Acne No More Review

Acne No More Review

Our face says a lot about our personality.  So many of us want a glowing appearance with a bright complexion.  There is an assortment of cosmetics that you can buy to help cleanse and moisturize your face.  Many of the creams available can come with negative side-effects of which acne is one.

Acne is more than just a skin problem.  It has the ability to harm your self-confidence and if left without the proper treatment can lead to scarring for life. Improper acne treatment can worsen the condition.  It is important to get to the root of the problem instead of using band-aid treatments that only work short term.

If you’ve tried so many things and are looking for something that actually works then continue reading because there is good news to follow.

Acne No More was created by Mike Walden to help those who are searching for a permanent solution to their acne condition.

I bought this program so I feel I’m in a good position to let you know all the techniques and ideas that will help you in making an intelligent buying decision.

What is Acne No More?

The ebook contains 220 pages and is designed for both women and men who want a permanent solution to free themselves of acne.  This program gives simple steps to get rid of acne without the use of pills, lotions or creams.

There is a reason this has been the best treatment for acne since 2003…

There have been thousands of women and men that have used these instructions and techniques and seen great results within one to two months. There are, however, a number of factors determining how often it takes to see results with this program.  For some people the results can be seen within 2 weeks whereas for others it may take up to 60 days.

I’ve outlined the list of techniques that you will find inside the program as follows:

  • The steps that guide you through the treatment for permanent removal of acne
  • Thorough understanding of acne and what causes it
  • The 30 minute fix to treat all types of acne
  • The 10 foods that lead to acne and the 10 best for treatment
  • One covert technique that removes all body toxins.

Who Will Benefit from the Program and Who Won’t?

Mike Walden designed a guided solution that all people can benefit from in order to treat their acne whatever their race, age or severity of acne.  This is not a quick-fix as it will take time and commitment.  You will need to complete the program to obtain the desired results.

Many people stop the treatment before completing the program because they are not seeing any results.  The program requires patience and determination so if you’re ready and willing to persevere you will get results.

If you stop finishing the treatment any progress you see will only be temporary. The acne will return and you will be back to square one.  By following Mike’s guidance your results will be permanent.

Real Secret Technique

This program’s secret technique is the 7 layers of treating acne which removes toxins and prevents skin breakouts.

Here is the explanation…

Layer 1 – Regulating Hormones

The first step in the treatment is to stop the body from producing too many hormones.  A major reason for acne is when the body has a hormonal imbalance.  This layer balances hormonal production and creates an environment which allows the body to remove toxins.

Layer 2 – Bad Foods

In the second step, you will be shown foods to avoid as your body prepares to get rid of acne.  These foods are healthy, but the secret is that these foods are actually boosting the risk of acne.

Layer 3 – Lifestyle Modification

The reason we have been getting acne is due to our unhealthy lifestyle habits. In order to increase your positive results, it’s necessary to make basic changes in your lifestyle as Mike explains.

Layer 4 – Fresh Vegetable and Fruit

This layer will show you a list of fruits and vegetables to include in your diet in order to remove acne.

Layer 5 – Toxic Elimination

This step contains clinically proven and powerful ways to flush your body of toxins.  If toxins are not eliminated properly then acne has a chance to grow.

Layer 6 – External Factors

In this layer, you will see how to flush acne out through external factors.  As the dirt stored in an open skin pore creates acne, this step shows you how to close these pores leaving no chance of a breakout.

Layer 7 – Stop Acne

This is the most vital step in the entire treatment.  It keeps your body protected and prevents the return of acne.

If you have any concerns with the treatment Mike offers his support.  All you have to do is get in contact with him and he will guide you through your issues. I can’t think of any program that offers this kind of support.


The Acne No More treatment is for all those who are fed up with using dangerous medications, lotions and creams that often do more harm than good. For those who are looking for a natural treatment that is safe and effective long term then Mike Warden’s product delivers.

His treatment does take time but the results you see a long term because the program works at the root of what causes acne instead of a short term cover up.

Mike does offer a money back guarantee of 60 days, which gives you time to try the solution and see the visible effects yourself.

Anyone searching for answers about acne and who are willing to persevere with the program and make the necessary adjustments will see the desired results.


Does it work?  Yes!  The struggle doesn’t have to continue any more.  If nothing has worked for you in the past then try this treatment.  You have nothing to lose including the money you spend on the product.  Unlike so many other products for acne, this one gets to the root of the problem so it does not return.




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