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My Review and Experience with Bar Brothers: The System

Ever heard of calisthenics and want to try your hand at it? We may have all heard of the said exercise and wondering what it is, how it is done, and just why is it well known. Do a quick research and you will get even more curious about it because I sure did. So if you are wondering how to start with this certain type of strength training and physique building I will talk about one of my most recommended calisthenics program that is sure to give you the results you have been wanting.

What is the Bar Brothers: The System?

It is very simple, this program is a step by step guide aimed at helping you train using the method of calisthenics. Its goals its develop your physical strength and become one of them – a bar brother – but not only that, it also aims to help you in developing your mindset in strength training.

The main concept of the said program is founded for street workout beginners. Eventually, over the course of the 12-week program, you will be able to progress into the much harder calisthenics freestyle movements. Imagine doing handstands, human flags, muscles ups and much more. These are all achievable with the Bar Brothers: The System.


Who developed Bar Brothers: The System?

I completely understand that you do not want to trust your whole workout regimen to complete strangers. All the more when it involves movements that might hurt and injure you for a long time. This is why I am introducing you first to the developers and makers of the program who are Bar Brothers themselves.

Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic are the developers of the said program. They are even considered of the best calisthenics experts in the fitness world. They started out the program motivating others to be the “best version” of themselves through calisthenics and strength training. While at it, the two eventually made a name for themselves as a duo and have been known by a lot of fitness enthusiast eventually leading to the development of the program.

The story behind their introduction to calisthenics is very interesting. Way before the brothers was come up upon, Lazar was first introduced to calisthenics in Serbia by someone named Ivan Markioli. After moving into the United States, he did nothing about his knowledge of the exercise since he finds no motivation in doing so. Fortunately, he was able to meet the other half of the Bar Brothers, Dusan, and he introduced to him the concept of calisthenics. It was then they were able to team up with their combined knowledge and motivation to be able to provide a worldwide movement in the fitness world.

How does The System work?

The program is only available digitally through an online platform with downloadable video tutorials and instructions. Upon logging in, a series of training programs will be listed aside from The System. These include The System Accelerator, The System – Freestyle Moves, etc. These are all available for an upgrade once you are done with The System and are wanting a more advanced calisthenics training method.

The System program is strategically divided into 18 modules all provided with videos and resource downloads aside from the instructions and guides. The whole program runs for 12 weeks and is divided into 4-week phases. Each 4-week phase means an improved and a much harder routine for leveling up.

I will provide a quick look into each of the modules to give you an idea of what is provided in the whole program.

  • The first module is aptly named “Introduction” because you will be introduced first to the whole program by the Bar Bros themselves, Lazar and Dusan. Here you will watch them talk about the entirety of the program, what you will expect, and all that may be boggling or worrying you.
  • The second module is entitled “What You Need”. You will be oriented with all the equipment that you need (which are actually just your body and a bar) but aside from that you will be required by the brothers to have the mindset and of course the discipline to follow the rules.
  • The third module is where he brothers explains to you with all comprehensiveness all that you will be doing in the program. This includes the introduction of the workout plan and schedules which can be downloaded for offline use. This also includes some videos for instruction.
  • There is a module solely dedicated for Workout Advice. This is because the brothers understand full well the importance of maintaining your motivation all throughout the program. There are also workout advice regarding safety of the workouts.
  • The System Nutrition Module is where the brothers talk to you about the nutrition plan of the workout. Of course it wouldn’t be a nutrition program without proper regard to your food and diet. They will provide you with some homemade recipes to try as well as some post and pre workout shakes you can do at home. They will also take about the science behind your body types and achieving results that match your body type.
  • The next twelve modules are the ones featuring the workouts themselves. A video is provided for each of the training weeks as well as guidelines in performing it. This is helpful in achieving optimal results and more importantly preventing injuries.
  • There is a module for the program’s conclusion. This is where the brothers talk you through all that you have gone through since week 1 to week 12. They will also explain further advancements in the program which I have already mentioned: the Accelerator and the Freestyle Movements.

These two advanced programs are actually available at a discounted rate if you have already done the first program.

What do you get with purchasing the program?

For just $47, which was actually originally priced at $97, you will surely get your money’s worth and I can definitely vouch for that. Here is what you’ll get in the program upon purchasing it:

  • You have a lifetime access to over 140 video tutorials and instructions in the whole 12 week stretch of The System.
  • You will have a digital eBook available for download for your workout plans and schedule.
  • You will have a digital eBook available for download for your nutrition and health plan.
  • You will have a lifetime access to the Bar Bros family’s Facebook support group.

All these and more when you purchased the program. In fact, what I gained and acquired most in the program is not listed in here. I will be talking about my experience later about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?
Ah, not only the frequently asked question but perhaps the most asked question of all. I understand that in workout programs like this hesitancy and doubts really arise. I have mentioned that I will talk about my experience later and I really do not want to spoil it but it does. The program works and lives up to its promises. Of course, it does not just work just by purchasing it and doing nothing. That’s exactly what they will make you do and try to help you with. Not just with your day to day exercises and not just giving out instructions but really, their most important contribution, in my opinion, is providing you that day to day motivation each time you feel like this does not feel right at all. Simply put, yes it does work but you have to put your dedication and efforts to it.

Can women use this program?
I totally get that the whole program is marketed towards men only. This is because it is men who aspire this physique and show interest in the sport/workout. But rest assured that women are also allowed to do the program, actually even recommended to use it.

There is a Facebook support group for the purchasing members, as I have mentioned. And women might notice that there are actually some Bar Sisters out there who are also a part of the program for a long time now. They too have seen results and even advance to the next two workout programs of the Bar Bros.

I am young / old, will it be okay and safe for me to do this program?
The answer is you would have to see for yourself if you will be able to do it. But in general, the program is designed in an easy to follow and safe way. There are actually as young as 13-year-olds in the Facebook support group and as old as 60-year-olds. This is because if you have no injury or are not suffering in any illnesses, the workouts are fairly easy to follow. It just looks hard but as your progress and level up through the 12 weeks you get stronger and the workouts get easier.

If however you suffer from some pains or going through some injuries, I would not recommend doing this program until it has been healed or you have taken a doctor’s advice.

Pros & Cons of the Bar Brothers: The System

I will be talking first about the things that I liked most about the program which I think is enough reason to call it its pros. These are helpful stuff and I really bet you will find this awesome too:

  • First is the whole program and the modules have a very user-friendly interface. Everything is super easy to navigate and I did not have a hard time going through all the parts and looking for something that I wanna know more of. But nothing beats that the whole program is accessible via our tablets, iPad, and mobile phones because it is designed to be mobile friendly. Perfect for when you are out of town or traveling.
  • Everything, from start to finish, is very easy to follow. It does not require you to analyze stuff. You just gotta play a video, read the instructions, and do what is told! Easy peasy. Other workout plans you spend half of your time figuring stuff out, this is not one of those.
  • You’ve got a huge and helpful support system from the brothers. The Bar bros will talk you through motivation before you even begin doing the workout but not only that, you will also have access to members only Facebook group. In here you can see the progress of your own bar bros and even sisters and be motivated! You can even have answers to some inquiries that you have.
  • The workout videos are designed with consideration for those who would want an easier version or a slight modification. This is what I am telling you about when I say that the program is really considering of those not just in their 20s or 30s but for the young and old ones as well.
  • If you haven’t noticed, The System does not require you to purchase any equipment. It saves you a whole lot of money but not just that, it also means you can do the workout even when you are not home. All you are parallel bars which can easily be found in some parks. Easy for when you are out of town or travelling.
  • They have a great and very responsive support team. Everything from the beginning to the end f your program will be responded to. And because you have connections with some of your bar bros, this actually eliminates most of your inquiries that you feel like asking to their customer service. You just gotta post and get tons of answer from your bar brothers and sisters.
  • You also have a money back guarantee for when you feel like you are not satisfied with the program.

But of course not everything’s perfect and sometimes there are things that I found annoying in the program. This can easily be mended though with just some upgrades by the team developers or with your own alternative or solution. These are:

  • The program requires you to have access to the internet. How else will you be able to see the guides and watch the video instructions. And since you will most likely be outdoors, there are just some circumstances that you have forgotten how this certain movement looks like, and with that you would have to be prepared with your mobile data to be able to check on your workouts. But being the resourceful that I am, I have found a quick workaround about this matter. You just got to preload or prebuffer all the videos that you will be needing for that in your browser before going out. This will able you to jut press the play button for when you need it. Just be careful to not close your browser application while you are at it.
  • I find it hard as well to commit all of my time in the beginning. It was the first time that I have dedicated such huge amount of time for a workout regimen and the first few weeks was a total drag. The program requires you to dedicate an hour a day for six days a week. But when I see the results and I test how stronger I’ve gotten, it actually feels rewarding.

So there, I hope that these have helped you if you are considering in buying the program! If you could notice, there are far more pros than cons and that what I truly believe about the program. All these cons outweigh all the good stuff that I have earned while I am on the program. Hear about my experience here.

My Experience with the Bar Brothers: The System

So I have been going on the internet months ago to look for some great strength training regimens. I have heard of a lot but when I search the web, the best I could find have mixed reviews. The rest is a total disappointment to some. Until I heard about the Brothers.

There were not many reviews about it before because it was fairly new but I was convinced with the brothers’ story so I purchased it. After all, I thought, I could always have my money back if I didn’t find it satisfying.

After going through the introductions, the rules, and the equipment that I needed I started out the program the very next day. It was my first time to dedicate a full hour for the program and I did not like it. But I still did it for the whole week through the brothers’ motivation.  The first week was a drag, I’m gonna be honest. I was about to give up. I shared my story to the Facebook support group on how I don’t have enough time to do it being a busy office man. But in less than an hour, I received hundreds of encouragement from these people who had the same situation as I do.

So I continued doing it for the next week until I was feeling the results already. I felt stronger and stronger each day. I was excited to finish the whole program and share my results.

I have finished the program weeks ago already and I am now thinking about upgrading to the more advanced program by them. After all, I will be getting it with a huge discount.


This program is probably the best strength training program that I have encountered. It really does show results but only if you dedicate your time and efforts to it. Which was what exactly the Bar Brothers are giving you: motivation and support. This isn’t just a 12-week program you buy and finish once you’re done. It’s a lifetime access to support and motivation to be the best version of yourself.

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