you. I have found many countries listed which all have access to a lot of surveys and companies. I also notice that there is an equal amount of distribution of surveys by country so you wouldn’t feel bad and ripped off if you are from the other side of the world. There are surveys available for the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and a lot more.

An interesting section is the $400 signup bonus section. In here you will have access to a whole lot of legit survey sites that will be able to provide you bonuses if you choose to sign up to their websites. The total amount of bonuses can lead up to $400 dollars if you sign up for all these websites. Right now, I am getting the hang of signing up for the different websites listed and have made almost $100. In these survey sites, I have also made a lot of earnings so it such a win-win situation for me.

Finally, the Contact Us page provides help and support for members. I have also seen its Frequently Asked Questions section and so far all my doubts and inquiries have been answered without having to directly contact their customer service.

What I like about GoldOpinions is that you have access to a seven day trial for only $1. This is an enough time for you to get immersed in the website and see for yourself if the website fits you or not. You also have enough time for your trial period to try out a number of surveys to help you understand and get a feel of it. I stared out with a trial period, to be honest, but after a week I decided to make it a fulltime membership.

Another thing I liked about GoldOpinions is that they are honest with the average amount of payment that you will receive per surveys. It says on their website that an average payment is between $ 5 to $10. It is very possible to earn as much as $75 in here and in other sites but that kind of surveys only come up once in a while. On a typical day, you can earn as much as $40.

Anyone can also join from any parts of the world  as long as you are at least 18 years old. Yoou can visit GoldOpinions website here.


  1. Take Surveys for Cash

Take Surveys for Cash is one company that knows how to tailor their services to your country of residence. This is because members are paid exactly in their own currency. The idea and the process are very similar to other paid surveys websites that I have mentioned.

There is a 6-step easy to follow the process for beginning members. In here, a walkthrough is provided from the beginning of joining to being paid. The first step is an introduction to the website’s system. The second step is called Verified Traders section which offers a binary options program. The third is you will learn about the nitty-gritty of taking the surveys online from their database and how to earn money from it. Step 4, you are suggested to register to a whole lot more of survey market research opportunities to increase your earnings. The fifth step involves providing you of the surveys that are available for your region. Finally, you are offered with two downloadable digital books that will give you all the tips that you need in earning money online.

Each survey can earn you from $1 to $10 depending on its length, the amount of time that it will take you, and its criteria. Your payment will be sent through check and exactly in the currency of your country so that eliminates you so much hassle. What I like about Take Surveys for Cash is their membership fee is really cheap at only $12, but this is because the service is fairly new which might be a bit of a downside for others. Nonetheless, their database still provides a whole lot of surveys and companies so there is really nothing to worry about.

Visit their website and sign up here.


Final Verdict

I have reviewed each of the websites and give you an idea of how it works through my own experiences and opinions. I wouldn’t include the website here if they are not legit or they have given me a hassle. This just means that all these websites are services that I trust. If I have to pick a favorite, it’ll be GoldOpinions. But I highly recommend you sign up for all the websites to increase your earnings even when you are at home. Good luck with these websites, hopefully you’ll find your own personal best survey website.

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    I haven’t heard about this survey panel so i can’t comment about it. you are looking for legitimate survey sites that pay cash,I would suggest to join Harris Poll.

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    Well in my well experienced personal opinion on GPT sites,the absolut best one that i have come across is…They give you money when you first sign up and earning cash is very simple.

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    Thank you for sharing these highest paying and trusted sites with us,to be honest I tried a lot of paid surveys sites but i didnt’t found any one like.It is the best site to make money

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