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7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

Keeping your diabetes under control is a complex task, even more complicated if your goal is to maintain a natural lifestyle or avoid the consumption of insulin and metformin.  For this reason, I wish to share some helpful information with you.  I have been following a diabetes treatment regimen for a couple of months which has proven to bring positive results.  Living according to The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie has allowed me to positively change my dietary intake as well as lifestyle habits in order to improve my diabetes condition.  Please take a look at my book review and see the official site with your own eyes here.  Continue reading for my comprehensive synopsis of the treatment regimen.

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Written by Dr. Max Sidorov, 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is a compilation of information aimed at treating diabetes- scientifically verified data collected from worldwide researchers.  Sidorov assures that diabetes does not require any medicine in order to be stopped in its tracks and even thoroughly reversed.


Sidorov’s book devotes 540 pages, divided into 20 chapters, to diet and other factors which are the antidote to diabetes without requiring the aid of any drugs.


As nutritionist and leading researcher, Max Sidorov focuses his studies on diabetes, blood sugar, and insulin while always adhering to his stringent moral code.

The author believes that the pharmaceutical industry aims to disguise the truth about diabetes, which has become the secret he imparts to his readers.

He further discloses that most physicians choose to prescribe medication, shots, and surgery as a means to manage and control diabetes, while intentionally excluding the more affordable and potent method.  Pharmaceuticals understandably recommend the options which garner them the highest profit.


7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie includes a one-month diabetes regimen which dares to demonstrate how to make your diabetes disappear in seven simple steps.  Just keep in mind that you must adhere precisely to the regimen in order to get the desirable outcome.


Included in the book is a list of foods which can lead or contribute to the condition, including sugar, fats, white flour, meats, as well as immoderate amounts of coffee, tea, and salt.  The numerous damaging results of a diet filled with such foods need to be taken into account.  As an example, the worldwide consumption of white sugar is on a constant incline without even a hint of decline.


There is a direct correlation between the increase of white sugar intake and the incline in the diagnosis of diabetes.  The amount of data suggesting that white sugar endangers our health grows exponentially.  7 steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie draws attention to the correlation between diabetes and the overindulgent intake of sugar.


The book additionally points out a low-fat food while reminding readers to decrease fast food and white foods from their diets, including grains with gluten and bleached pasta.  We are recommended to favor unprocessed food and water which both enable our bodies to cleanse themselves from within, to detoxify the intestinal tract and shed the extra pounds indefinitely.  The data and advice are well presented and easily absorbed.


Within your 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie PDF are the following:


  • A guide advising you how to identify ”healthful” as well as ”bad” fats among fats like Omega-3s, Omega-6s, unsaturated, saturated, etc.
  • Data regarding sugar substitutes linked to enlarged livers, kidneys, and shrunken thymus glands.
  • The oxymoron that is ”diet soda.”
  • Dietary data used in Norway and resulting in 18,000 diabetic patients no longer requiring insulin and other medications.
  • A list of foods demonstrated to perform better than Metformin as treatment of diabetes.
  • The revealed condiment in your cabinet which potentially doubles your metabolism of glucose.
  • Additional ebooks (MSG and your Health, Amazing Health from Water, The Secrets of Antioxidants, Miracle of Sleep, Dangers of Microwave Radiation in Your Home).
  • Plus more


Click here to reach the Official Website of 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie


7 Steps to Health- Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still require my medications?


Potentially!  After having adhered to the typical diabetes diet and taking Metformin for a month, I began following Dr. Sidorov’s plan for several weeks which enabled me to get rid of my medications.  I’ve always preferred natural remedies, but that was difficult to pursue in the face of this chronic disease.  It can be equally hard to stick to a boring diet (eat only a certain number of meals with zero/few carbohydrates and inject yourself every 12 or 24 hours, for example).  7 Steps to Health gives advice and recommends ways to make the routine more enjoyable and diverse.  Yet keep it mind that every body reacts differently to the regimen.


Does this work only for Type 2 Diabetes, or Type 1 as well?


I am fairly certain that it only works for Type 2.  Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder, whereas Type 2 is attributed to poor dietary intake.  This book prescribes lifestyle and dietary changes to reverse the bad habits which contribute to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.






  • This book is a self-help manual filled with easily comprehensible data and tips.
  • Included are clear, concise, illustrated recipes for you to enjoy.
  • The book provides support and encouragement necessary for your success in healing yourself.
  • You will receive a 60-day, money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction with your book.



  • You may perceive some of the information as a conspiracy theory aimed against the pharmaceutical companies.
  • The requirements to adhere to the regimen and change your habits can be difficult.
  • Some of the points raised in this book are up for debate, including the argument that pharmaceutical companies sell you the most expensive methods instead of the most beneficial ones, as well as the belief that meat is a ”silent killer.”
  • It might be difficult to abstain from or limit the consumption of alcohol, meat, and caffeine.
  • The book prescribes a plan which is essentially a vegetarian or paleo diet.




I had been following Mr. Sidorov’s plan for six months prior to writing this 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie review.  Subsequently, my diabetes management has become easier and improved.  This book is a miracle.  Prior to reading it, I was simply counting on the typically recommended diet as well as Metformin to manage my symptoms.  That diet was monotonous and the drug dosage became time-consuming.


Seven Steps to Health has certainly made an improvement to my control over diabetes.  The reading was easy to comprehend as Sidorov laid out his diabetes treatment in a step-by-step manner.


As a result, I now can easily educate others about diabetes and instruct them on several natural treatments.  I have no difficulty cooking dishes that adhere to the prescribed diet.  My best friend has Type 2 Diabetes as well; now she prefers to save her money on eating out, rather contributing the money for a homecooked meal of mine because she knows that my cooking will not cause a severe increase in her blood sugar levels.  The easy-to-follow, tasty cooking advice is my favorite part about the book.


I purchased the book from their official website and was able to read it immediately.  In case you are not aware, you can receive this book either in ebook format for immediate delivery or as a hardcopy to be delivered via mail.  Personally, I prefer e-books, although I can appreciate the value of a physical copy which can be shared with your loved ones.




This book offers the reader knowledge without ”fluff,” easily understood and applied to anyone’s life.  The effectiveness of Mr. Sidorov´s regimen depends entirely on how well you apply it.  The idea of having full responsibility for your own diabetes can be a scary thought, yet the truth is that this book gives you the tools to single-handedly fight off the disease.


7 Steps to Health provides you the steps and inquires ”what are you going to do for your wellbeing now?”  I fully recommend this ebook for those struggling with their diabetes.  


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