21 Day Fix Review

Who Wins – “The 21 Day Fix” or “Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout”

There are so many programs out there to help get you ready for your bikini this summer but which one is the one that will give you the bikini body for the best price? Which one has better support? Which one works the best? Which one will teach you how to eat nutritionally and maintain that lifestyle through the rest of your life? Are there any extra costs such as equipment?

I will compare two of those programs here for you The 21 Day Fix and Jen Ferrugia’ Bikini Body Workout by comparing how effective they are, the price, is the program easy to use, will you need extra equipment, guarantees, and support.

Finally I will tell you which one of these two programs is the better buy and why.

Program Details

The 21 day fix gives you a start guide, portion control containers, DVDs containing six 30 minute workouts, a nutritional guide, an extra 30 min work out full of fat burning exercises, an extra 3 day quick kick for extra fast results to be used the last 3 days, and 24/7 support online.

jen ferruggia bikini body banner

Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout gives you digital instructional videos, interactive workout guide, nutrition guide, supplement list, shopping list, booty blast and support 24/7.

Both programs give you instructional exercises, nutrition plans, both need small equipment of yoga mat, hand weights or resistance bands, but here is where they differ. The 21 day program you have to order on dvd and wait for it to arrive. Jen Ferruggia is digital no waiting for shipping which means a faster start and that increases the chances of actually doing the program, sometimes we order something all gun ho at the time only to find by the time it arrives we’ve got to make a return.  With Jen Ferruggia you can start immediately because its a digital download.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. They have similar content, but Jen Ferruggia’s program is all digital for more mobility.

Customer Support

Both the 21 day fix and Jen Ferruggia offer support. It is a matter of time, how fast is their reply? Do they answer with a satisfactory solution? Jen Ferruggia will usually reply within 24 hours; however there have been numerous nightmare reviews from customers on support for 21 day fix, many of which cite unsatisfactory solutions.  That makes Jen Ferruggia the best choice on customer support for me.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. You can speak to Jen directly rather than be routed through underpaid workers or robots.

Ease of Use

While both programs are easy to use, I find Jen Ferruggia much easier and the reason for this is; it is digital which means you’re not waiting for your order to ship or arrive. You can get started with Jen’s workout right away. Also because it is digital you can take it anywhere on your laptop, smart phone etc. which means you can take it with you on business trips or vacations so there is no need or excuse to miss workouts or nutritional value while away from home. This keeps you going and motivated nothing put the kabash on a lifestyle change like having to miss a day or two for business or vacation and then when you get back home having the hassle of trying to get going on it again. With no interruption in the workout and nutritional value you don’t have to worry about getting back on the program as you were never off it.

Winner: It’s a Tie. My preference for Jen Ferruggia is a personal decision.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both programs offer a guarantee, the 21 day fix is only 30 days where as Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body offers a 60 day money back guarantee, twice that of the 21 day fix. This seals it for me Jen Ferruggia is again the best choice in guarantee as the extra 30 days really allows you time to use the program and see how it works, as well as see the results. If you’re not satisfied you will be able to get a refund for the full price and not lose out on your original shipping and handling and the price to return it as it is digital.

Winner: It’s a Tie. Both programs use reputable third-party payment processor, and they’re both digital products which you get immediate access to after purchasing them.

Equipment Needed

Both will need additional equipment, though low cost for the most part, which consist of a yoga mat, and either hand weights or resistance bands. You may also need the use of a sturdy chair. Otherwise no additional high cost of specialty equipment or high cost gym memberships for either program.

Winner: It’s a Tie. Both programs may require the purchase of additional equipment unfortunately.


The costs of the two programs are quite different. The 21 day Fix total cost is $72.80 by the time you make the 3 monthly payments of $19.95 plus the 12.95 in shipping and handling, which by the way if you return it you will not get the shipping and handling back and in fact have to pay to ship it back, also then you have to spend money for the extras of the yoga mat, hand weights or resistance bands making the total close to $90.00.   Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body is simply $29.99 with no shipping and handling as it is digital. That is a $42.81 savings just in the price of the program, which you can use toward that yoga mat and resistance bands with a little left over. Jen Ferruggia is again the best choice when it comes to cost no questions asked.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. Her program is cheaper for the same amount of content, and you can pocket your savings or buy ADDITIONAL addons from her.


So how effective are these programs? Well, as with any program, they only work if you actually do the program. You have to make the time to exercise, shop for the food and supplements, and follow the nutritional guides, everyday not just a day or two this week and a few days the next week. You have to make the commitment and follow through with it in order to get results and those results come from a combination of exercise and nutrition including supplements as well as good food.

Both programs will help you lose weight and tone your body; however, I again choose Jen’s plan over the 21 day fix as it is easier to follow.  They both offer nutritional guides but I think Jen’s again is a better plan as it teaches you proper nutrition and amounts without putting it in containers giving you the ability to continue to eat a healthy diet for life as well as make better choices when eating out. You will know when reading the menu on a night out exactly how big a 6 ounce portion is or that salad is better than the French fries or baked potato fruit over pie or ice cream is a better choice etc. You will also know what supplements will benefit you the most with nutrition and exercise.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. It’s the easier program to implement, but both are effective.


21 day fix vs jen ferrugia bikini body

While The 21 Day Fix  and Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body are both good programs, your best choice is Jen Ferruggia for the following reasons:

Visit Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout Website


  • Cost – Jen is $42.81 cheaper compared to the 21 day fix before purchasing extra equipment which mean the money you save can make those purchases
  • Effectiveness – both are effective however Jen is easier and therefore more likely that you will stick to the program and follow through with the lifestyle change permanently making it more effective for me
  • Guarantee – Jen has a better guarantee twice the length of the 21 day fix and you do not have to lose out on shipping and handling or pay to ship back the program if you do not like it
  • Support – Jen beats 21 day hands down in customer support with real solutions for your questions, help with motivation, and more and I could find no nightmare complaints on support with Jen unlike 21 day fix
  • Extra equipment – both need extra but neither need a lot of extra equipment but Jen again is a better choice
  • Ease of use – Jen again makes the best choice as it is easier to follow
  • Nutrition – both provide nutrition guides however, Jen is much less bothersome you do not need the container for food and shakes that you get with the 21 day fix. What this says to me is that Jen teaches you how to know what a proper portion is what it looks like and you can then apply that to eating out. She also provides shopping list for food that is nutritional instead of guessing which is better baking potato or sweet potato
  • Supplements – Jen is the better choice that program gives you a guide to help you understand that you need certain additional supplements to provide daily nutrition when you exercise properly
  • Portability – again Jen is the better choice it can go anywhere with you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone no extra packing of dvds or player just your mat, bands, and off you go

Now that you know our comparison of these two you can make a better choice and save yourself some money while still getting that bikini body and learning how to maintain that body through proper nutrition and exercise for the rest of your life.

Remember no matter what plan you choose you must actually do the work and follow the program, the easier the program is to use the more likely you are to stay with the program and reach your goal.

Get Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout!

312 Responses to “21 Day Fix Review”

  1. Ben says:

    Now is the best time to get in on this 21 day fix! I just started mine and love how I feel already. I feel so much better now than I did before that. I actually just became a beachbody coach a month ago to put a ton of accountability on myself and to push myself to be the happiest, healthiest, me I can be. Right now is the great time to get into beachbody products. Starting on September 5th we are hosting a Healthbet. We like the products and we know you will too if you try for 30 days. BET on YOU!

  2. Bill says:

    Hi I’m thinking of ordering this I’ve earned 40lbs in the last year. Recently quit smoking, started smoking again three weeks again.. I want this can help me! Does this really work?

  3. Dedee says:

    I completed the 21 day fix and lost 16lbs and even better I fell better again.

    The only problem I experienced with the 21 day fix was that,I think that it was too much food for one person, but I downsized the portions and got amazing results!

    Going for another run in two weeks time!!!!

  4. Tomi says:

    I have been doing the 21 DF and the fix it recipe book has helped me a lot. I want to be capable to cook dinner and not think about the diet. This cookbook gives delicious recipes that I can use for my dinner and lunch repertoire and its just dinner. It’s great!

  5. Alexandra says:

    With more than 180 pounds to lose, I am wondering if this will work for me. Very low energy levels. Exercising 7 days a week sounds very difficult but if there is truly a “modifier” then just maybe. I am just afraid I will get frustrated and quit if I am unable to keep up. Any suggestions?

  6. Angie says:

    I just received my 21 DF in the mail today. I did the Cardio Fix exercise on Beachbody On Demand and there was a modifier. I believe all of the BB programs have a modifier in every routine, but I could be wrong. Every program I have done has had a modifier. Since you say you have 120 pounds to lose, you will likely do more rounds of the program to reach your final goal, but you will get better every time! You can do it! Please,believe me

  7. Jessica says:

    Hi, my name is Jessica and I saw your post. I have about 60 lbs to lose. I have been trying to decide if this is the right program for me or not too. Did you decide to do it? Best wishes! I need an answer

  8. Derek says:

    The exercices have someone doing the modified versions. I am not in fit…but working towards getting there. I enjoy the workouts and I do modify some of them.

  9. Elder says:

    Weight loss comes down to calories burned. I went from almost 300 pounds and now i’m down in the 170s and I didn’t exercise until I was in the 170s. Cut out alcohol and sugary drinks (including fruit juices) and that will get you started in the right direction. The hardest part is not giving into your cravings when you are at home watching TV or bored. You can do it just have faith in yourself.

  10. Marta says:

    I started the 21 day fix in November of 2016, 100 pounds overweight, and followed Kat (the modifier) and just did what I could. You start where you are, and dont worry about what anyone else is doing. I have lost about 45 pounds so far, and will continue on my journey. Start where you are, dont worry about anyone else. YOU are deserve the effort….consistency is the key, both for the exercise and the eating plan.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I started the 21 day fix 9 days ago with the urging of my daughter who started it 2 weeks ago. I am a 57 year old grandma who works part time and have developed the “middle age spread’ I’m probably 20 lbs. Overweight. My daughter is a busy women who’s a jewelry store manager who puts in a lot of hours per week. She is on the go with her 2 year old too. She is about 100 lbs. overweight. She said she finally hit a brick wall and thought that’s it, I’m not going to be here for my son or family if I don’t do something. So she started and in the first 3 weeks she lost 12 lbs.and 6 inches. I’m so proud of her.you can do it Angie. I don’t do very well but I’m trying I’ve had 2 whiplashes and have a bad lower back. I do the modified ones. My daughter says it was very hard for her and is getting better. She’s determined. We are in a facebook group that really encourage each other. I hope you give it a try Angie! At first it bothered me seeing fit people on the videos but Autumn is great! Please consider it. Ifeels you decide you want to try it i can have you contact my coach, he’s great!

  12. Geanina says:

    I have a lot of weight to lose as well and I’ve taken the plunge and ordered my kit. I have a lots of friends that have done it and seen great results.
    I haven’t worked out in I don’t know how long and was worried about the exercise part (especially since I was diagnosed with MS recently and have zero energy or strength) but I’ve done 5 days so far and aside from maybe over-doing it the first day I feel ok and I know I’ll be able to get through this. The coaches in my area seem to be really supportive as well. Good luck with your journey!!

  13. Jim says:

    I am 40 years old and have 100 lbs to lose so it is ok to use this for several months at a time? After reading these reviews I am excited to buy it. I am so tired of being overweight. I need a change

  14. Lena says:

    The thing with this “diet” is that it easy teach a healthy whole foods lifestyle. After you’re finished the 21 days, you’ll have a pretty basic understanding of what you should be eating daily- if you change things up, if you eat more fruits and vegetables than required by the diet, you get more bulk without much more calories. It’s not going to make a huge difference. Just be careful with the oils as they have the most calories.

  15. Adda says:

    good evening, I have started this program and I like how easy it is and that you have total control as to what you are eating. my question is, can I use any protein with fruit to substitute a meal? wishing everyone the best journey.

  16. Irina says:

    Can you aim for a lower calorie intake than your target calories indicatet? Will this disturbe you, or cause problems to your body or cause the diet not to work right? I have this plan already.

  17. Mara says:

    I’m just analizing the 21 day fix, reading up on the program and don’t understand (as of yet) the portions with containers
    Please elaborate? As containers hold 2oz to 8oz
    Does this mean i’m allowed to eat the number assosicated with each container, (2 containers of veggies, 2 fruit, 1 protein etc)…

  18. Sylvia says:

    I am 48 years old, out of fit and look terrible. I just ordered this system. The calorie counter says for me to have 1146 calories, so I would eat based on 1200 calories? That seems like way too much food – is it going to make me gain weight instead of lose? 14 months ago I was a healthy 124 pounds but am now 136 after a cancer surgery. I want my body back!

  19. Jenny says:

    Help please ! I’ve just gotten rid of 11 unwanted pounds ! I’m in the third week of the the second round, and I’ve done it with just the eating plan. However, I now want to use the exercise DVD’s but I’ve misplaced the Start Here booklet with the exercise info, darn ! How can I get another copy ?

  20. Ben says:

    I am so excited to try this program… But I have a couple questions. I eat a 2 egg omelet a couple times a week. Do I measure the eggs in the protein portion cup before cooking (out of shell) or after cooking? Also, I also eat dry cereal (original cheerios or grapenuts) few times a week, do those qualify as healthy carbs, or which container would I use to measure a serving?

  21. Sacha says:

    I ordered the 21 Day Fix one day ago and I cannot wait to start it. I am not even close to a beach so I know that I will be doing the 21 Day Fix more than a few times! I bought it for myself as a birthday present to myself. I need to lose a lot of weight and I believe that this program will get me there.

  22. Anastacia says:

    I would really like to try 21 day fix.

  23. Sorana says:

    I will be starting a new journey and I can’t wait anymore!!! I want to lose 10-15 pounds and this makes it affordable. I’m already watching what I eat but this portioning thing will make it that much easier for me. I’d love to connect with other newbies or not so newbies on this plan.

  24. Sofia says:

    With weight loss being 80% diet, this just seems a win win. exercise will tone you but diet will trim you. This is my advice for you.

  25. Gabriela says:

    No strawberries or spinach? Lettuce hurts my stomach.

  26. Jessica says:

    What are the spoons on the breakdown of the portion amounts per calorie range?

  27. Elisa says:

    I have this problem to, with advanced R.U.H disease i need a high protein low fiber diet. Thats harder then it sounds.

  28. Elena says:

    I like your program but you are not answering some important questions: Where is the instruction manual in the package? How do I navigate other proteins? How do I eat out? Are any “treat” items allowed? How do I measure your recipes that have combinations of foods? It is recoomended for every person ?

  29. Miruna says:

    Can you continue 21 days of fitness after it is over? Exactly how does this all work? It is reccomended for long time ?

  30. Jason says:

    You should to take pills with the 21 Day Fix. Actually, I believe it’s something you do with any BeachBody program. You can buy their vitamins but it’s necessary to continue with a BeachBody program. You must have her confided with another program that isn’t endorsed by BeachBody.

  31. Anemone says:

    I saw some of the recipes: Buffalo Balls, Healthy Glazed Meat Loaf, Red Lentil Patties, Red Lentil Patties “Vospov Kufta”‘ Crock Pot Stuffed Enchilada Peppers, do not have container count or how many servings equal containers

  32. Huntsmann says:

    What are the spoons of the portion amounts per calorie range?

  33. Judy says:

    Hello, thank you for this post. I am thinking if I should order this 21 day fix program. My question is once in a while I would like to eat frittes or cakes or chow mein and how would I break it down to appropriate containers?
    Thank you 🙂

  34. Mellisa says:

    When you ask for the program, it comes with the eating plan and it tells you different restaurant foods and the portions of the containers they use.

  35. Vanessa says:

    Which of these protein powders is most appropriate to shakeology as far as protein content? I would like to see about getting the recipe for the shakes
    You’re website has been extremely useful…thank you for putting this information here!!

  36. Katherine says:

    Can I put a teaspoon of sugar on the 21 day fix in my juice?

  37. Sienna says:

    I want this program I live in Zagreb, thanks

  38. Jannette says:

    I have diabetes now. I need a plan that I can follow . Also I like to know if I need to eat all of these portion everyday . Thank You

  39. Edward says:

    My husband was diagnosed as diabetics type 2 in 2005. He refused medications. He want the same as me when I lost almost 4 stones (56lbs) using healthy diet by Rosemary Conley diet which I was a member.
    Now he lost around 60 lbs and no longer have diabetics but need to watch out because it could come back if not careful.
    All the best and hope your diabetics is no longer in your system

  40. Stephan says:

    It sounds like he had Insulin Resistance and by losing that weight he was able to control it. I am also type 2 Diabetic and was diagnosed 4 years ago. I have gotten it under control a lot of times but that is all it is. I try to stay away from the concept that it is “Gone” in any way. Once you have activated the genes that are related to Diabetes they are stuck with the switch in the on position. By continuing to take care of yourself and eat right you are effectively decreasing your Insulin Resistance.
    When I started to think I had “Cured” my diabetes I started falling off the wagon again and was worse than I had been before. The mental idea that I always had the disease and was controlling has helped me ever since then.
    Even at my lightest weight, if I had something with Sugar in it, I would still observe high numbers hours afterward. You just have to keep an eye on it, and stick to the plan.
    Not even sure why I felt the need to write this up, just thought I would share

  41. Patty says:

    I want to try the 21 day fix but I have allergies to nuts and I have celiac disease not sure if there are any good recipes in the 21 day fix that will be good for me please help….

  42. Carolina says:

    With restrictions its probably best to talk to your doctor about how best to modify any “diet” to work for your body, I like things like this as a starting ground but they work best and stay realistic when we all learn to modify to our needs.

  43. Darcie says:

    I have a question: do i measure food before I cook it or after?

  44. Daciana says:

    I order the 21 day fix extreme. My calorie is 1200 I need a 21 day meal plan and I want to take the shake for breakfast sometimes. How can I get a meal plan base on my calorie intake.

  45. Nikki says:

    Now, I am doing the ideal shape meal replacement ..how does the shakes fit into this program.. At this time I do a shake for breakfast,one for lunch,and then a meal bar at 17.30 and then dinner whenever it gets done..the bar helps me from not eating the house when I get home but I have to eat so late because of what time I get home…can I use this program with the other one?

  46. Samantha says:

    Thank you for all this information!!! This is super helpful and you make it simple to follow!!!

  47. Amely says:

    I started the 21 day fix on April 22, preparing for my wedding the first week in June. I was at 140, and wanted to get down to 130 to fit in my size 8 dress. I kept to the food plan and did the exercises every day. I am now down to 115 and still exercising 5 days a week. I am still using the containers but have stepped up to the next food level to maintain my weight. I am 31 years older and I look and feel better than ever . The food plan is easy to stick to because you definitely will get enough to eat. I drink a lot of water and hot tea throughout the day and I do not drink any diet coke ( a 30 year habit I quit wile on this plan). My body looks wonderful and my husband can’t keep his hands off me. This plan works

  48. Billy says:

    I’m a vegetarian. Does 21 day fix tell you what to eat or you have to do that on your own?! It is super important for me

  49. Cressida says:

    I read your outline of the program. It looks very interesting. This makes me wonder how good your program could possibly be.

  50. Gaucci says:

    I have a question, I can not eat seafood so can I substitute everything with other meal?

  51. Monica says:

    I have an important question regarding the size to ounce ratio. Instead of using the 3, 3/4 cup, am I able to measure our portions by the ounces? Or will we be consuming too much because we will be meauring by weight rather than volume?
    Thank you

  52. Ruxy says:

    I see there’s no sugar at all the preparates. Is that correct?

  53. Ursula says:

    I have a celiac disease.I need to know if Olive oil does not contain any gluten

  54. Camila says:

    Hello- how can I get a full breakdown of containers and how many grams per?

  55. Morris says:

    I am a vegetarian. I do eat eggs. Food like beans,lintels ,quinoa, oats are combination of carbs and protein. I am confused!! also I cook veg at home. Can you help me what should I count as protein and what as carbs?
    Thank you

  56. Miha says:

    I noticed cream soups on my diet. Are these soups or home-made?

  57. Loni says:

    If it is neccesary to take 1200 calories per day based off of this program , how much protein should i be consuming per day? Protein is 4 (3/4c or 6oz) 4 times a day. which comes out to 24 oz of protein a day?

  58. Christina says:

    I am in the bigest bracket weighing about 310 (haven’t weighed in a long time. . But I’m sure I’m over 270… and I m having a hard time even eating all of the food. I am now on day 3 and as each day progresses I am eating less and less of my portions. It’s this normal? I felt absolutely stuffed yesterday and had 2 green,1 purple, and 2 red left.

  59. Cornelia says:

    Thank you so much for your effort to give us this information! I’m just starting the 21 day fix and I’m asking when/ how often I should add my shakeology into my diet?

  60. Rachel says:

    Hello, While doing the 21 day fix. What’s the time between each meal?

  61. Rebbeca says:

    I am a vegetarian and try to get enough protein.. am I able to use greek yogurt for the protein container or do I just stick to the blue?

  62. Prody says:

    If you’re wanting to lose weight and you eat all 2 of your meals by 5:00 p.m. you have the option of adding one additional green container but that’s it. After one more cup of veggies you’re done for the rest of the night.

  63. Raul says:

    If I wanna eat bread or a cake or a banana or apple or any something that i couldn’t fit into containers unless I break them, is there somewhere I can find the guideline to how much I can have of something without breaking?

  64. Romulus says:

    How does this work if you want to eat something like a slice of birthday cake, or a casserole of some type? Is it very difficult to fit things like this into the system. I am cooking for a family, so this is important to me.

  65. Andreas says:

    This program works (for some people) because it follows the same premise that other successful programs follow, a whole foods/paleo style diet.
    Where it fails though is calorie/portion control, this has been proved false time and time again. Any type of caloric restrictive diet rarely works in the long term and the main reason is the cortisol response into with holding yourself from food when hungry. It creates a stress reaction which produces a flood of insulin in your system which will completely block any fat burning.
    It’s also been found that obese people have either lower or the exact same caloric intake as someone who is lean, and the reason behind this is cortisol (and Leptin if we want to get technical). Plenty of people lose weight easily on 3000+ calorie a day diets while others still put on fat eating 1000-1500 calories. People commonly put on fat on 1200 calorie a day diets . There is only 2 constants among this and that is insulin and leptin.
    It doesn’t matter “how much” you eat, but it matters “what” you are eating. Where this diet shines is the flood of whole food choices. Where it fails is idea of portion control.
    All people need to realize is get your food from whole food choices. Fill up on meats and vegetables, minimize the sugar, minimize the starches to in and around your workouts as to take advantage of insulin sensitivity. Don’t drink sweet drinks; stick to water, coffee & tea (without sugar). Keep your stress levels at a minimum, no chronic cardio, and keep your exercise periods short and intense. When weight loss stalls, carb back up to increase leptin levels again to continue the fat burning. That is the secret.

  66. Sheila says:

    I just ordered the cook book. No other information came with it like equivalents to containers when eating out or how to measure things that don’t fit into the containers or what to avoid with snacking? Doesn’t how to work the program come with the containers? Thank you for your help.

  67. Rachel says:

    Hello, I am pregnant and I have a question: can i use this program while i am still pregnant?

  68. Ronna says:

    So if you add a shake, how do you compensate the containers calorie wise please? Do you have to eat less of a certain colour ?

  69. Ginna says:

    I’m so glad beacause I found your page! So much helpful info!
    I just ordered my 21 day extreme plus shakeology program.
    Thank you for everything

  70. Irish says:

    Do you know if 2 tsp of sugar per day, will derail the 21 day program? I drink 1 cup of coffee per day and have tried but do not like any of the alternatives for sugar.

  71. Carla says:

    I start going to the gym but I need a program that help me change my life. I have bad problems and I wanted to know if this plan will help me change my lifestyle

  72. Yustina says:

    Hi…I want to know…if I want to use for example, a 1/3 part of the blue container with mango and the rest with hummus or almonds, how could I do that? :/ sorry but I am pretty new in the 21 day fix
    Thanks in advance

  73. Karina says:

    Are they a mandatory part of the program? I’m a fan of eating only real food so am excited about the protein powders and shakes. Can you do the program without the shakes? Thanks so much!

  74. Andrea says:

    Which container would u put in beans or chick peas?

  75. Kimy says:

    I just commended a set of containers and I am ready to incorporate the good eating with the workout! Question though, I am not a fan of egg, what recommend me for alternatives?

  76. Kristen says:

    Thank you! I have a great alternative. I’m thinking the overnight oatmeal for the week, but would like to incorporate the eggs or an alternative (the egg recipes in the book look great ).

  77. Kopriva says:

    Hello! Super excited to start! I got the program from my mother…but only got the DVD’s, containers and FixAte cookbook. I need the exercise plan, meal plan and other instructions. Could you help me out??

  78. Eliana says:

    For begining, thank you so much for sharing such an amazing article on a diet plan. In our busy life schedule, we are unable to follow diet plans, especially it becomes tough for working women. Can you please do me a favour by sharing a diet plan for working people

  79. Elisei says:

    Can I have soya milk on the plan ?

  80. Betina says:

    I forgot how many containers I need to have for a calorie target of 1960. Can anyone please let me know how many of each container I’m suppose to have daily?

  81. Zora says:

    I enjoy the answer to this question -I saw some of the recipes: Buffalo Turkey Balls, Healthy Glazed Meat Loaf, Red Lentil Patties “Vospov Kufta”,do not have container count or how many servings equal containers. I see recepies on Pinterest but am new to the program so wonder how you figure in the containers if it’s not listed.

  82. Misty says:

    Hummus is a protein ? I really love your article ! i have been drinking Herbalife shakes as a meal replacement , but noticed they are high in sugar. i use there protein drink mix with their formula one to make a shake /meal replacement. is there a way to use this product with the 21 day fix ? i bought a lot of it thank you !

  83. Miryam says:

    I really like your meal plan without the shakeology , but if I feel froggy somedays and want to add a healthy shake option ,what do you think? where would this fit in , what category does it replace for the day, how do I know I’m still with in my calories?? Thank you very much!

  84. Myrela says:

    Hello everyone, i was wondering when you are following the 21 day diet–what do you leave out if you’re drinking the shakeology?

  85. Robert says:

    Hi, is it necessary to incorporate the Shakeology drinks every day? Or are there alternatives recipes I can use instead?

  86. Raymond says:

    Hello everyone! Do you have any knowledge on the outcome of the 21 day fix eating program mixed with the T25 videos instead? Thank you!

  87. Roxette says:

    I wanted to know if you think that the 21 DF would work for me. I’m almost 30 and had my first baby a little over two years ago. I eat well enough that I’m 5’4. I haven’t gained or lost a pound in 12 months. I need to lose some kilos. I cut calories and was working out for the last four weeks but didn’t see any tiny bit of progress. I just had my thyroid checked and all is good. Could I do the diet with Shaun T instead. Please let me know your thoughts

  88. Yolanda says:

    Can you continue to do this after the 21 days? Is it recommended for people that have more than 80lbs to lose? I am sorry if this was already asked, but I did not read all of the comments.

  89. Sophy says:

    I just had a surgery for a torn knee cartilage and in 8 weeks have to have the other knee done. I have bone on bone in both knees but am trying to put off knee replacement for a few years until I retire. Would I be able to do the exercise plan with the 21 day fix after healing? And could I start the food plan before I finished healing?

  90. Helen says:

    If I am training to run a marathon, can I s incorporate the 21-Day Fix into my training schedule?
    I am also still nursing my son, so what calorie range would you suggest for a running, lactating mother?

  91. dyane says:

    If I am running a marathon, can I incorporate the 21-Day Fix into my training schedule?
    I am also still nursing my son, so what calorie range would you suggest for a running, lactating mother?

  92. Helen says:

    I am planning to start the eating part of the program today, but I am having lower back pains and i am afraid to do her work out, plus i am a gym person.Do you recommend any workout to follow at gym.

  93. Becky says:

    Hello,this is a lot of food here…do I have to eat all of it?

  94. Lorand says:

    Do the shakes contain gluten? I have celiac desease

  95. xenia says:

    I have type I diabetes, would this diet work for me ?

  96. craig says:

    I bought the generic 21 day fix containers, so they make no reference to Shakeology although I do have a Shakeology for breakfast each morning and have for a year and absolutely love it. My question is – how does the Shakeology count in the plan? For example, how many veg, proteins, carbs, etc do you count for one shake? Thanks for your help!

  97. Priscilla says:

    Will this 21 day fix work with the whole 30 diet?
    Also, I have lower back stiffness. Will I be able to do the workouts. Don’t really want to buy the 21 day fix if I am unable to do the workouts.
    Thanks so much!

  98. Sharon says:

    If I begin losing weight should I eat less containers if calorie values change…

  99. Minerva says:

    Sherry- potatoes are on the list, though not highly recommended. A great alternative is to make mashed cauliflower. Simply cook it, then puree in a food processor. Add some onion, and some pepper, and voila! Sooo delicious

  100. Porter says:

    My mother told me about this program. She purshased it last year. I just started portioning out my food like the programs says and I like how easy it is… No calorie counting, no worrying, it’s very fool proof. It’s only been 2 days though.. But I like it so far. Very well.

  101. Laurie says:

    I am commended the 21 day fix but I should be eating 1200 according to my dietician instead that the program suggested. How would this work in me being successful.

  102. Ornela says:

    I’ve been looking into the 21 day fix. Started measuring out my portions with measuring cups. I’m at the point of wanting to buy the full program. I’ve noticed yourself and others post regarding team members, is this an option we receive from beach body? Or how do we sign up and become part of a group? I am only interested in the basic program. Thank you for your response.

  103. Ottilia says:

    Would this exercise program be suitable for a 68 year old woman?

  104. Billiana says:

    When you purchase the DVDs, does it also allow streaming of the workouts?

  105. Sergiu says:

    Is this all you can eat ALL day? Or is this just for dinner?

  106. Romina says:

    Are the shakes without lactose and gluten ? I have celiac and am lactose free. There are also choices for gluten free bread but I find the nutritional values not worth it.

  107. Ken says:

    Does this plan work if you have diabettes milleutes?

  108. IVory says:

    Thanks for this review. I currently do brazillian jujitsu a week for an hour. I do need lots of help with eating . Would the workout portion really be necessary for me, or will the martial arts be sufficient? And are the recipes really simple & fast? Yea, I’m a lazy cook too…I’m the whole package. I seem to be able to either get my eating habits under control or my exercise on point, but can’t ever seem to get the two together.

  109. Jessy says:

    Hi. I was wondering if the Fix would work for those who don’t eat dairy.

  110. Revathy says:

    I travel very much for my job and I was wondering if this is a good program that I would be able to stick to “on the road?”

  111. Julyen says:

    HI, Thank you so much for this information about the program, However I am an asian and we cook veggies with salt and spices.. After reading everything, seems like i have to avoid salt, so can you help me with any suggestions how to overcome with this?

  112. Myra says:

    Hello, I am a runner, I am wondering if I can follow this plan and still get my runs in or is it one workout or the other.

  113. Norbit says:

    Hello, I am just wondering about doing just the diet to start. Will it still produce results? I recently herniated a disk and need to lose some weight before I get to opperate my joint

  114. Mng Miky says:

    Hi I am really interested in buying the 21 day fix I am currently attending a boot camp 3 days a week but I’m having trouble with my meals would I be able to continue my work out or should I stick to the 21 day workouts

  115. Rahela says:

    I have a question. I’m considering the 21 day fix but i don’t know if it will work for vegans. Can I substitute meat with other thing?

  116. Casey says:

    I eat a lot of casseroles pot meals and soups. I use canned creamed soup for sauces. How would you portion something like that where the food groups are all mixed together?

  117. Casiana says:

    I have a friend who has been doing the 21 day Fix & loves it. After reading all the information I have a couple concerns:
    I HATE vegetables! I know, I’m a grown up, but seriously hate them. Can you give me a list of options.

  118. Andrew says:

    I’m still undecided and not sure if I should buy it or not.
    My question is – do the shakes taste good? I’ve tried other weight loss and protein shakes before and am yet to find one that taste good.
    If I decide to buy I will let you know and keep you updated..

  119. Aaron says:

    I’m interested in doing the 21 DF but I have a question about the workouts. I workout 5 times a week for about 1 1/2 hr at the gym. I saw that you need a resistance band and weights for those of us who are more advanced. Is there any way I can get access to the DVDs to my phone so I can take them with me to my gym?

  120. Yasmine says:

    How do you measure eggs? Because fried eggs fir more in a container than boiled ones. Thank you

  121. Lidia says:

    I enjoy eating seaweed salad, in which container shall I place it?
    the containers are very small? Can I stuff in it as much as possible? Do you think it would be too much? I don’t need so many fruits, can I eat a little bit less? The coconut oil is very expensive, can I use other oil? Can I drink as much water I want to? Can use other potatoes except the week one?
    Than you so much

  122. Virginia says:

    Can you give me some examples for healthy fats ? Can I eat all kind of cheese, like Camembert? I am playing tennis 3times/week between 1-2 hrs each time, and additional I am doing cardio half hour everyday. Do I still have to do the workout from the videos. Thanks

  123. Alyena says:

    Does this work for women after menopause?

  124. Leila says:

    Can I get samples so i can taste the flavours before buying a months worth?

  125. Megan says:

    Hello I Am 64 y/o..and I’m trying to help my husband to lose weight but decided to try 21 day fix myself. Only form of exercise I can do is walking everyday due to back surgery last year. Was 116 pounds and up to 122..want to lose 6 pound sterling..have been on 21 day fix for a week now eating faithfully everything required. Have not lost any weight…will not give up but what can I do differently?

  126. Tatiana says:

    I am wondering if I need or if I’m allowed to do the shakes with this plan…or if it would work without? Whenever I have tried to buy products like that I seem to not use them and waste the product. Can you please give me an advice?

  127. Charlene says:

    Hello, I am diabetic is this program ok for me?

  128. Rene says:

    I have one question, In this moment I don’t have a lot of weight to lose and I am an Atkins person so the food isn’t an issue. I also never thought I’d be writing about not seeing anyone past 40 and 50 in the pictures. I see one women who is 72. I am 56 in pretty good shape I’m 5’8 size 6 but need to lose some stomach pouch not big but as we age it sags a bit. I’ve done day one of the video and it kicked my butt to the point that I’m sore the next day. My guess is that it’s already working.

  129. LESLIE says:

    I am a Type1 diabetic and i want to know if this is program safe for diabetics? I know it has to be better than what I am doing. My sugars are freqvently up and down, I have been tempted to order this. My problem is that I am a snacker and always over eat at meals. I think the containers would help me ALOT! The diet seems to be better than the diabetic diet they put you on.

  130. Terrie says:

    Did you do the 21 Day fix or the 21 Day fix Extreme to get those fantastic results?

  131. Michelle says:

    Hello, I’m interested to try this, it was recommended by a good friend and have heard great things. My question is, I weigh 237 lbs, 61 years old, 5’2”, and I have a sedentary life. Since I need to loose 100 pounds, will I be able to do the exercises? My knees already hurt but I desperately need to lose weight. My Physician also recommended this program. Can you help me please.

  132. Britney says:

    Are you only given one set of containers? Meaning you need to wash them and re-pack things for every meal? How do working people plan this out?? Just looking for some help with logistics especially with a 12 hour shift

  133. Nancy says:

    Hey! I think that I saw somewhere in the comments that 1% regular milk is no affecting to drink, is skim allowable too, or does it have to be 1% as the milk? Just checking before I get started. Thank you!

  134. Kay says:

    I have small question. Is it possible to order just the videos?Thanks!

  135. Lindsay says:

    Hi. I’m interested in purchasing 21 day fix and ship to Italy.
    Is there Italian site or shopping?
    Thank you for your prompt response.

  136. Carlas says:

    I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter okay to use?

  137. Mimy says:

    Hello, I am diabetic is this program ok for me?

  138. Sidny says:

    I don’t have a lot of weight to lose and I am an Atkins person so the food isn’t an issue. I never thought I’d be writing about not seeing anyone past 40 and 50 in the pictures. I see one women who is 72. I am 56 in pretty good shape I’ve done day one of the video and it kicked my butt to the point that I’m sore the next day. So I guess it’s already working.

  139. Geanine says:

    I am a Type1 diabetic, is this program safe for diabetics? My sugars are up and down, I have been tempted to order this. My problem is I am a snacker and always over eat at meals.

  140. Renata says:

    Hi, I would like to try this, it was recommended by a good friend and have heard great things. I have a sedentary life. Since I need to loose 100 pounds, will I be able to do the exercises? My knees already hurt but I desperately need to lose weight. My Physician also recommended this program. Help please.

  141. Paula says:

    I am thinking about purchasing this because I need a jump start. I go to kickboxing gym and do the hour classes at least 2-3x a week and also like to run. Since the diet and workouts compliment each other are there other options for workouts? So if I go to my hour kickboxing class (burns up to 1,000 calories) will the food allotted be enough? I figure I can do the 30 minute workouts on my running days. Just checking. Thanks

  142. Xeny says:

    Are you need to wash the conteiner and re-pack things for every meal? How do working people plan this out?? Just looking for some help with logistics especially with a 12 hour shift

  143. Nancy says:

    Hi! I think I saw somewhere in the comments that 5% regular milk is okay to drink, is it ok? Just checking before I get started. Thanks!

  144. Betty says:

    I just started my 21-day fix and I love it so far! I have a question for you. What is our opinion of using frozen foods also what about frozen veggies?

  145. Helena says:

    These workouts are they safe for someone who’s got a back problems?

  146. Kera says:

    Thanks for your blog I found it helpful in making my choice. I found the eating programmes on those dull. I thought I’d give 21 day fix a go for the containers mostly. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I love Autumn’s laid back style & the fact that you rest in between exercises makes it easier to get the exercises right. I’m almost 60 & I think it’s less demanding on my knees than T25 & Insanity. Plus I don’t dread my workout every day! My weight dropped in the first round & I lost inches. I walk & do other exercise which I’ve always done, but the containers really helped me. After two weeks I didn’t really need them any more as I could tell what portions to have – which helps in restaurants. I’ve never had this much success with a programme before. I love 21 day fix & wish we could have more workouts from Autumn as I love her style. If you’re older this is great & it really works. You will drop weight & tone up without having to leap around like a crazy person. My husband has started it too after he noticed how much weight I’d lost. You really can’t go wrong if you stick with this.

  147. Elder says:

    Also, when using the containers, do you use them one time for each meal. Breakfast (use certain containers) Lunch (use these containers) Dinner (use these containers)…..

  148. Lisa says:

    This is worth the try, especially for anyone who has hit a plateau. I did the program a few months ago and lost very little weight, but I know I gained muscle and lost inches! The proof is in the clothes and what people are saying (and the measuring tape) I waited about a month. This seemed to be key for me. I kept my food habits clean so as not to gain any fat. I am doing another round of it and am steadily dropping the lbs!! Don’t give up or be discouraged. Eventually I believe you will see a turnaround if you don’t give up. This really should become a lifestyle and not a one time diet. You will really feel better.

  149. Aly says:

    I am confused. I am ready to purchase the 21 Day Fix. But there are two choices: 21 Day Fix Essential or the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Which one should I purchase? What is the difference? Thanks.

  150. Ronald says:

    i am a Celiac disease. Are there any specific cautions I should be aware of if I follow this 21day fix?

  151. Valy says:

    This was an amazing article! I think I will try it for 21 days. Thank you.

  152. Theressa says:

    Thank you for all your great advice, I started the program yesterday. I have a few questions
    1. I like to work out in the morning. I ate breakfast (oatmeal with strawberries) at 8 am. I started working out at 8:45 Should I wait a certain amount of time after eating before I exercise? Thanks for your help in advance

  153. Maria says:

    Is it a good idea to eat before working out? If so, what would be good to have? I have about 20 pounds I really need to lose. I am really trying to lose my belly fat. I look like I am pregnant some of the time. Thanks again.

  154. Tara says:

    I see photos with people that don’t have much to lose. they look they need more tone up than lose weight. Dose this really work for plus size people sizes between 18 – 26. I sure would like testimony from over weight people and photos. I get tired seeing photos of people are already skinny

  155. Gimy says:

    I have a gluten intolerance as well as an intolerance to cane sugar. Would this program work for me? Thanks!!

  156. Dina says:

    This is maybe a stupid question – but when it comes to veggies for instance I am suppose to eat 4 of the green containers per day. does that mean I pick multiple veggies from the list and fill the container 5 times a day or do I fill the container with one veggie each 5 times per day

  157. Daisy says:

    Hi there! I am thinking about trying this out! But I do have a question. Do we have to eat a full container of everything a day? I know getting the proper amount of everything is important, but I can’t really eat that much throughout the day.

  158. Benny says:

    On the 21 day fix if Im allowed 5 green containers a day and want to use 2 for lunch and want to make a salad can I use one for my greens and fill up the other with different acceptable items such as tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers all in the same container?

  159. Diane says:

    I’m 35 in perimenopause and insulin resistant. I do crossfit 4 days a week. My diet is clean. My fitness pal shows I’m always in a cal deficit and still can’t lose a single pound. I was hoping if I get the 21 day fix containers that it may help with this while still sticking to my crossfit workouts?

  160. Stephy says:

    I saw, most of the photos show 20 somethings–how about early 60 somethings??
    Also, will it work for vegetarian?

  161. Stephy says:

    Hi…I have Been thinking about doing this program. I try to eat clean but must not do portions right. Plus no working out consistently… Couple of questions…I usually have a 12oz glass of skim milk with dinner every night…is this allowed? Also, my husband drinks coffee, he could ween himself off sugar but not sure about it being black. Can he add a tsp or two of half and half? Also, I have a 12 and 10 yo…what catergory would they fall into calorie wise? They don’t need to lose weight but I’m a big belivier in them eating the same meals as us. Thank you!

  162. Minny says:

    I seem to have read some were about ww multi grain bread 50 calories a slice are you able to have two slices as one yellow container?

  163. Casiana says:

    I am a flight attendant and traveling international makes it hard to carry certain foods in and out of the country. My hours vary and can be long with minimal sleep. Plus I have two auto immune diseases that tend to make me more tired than I used to be. They affect my muscles and joints,but I try to ignore that and keep moving. Is this something that I could possibly do and see results. I am actually a healthy eater and cutting red meats, pork, and chicken out of my diet because they promote inflammation. Do you think I can manage this with all my issues?

  164. Sryy says:

    Today was day 6 of round 1! Silly question…I was wondering if I should workout first thing in the morning or later in the day for effective results?

  165. Oty says:

    I am a vegetarian. Can you suggest some options on how to increase my protein other than the same egg whites every day 🙁

  166. Fabian says:

    i just found your blog i love it, i’m starting the 21 day fix and i’m trying to do as much research as i can with the food containers. what is the portion size on that?

  167. Flores says:

    It is necessary to chop all of your food up to fit in the containers provided? How would you eat a slice of bread or pizza or are these things not allowed?

  168. Stella says:

    I had gastric bypass in 2006 and lost a total of 150 pounds. I have since had a revision due to a problem with my intestines. So I thought I now had a second chance. I have been doing EVERYTHING correctly except enjoying wine at night. I am eating about 1000-1400 cal a day. I am walking and etc…but I am not losing anything. I only lost 15 pounds in 2 months. I think I would like to try it for the exercise aspect to break through the stop in my progress.
    Would you recommend this to people who have smaller stomachs and what modifications could we do to not eat too much if we can’t fit it all in?

  169. Mia says:

    Can the 21 day fix revolve specifically around shakes as part of the laid out diet?

  170. Renee says:

    I’ve been on Paleo on and off for the past 5 years and recently on it on a more strict level. Can I continue Paleo(i.e. No carbs, legumes, and most dairy) and see results doing the 21 day fix?

  171. Sam says:

    I had a low budget so how much is the groceries for the meal plans since most vegetables and healthy foods in general cost a lot..

  172. Jena says:

    I’m wondering how much you spend for the 21 days worth of the food in the meal plan.

  173. Patrik says:

    I am Just wondering if I will be able to do the exercises….I have 2 knee replacements.

  174. Iriss says:

    I am 55 years old and have fibromyalgia will I be able to do the exercises?

  175. KAITLYN says:

    Hi, not sure if you have covered this, but I have 2 questions…how often do we weigh ourselves . And is the green container before cooking vegetables or after (such as spinach). We just started today.

  176. Cherie says:

    I will do that. My package came in this morning, so I am reading now. Hope to start tomorrow!

  177. Tavi says:

    I am on day 14 of the 21 day fix diet. Tomorrow is my first night shift since starting. This means I will be awake tomorrow around 10.30 a.m and will not go to bed again until the next morning around 8 a.m. So that’s about 10 extra hours I am awake. What and how much should I eat overnight? Thanks!

  178. Marsy says:

    How is yours opinion about food allergies? Is there a section in the book that discusses substitutions?

  179. Francesca says:

    I have a few questions that I would like to ask. Firstly during meal times can I combine the containers for example for lunch a yellow red and a green and for dinner a red and green. Can I only combine the containers at lunch and dinner times or at snack times as well?

  180. Evveline says:

    I am an extremely picky eater. I find it difficult to try new things and prefer to stick with what I can eat. Are there enough choices in food selection or do I need to eat specific foods at mealtime?

  181. Martha22 says:

    I bought the 21 Day Fix in this morning. I would like to know if it would help with middle section weight gain due to menopause?

  182. Sacha says:

    I need to lose a lot of weight and I have been doing 21 day fix for a week now and it says for me to have 6 containers of veggies and protein 4 fruit and carbs and 1 of the rest it’s hard for me to get all 6 veggies and I want to be honest and i want to say that I don’t always get all the yellow containers in either do i have to get in all the containers it says I normally lack like 2 green and 1 yellow fruit and protein is easy bc I love plain yogurt with fresh fruit

  183. Michaella says:

    I am considering that this program seems to be pretty straight forward. But, I have a concern that we are convenience eaters – both running out the door or eating on the go – and so we tend to eat “bars” since they are easy. The Shakeology seems like it would be hard to do on the go. Also, my husband really doesn’t like to drink his meals!

  184. Miky says:

    I’m proud to say that tomorrow is my last day of the 21 day fix. Honestly, I would like to do another round, But what do you think that I need to take a pause for a weekor I can start again on Monday?

  185. Bella says:

    Hey! I am waiting for my 21 day fix to come (also nervous) and I was just wondering if I could still do a little bit of running along with the workouts?( ican’t stay in bed) I was thinking just a little, maybe 1-2 miles 3-4 X a week. I figured I would do my 30 min workouts in the morning and then run in the afternoon after work? Would this hinder my results?? Thank you!!!!

  186. Rose says:

    I usually eat egg whites, do I pour the whites into the protein container uncooked to measure? ( I know that is a silly question but, please answer me)

  187. Alice says:

    Can you please explain me how the Shakeology part of the 21 day fix works? I was looking to order the 21 day fix essential package to get me started. It looks like it comes with the shakeology container but should I be ordering something else too? Any help is appreciated. Have a nice day!!!

  188. Dona says:

    Does this actually work? Because there are many things like this but, not all of them are good.

  189. Alexandra says:

    Hello! One more question, I see you say the light dumbbells are 3-5 lbs. How much are the heavier ones?

  190. Sandra says:

    Can you please define “light dumbbells”? I’m used to Jillian Michaels workouts and she is very clear to say grab a pair of 3 pound weights or 5 pound weights. I wonder how are you supposed to know if you’re pushing hard enough without knowing how heavy of weights to use? Also what do you recommend and what do you think is most popular? I’m leaning towards 3 pounds but is that too light?

  191. Maya21 says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the plan! Some of the food servings seem a tad small. Did you find that you were hungry or was it a good amount for the day?

  192. Andrew says:

    I am waried of this nutrition plan because it called for you to eat as few as 1200 calories, 2 servings of carbs and 3 servings of vegetables per day. While the DVDs may be good, this nutrition advice is not going to lead to lasting changes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the plan!

  193. Lauren says:

    Hey! Great news! I did the fix, as well, and I too eat very similarly, so I’m glad to see your results were similar to mine. We both don’t have much to lose and since we eat pretty clean, it wasn’t going to be any crazy results. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I also drink Shakeology daily and love it – worth the investment especially now that you’re a Coach!

  194. Brittany says:

    That makes sense! Look forward to hearing more about your program too. Best of luck with the launch!

  195. Karen2 says:

    I read that for Vegans or Vegetarians that you may use Rice and Beans together or Quinoa and Beans together as a RED for your protein. Is it ture? Also Lentils are approved for a red container for Vegetarians & Vegans. That way you are not just eating Tempeh or Tofu & protein powder constantly There is a group on Facebook for 21 Day Fixers that are vegetarians or vegans. Lots of good information if you are trying to follow this lifestyle and want to do the 21 day fix.
    Have a good day everyone!!!

  196. Michelle24 says:

    I found that caloric range is extremely low. I was actually kind of surprised that the caloric level was al this low level, especially considering the amount of exercise you seem to have been doing during it. What were your thoughts on the caloric limit?

  197. Rebecca says:

    Hello! and thanks for this great article! Reading this I found out that I also ate too many fats and starchy carbs. I also did not eat enough fruit. Love that this came out to help me make better decisions in regards to my portion sizes. Thank you again!

  198. Georgia says:

    This is so Interesting. I would not do the eating plan, since those cals are WAY too low and I am not looking to lose weight. I was thinking about doing the T25. Did you do a review on the plan? You seem to be the first person to not give it a glowing review. We are prob on-par with fitness level, so I would be intrigued to hear more about this. I have been bored with my routine, but have been doing a lot of fitnessblender workouts before “biting the bullet” and purchasing T25

  199. Bill says:

    Hey! I want to try 21 day fix just for jump start my journey to weigh loss. I set my my goal to loose 20lb and I planing to start chalean extreme. Can I follow the diet plan from 21df for another wokaut program?

  200. Helen says:

    Hello! I ordered my package a few minutes ago and I0 can’t wait to start the program. Do you know if its ok to have a fruit- vegetable smoothie for a meal? I want to know this before the deliver.

  201. Rachel says:

    Hi! Thank you for posting your results! I have been doing the 21-Day Fix for 11 days now but haven’t really seen any dramatic changes ( I don’t think that i changed something). The eating plan is somewhat similar to what I typically eat, although I usually go lower carb. I would like to lose about 5-10 pounds but I’m not overweight so this is more of a personal preference. This is the first time I have stuck with a fitness/eating plan and I am determined to see it through. However, I have been a little discouraged because I haven’t really seen any changes so far. Other stories out there show some dramatic differences. Your post reassures me that each of us is different and therefore all our results will vary. I know I am eating healthier and getting stronger even if it doesn’t necessarily show on the outside.

  202. Jackie says:

    I found this funny. I am a fulltime student and mom with my youngest at four. I recently purchased TurboFire and found it a little too intense. I am thinking about getting 21 day fix now, mostly for the portion control part of it. How is the program working for you so far? I have about 15# I’d like to lose, 175-160. Thank you very much!

  203. Elena says:

    I just finished my first planned round for 21 days program! Lost 12.5 inches, but only 3lbs ( I think that something is wrong with my weighing. I started another round, and this time my mom fallowed me. She has been trying to lose weight, and everything she tried failed. After seeing my results, she is determined to lose weight! I planned out her first week of meals/snacks, and we prepped as much as we could. She’s only on day 3, but i’m so proud she is so determined! She had made a few comments that her dinner, is too much and she cannot eat it all. Is it ok that she doesn’t eat it all? I’m not sure what to tell her… help anyone?!

  204. Cynthia says:

    Are there others that want to lose lots of weight using this program or T-25? Where do you find info on the extra workouts that are available if they are not in the set?

  205. Kellie says:

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m thinking a lot and I am almost positive it would work and I’m about to buy it now. I have lost 50 lbs so far in my weight loss journey and I want to lose more and a meal plan is the way to do it! I want to become a coach. Is it a good idea? I would love to become one but I don’t want to pay the start up fee and it be a waste of money.

  206. Callanha says:

    I was thinking to start loosing weight. I have always been big and I started accepting it and I think that accepting . I have been trying to stay where I am but I’m actually gaining more weight every time. I said i would never reach the 200 side but i did and I’m scared of getting sick because I’m obese. I have a hard time finding out what to eat or how much of it and for what meal. This plan seems like it will help me since it’s mostly about portion control which i need help in. I was seeing if I could order for your account but not sure how to do it. I need to loose a lot of weight is this diet for long term or is it just for 21 days. Any advise would be good to know! Thank you

  207. Shayna says:

    I think that 21 Day Fit eating plan is awesome. It is so easy but sometimes I forget to eat every 2 hours, I’m use to eating 4 small plans and before I had 1 big meal a day. Now I just make sure I eat protein with every meal. I do have a question. When I was figuring out how many containers it seems like a lot for someone who needs to lose 70+ lbs, am I reading this right?

  208. Paula says:

    Hey! I’m so over weight and out of shape. 2 knee replacements and 62, I need some help! Sadly back is rough shape too.I come across to this and I was thinking of getting the 21 day, but maybe not now. I would like to see what you have. I can’t get on the floor as of the knees, so floor work out is out, but I can bike. Help!!!

  209. Re2 says:

    Hello! Naturally I am very thin, 108 I’m not wanting to loose weight I’m more intested in toning and streghtning & overall healthier eating also getting rid of my little belly , I really don’t eat very healthy now but I’m wondering if this would be good for me,
    like I said I Dont want to loose weight. Thank you in advance!!

  210. Daiana says:

    I started the 21 Day Fix only 4 days ago, and I like the program so far, it seems like the veggie portions are small. I agree, it is eye opening to see what’s recommended for healthy fats and I was overdoing that, but I feel hungry and would like to eat more veggies. Has anyone else this thinking too?

  211. Alesia says:

    I just ordered this program today, and am glad I did it, after reading your review! I exercise 6 days a week, and eat healthy at my first 2 meals of the day, but find supper time to be a challenge. I usually come home starved, and eat anything I can find! I like that the eating plan is the focus.

  212. Georgy says:

    I want to decide whether or not to order the full 21 day fix, or just the containers for the portion control. This time last year I was working out 6 days and week and eating very well and was 24 pounds lighter – then the busy stressful job kicked in. I have heard that the workouts are more for beginners at working out and can be quite easy. While I am out of shape and cannot perform at cardio classes to the extreme level I was last year, I don’t want to risk purchasing the entire program and being bored with the workouts. What would you suggest – purchase the entire package or just purchase the containers, follow the suggested diet and do my own cardio daily and/or consider purchasing a more intense at home workout 50 minute system such as T25?

  213. Violet says:

    Can you do the 21 day eating plan and workout on your own? I usually do about 30 min of cardio and 20-30 min of weights every morning. Would that be ok?

  214. Betty says:

    Hello my name Gabby and I just did my first round of 21 day fix . I wanna do it again so do I eat at the maintenance level on page 76 of the book or do I continue on the level im on with the 1500 calorie level since I have not reached my goal yet

  215. Emil says:

    How you classify PB2 as and how much would be a serving? Tx.

  216. Mathias says:

    Hi, does the this offers international orders? for example I will be using an international billing address, where possible. If not, how can I proceed in getting the 21days Fix? Thanks.

  217. Oscar says:

    I want to trying this but i am really heavy and way out of shape. I am scared to try the thirty minute workouts i dont know if i can make it thru one and getting even more disappointed in myself any thoughts or motivations ? I really want to do this just afraid of failing i need to lose 100 lbs 🙁

  218. Pristine says:

    Hello! I’m 28 years old and want to try this out but i’m scared I weigh around 350 lbs and I just wondering if I will see results being that I’m only 5’5 and almost 350 lbs. I know that’s a lot of weight and the weight isn’t going to come off fast but i’m just wondering is this diet plan for people that needs to loose a little weight. I want to loose over 100 lbs just don’t know if this is a great start.

  219. Pristille says:

    Before I order I would like to determine if I can still make these crock pot meals I do 3-4 days a week. I don’t understand how to measure them with the cups. I would imagine I guess which portions go with each container based on the amount in my bowl because it would be hard to serve a bowl and then separate it? Some crock pot meals are easier, but when mixed it is harder. Thank you for responding, it’s going to be hard for me to learn diet and portions. I also play raquet sports 3-4 hours a day or bike ride, so do I still do the exercises on those days?

  220. Stephanie says:

    I just ordered the 21 day fix can I make a fruit no veggie smoothie. Cya

  221. Ionely says:

    Can you purchase extra containers? I work 10 hours shifts and to pack enough food for the day it would be helpful to have extras.

  222. Andres says:

    I want to order the 21 day fix. Are there any other shakes that I can use in this program?Shakes like fruit,youghurt? I am going to get the challenge pack to start but can’t see spending so much on shakes.

  223. Andres says:

    I just started the plan 3 days ago and I am fine doing the 30 minutes exercise DVD’s daily but I had been in a good place prior to starting with 45 minutes on the treadmill a few times a week and/or other exercise classes locally. If I also do the treadmill, do I eat any more containers? or just consider that helpful deficit in calories.

  224. Tyra says:

    Can noodles be used as a carb? I prefer it with over brown rice but wanted to be sure they are considered a good carb for the diet plan?

  225. Masha says:

    Can I use butter on the 21 day fix program? Thank you for all your help.

  226. Tibi says:

    Can I use lemon or lime juice on the 21 day fix program?

  227. Lidia says:

    I heard about the program through social media, but am now looking into it more seriously, as some women I work with are doing it currently. So far, I like that it focuses on eating real food, nothing processed. Does the program help you transition into some kind of maintenance after the 21st day

  228. Rahele says:

    I am happy with the program. I have lost 5 lbs in 4 days but I am wondering if there is somewhere I could find recipes or suggestions for meals. I am so afraid of not sticking to the program that my meals have been pretty boring.

  229. Yayz says:

    I am very interested in trying the 21 day fix. I was reading another article that showed you how to calculate how many calories you should eat a day. I was surprised at how many calories this program said I should consume. Do you know if I choose to follow a lower intake of calories will the 21 day fix still work for me?

  230. Ovidius says:

    If I used the 21 day fix for the workout plan alone and continued the diet I am on would it still be effective as just an exercise program? I feel like the only area where I need a boost is exercising.

  231. Carmen says:

    I purchased the 21 day fix program and find it super easy to follow. I am confused with the teaspoons showing up on the guide. What are the teaspoons representing as to the actual food you are eating. Wasn’t quite sure what the teaspoons represented.

  232. Nervin says:

    I was wondering if xylitol could be used as a sweetener for coffee ?

  233. Danine says:

    Hello, how you measure say a hamburger? It does not fit in a container.

  234. Lyn says:

    I started the base program and I’m in the calorie range of 1,500 -1,799 and around 64+ ounces of water per day. I am finding the calorie range is still too much for me to eat in a day, and I end up with roughly 2 red and 2 green containers left to eat for the day. I’m just wondering if this is normal? Before I started this system, I was eating very unhealthy and way over 2,099 calories in a day and drinking lots of sugary soda. I would like to lose 80-100 pounds, at what point is not enough calories?

  235. Ann says:

    I am not vegan but I have food allergies to chicken, eggs and cow milk. Will there be options to those when planning meals and being able to stick to them?

  236. Mady says:

    I have buldged discs in lower back.. would these exercises be indicated for me?

  237. Hilda says:

    I’m a vegetarian. For the protein portion or meal plan is there other options aside from meat?

  238. Hadju says:

    I want to purchase this program,
    I am a vegeterian and eat mostly Indian food, will this prgram work for me.
    I eat egss but no sea food/fish/meat etc.,

  239. Amir says:

    I want to try the program but I have 120 pounds to lose. Do I do cycles until I reach my goal weight? When I reach my goal, do I continue the program or does it teach me a new healthy lifestyle?

  240. Megan says:

    I’ve purchased the program and hadn’t received it yet. I stumbled upon your site and have found it quit helpful.. is that of the fruits and veggies on the list is frozen fruit with no added sugar and canned veggies with no salt acceptable? I know fresh is always best choice but some items are seasonal.

  241. Allma says:

    I am so excited to start however. I’m nursing! Ha! Can I still do this program and add more calories? Are the shakes ok to drink while nursing?

  242. Shalabii says:

    Hei, can you tell me when is the best time to exercise?…i work early mornings and am not really a morning person but i have my evenings free..would evening exercising be ideal

  243. Jimana says:

    I just want to order the portion control containers. I have a membership at anytime fitness. Is there anyway to get the diet? I need to know what foods are allowed and how much to eat.

  244. Laurenn says:

    I’m extremely over weight and do need a new life. My question is on average how much weight do you lose per round and also My weight is so high that after doing the calculation my calorie intake is higher than the scale so how may containers of each color would I use. I really believe 21 day fix will work better for me.

  245. Lara says:

    Am I able to use my isolate protein as a replacement shake for breakfast instead of shakeology?

  246. Utas says:

    I have a curiosity, why it’s so cheap through your link? And, what does it mean if you’re my coach? Are there restrictions on the diet? Thanks for your help!

  247. Candence says:

    I saw the advertise and I am looking at buying the 21 day fix. I like your honest opinion on te product, really answered a lot of questions I had. However, I am a person who does like to workout in groups, I feel like going off of their energy helps me get through the workout. Would you say that this 21 day fix?

  248. Polan says:

    I am still unsure what to do, I don’t measure the ingred just mix all 3 together. The lb of turkey, can of beans and jar of salsa. I don’t know how to use the containers after its made.

  249. Sebastian says:

    I am thinking about ordering the program, but wanted to get your thoughts about doing the program in cycles. In the infomercial many of the people with great results continued to do the program in cycles. Do you think that is a good approach or do you suggest I try other programs after this one?

  250. Admina says:

    Hi! I am interested in the program, however I have gluten intollerance. I was curious as to what is in the shakes and if they contain any gluten?

  251. Lia says:

    I received my package on Monday and have read every bit of information.
    The question: I have is I eat pretty health I work out almost every day the problem I have is knowing what to eat for breakfast and lunch at work. my day starts at 6.00 am and I cant eat before 7.30 my stomach gets nausea. what would I take for breakfast. and in what color container would I use.
    I am looking forward to starting the program.

  252. Axyer says:

    Are you familiar with the 17 day diet? We have some friends that have been following it and had success. I know the 17 day diet has a book and recipe book to follow, but not really sure how it compares.
    Thank you,

  253. Ricarda says:

    Hi I am very interested in the program, I have always struggled with weight issues, now I am 6 months post baby, and really over weight with awful eating habits and struggle with ppd.
    Is it worth the envestment?

  254. Flavia says:

    Today is my second day! I am very excited to get back on the right path. However, I still have the nagging feeling that i am eating to much to lose weight. I would like to lose 50 pounds or so in the long run and i am in the 2100-2300 caloric range. How can eating so many calories help me lose weight? Maybe i just need to get away from my old mindset. I just want to make sure i am doing it right.

  255. Joey says:

    If you have to use the containers to measure out your families meals, will it be enough for 5 people? I’m not understanding very well. It just doesn’t seem like that would be enough unless u did it 5 times…once for each person. I really don’t want to have to cook my family dinner then turn around and cook myself something different.

  256. Teranee says:

    I am in great fit. I workout 10 hours a week– doing martial arts, strength training. I used to be heavier and have lost a lot of weight but I’ve been stuck at a plateau for a long time now. I like the simplicity of the eating program, but I feel like 1234 calories for someone as active as I am is too low. Is it worth it to do the healthy eating part of the program?

  257. Nushe says:

    I am trying to start the 21 Day Fix. I am trying to maintain a menu but am having trouble. The booklet says my calorie content should be 2100-2300 but I cannot find any examples at this (or close to this) calorie level. I am a Team Beachbody club member but the menu planner doesn’t seem to work well with 21 Day Fix. Do you know of any websites, etc. with menus for my level?

  258. Nini says:

    I am wondering if you eat say kale salad what bow l would you use or say Pizza for instance

  259. Peter says:

    how do you count tomato sauce? or soup?
    And what is the count on the grams of carbs ( 1 cup) or protein ( 2 cups)
    Thank you

  260. Uhini says:

    I want to just do the eatting will I still loose weight

  261. Tapx says:

    Hello! A few people i know are doing this which got me looking into it. I think a lot of people have trouble with portion control (myself included) but I think I generally have a decent grasp on what’s healthy and what’s not. I currently follow a mostly gluten free diet and i do crossfit 5x a week with usually 1/2 hr extra lifting/small workouts as well. Whatever your opinion on crossfit, i’m just wondering if you think this plan would work out for me if I follow the food but don’t follow the workouts and just stick with what i do now? Thank you for your opinon and advice, I appreciate it!

  262. Boniee says:

    I was just wondering if I can stick to the 21 day fix for more than 21 days– I wouldn’t be starving myself right? I’d imagine my body would just plateau with the workouts.

  263. Bubble says:

    Hi, I am interested in trying the 21 day fix but am worried it may make me lose too much weight. I usually eat pretty healthy but I think the pre-measured containers and workouts would be a great way to keep me on track and not slack. Look forward to hearing your comments!

  264. Polan says:

    If you would like to succeed in you private and personal life this is the program you need. I am now on my 62 days, lost 14 pound and I am stronger then ever. I woke up every morning at 6am to do P90X and I never missed a workout. I am 37 years old and I feel like 25!
    Bring it!

  265. Ben says:

    I’m totally like this workout….simple exercises that work every nook and cranny of my body!

  266. Arian says:

    This is a wonderful product. I saw muscle growth after only 2 weeks and could do way more than I could the first week. Some push ups I could only do about 5 to 10 the first week, after week three, I was doing 10 to 20. The only suggestion I would add if you are trying to lose weight is to add maybe 4 days extra of cardio.

  267. Xepia says:

    When I started P90X I did not believe I could do it, after 15 minutes of the work out I couldnt even stand. I personally still can’t believe it, I have not felt this amazing in years. Try P90X and you will NOT regret it!! Do not give up!

  268. Marthy says:

    Thanks for helping me get my life back. I am 41 years old and can do things I havent done since my 20’s. Since loosing the weight and increasing my strenght I have been surfing, kayaking, mountain climping, jet skiing…….. 3 months ago I would have sat out on these activities. Now I am down for whatever. Awesome!

  269. Marthy says:

    . I wasn’t in terrible shape to start with but now Im in great shape. I went from being able to do 2 sort of pull-ups to over 40 in just one round. Just stick to it and believe in what you are doing because the only way this program doesn’t work is if you don’t work hard yourself.

    • mitlik says:

      I am 33 and a father of three so time is kind of an issue, however: i am soo glad i finally have p90x, even though i could not get through the first 90 days completely because of work the results are incredible. It was hard work but every drop of sweat was worth it the only thing i had an issue with was the pull up bar in the door jam but everything else was absolutely brilliant. Any one with the will to progress and become focused energized and stronger should certainly more than consider p90x it is the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. soweat says:

    I just finished my first week of P90X after completing P90X2, wow, I forgot how hard it was starting out. I love the chest and back and legs and back. Those are killer workouts and felt the soreness after each workout. I never felt sore from P90X2 probably due to lower reps and more balance moves. I liked Plyoxide in X2 as it was lower impact, but was more out of breath with classic plyo. I think I will supplement yoga X with X2 yoga and I never liked Kempo X, too boring for me. Thanks for the awesomeness of P90X and I hope the research of P90X2 combined with a killer strength workout like P90X to make another world class workout in a P90X3!

  271. Gasina says:

    I have worked out my whole life. I just turned 37; I was struggling with keeping up the intensity at the gym to get results. I bought P90X I am on on week 3 and I am very impressed with the workout and schedule. The workouts are intense and add more to the workouts you are already doing in the gym. Never would i thought that i would be doing a video workout – I am in love with P90x – BRING IT!!!! I only wish i did a before picture..

  272. Uhini says:

    This program gives you the weapons but YOU have to use them. I have tried other ” magic” fixes in the past but the truth is – to get in shape… You gotta put in the work. The hardest part for me was getting started. Honestly, I watched the videos for three nights without ever doing any working out. I had to get my mind right, and you will have to do that before anything can happen. I struggle thru the workouts every night now, but I not only see the results, I feel good about me again. And that is worth more than anything!!! I still have a ways to go but I am finally on the right track thanks to P90X .

  273. Ahmed says:

    This work out program works in so many different ways. Gives me Energy, a peice of Mind, puts my body and spirit in a whole other relm. I use to be a big drinker and at the age of 24 I know I should be foucsing my energy else where. That’s why I picked up this program. I no longer drink and foucs on my body for one hour a day and the results that i’ve received look like i’ve been working out for years. The work outs I do every day not only gives me the body I always know i’ve had, but train my mind to be positive and confident.

  274. Porter says:

    P90X is life-changing, I recommend this intense program to any who want to healthier. Bring it!

  275. Joddy says:

    Through out the videos, there is rarely any helpful instructions. Sure you have the manual which tells you the workout but transition through different exercises are rarely noticeable and very hard to follow.

  276. Gorddon says:

    I’m a person that doesn’t like to use a bunch of words. Simply put, do the work, follow the nutrition plan — it works! I lost 20 pounds and am in better shape than I was in college. Just commit to do it, and you will see results.

  277. Adrihanaa says:

    excellent workout but a little time consuming,and it should focus more on strengthening muscles

  278. Prokss says:

    This is one of the most intense, and amazing workout system ever.

  279. Utas says:

    I feel so amazing and can’t wait for more to come and to reach the 90 days in the end.

  280. Mathias says:

    NOTHING compares with the results I’ve seen in my body and fitness level using the P90X workouts. I just finished the first time through and I’m ready for round two!
    Stick with it, eat right and it WORKS!

  281. Stephany says:

    Very intense, worked muscle groups that I forgot I have. I play Hockey 4 times a week and I thought that I was in pretty good shape after 5 weeks of using the workouts i am noticing a huge difference in the way that I feel.Looking forward to completing all 90 days.

  282. Oscar says:

    I’ve gone through the program twice now and I can say with certainty that it will get you results if you stick with it. The workouts can be time consuming, but if you make the time and commit to the program, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. You really can’t expect to get into great shape without putting in the work. I’m ready to move on to Insanity to change things up a little bit, but I know I’ll be back working with P90X again soon.

  283. Darcie says:

    I’m not sticking to the diet as I should, I know, so I’m not expecting the 8 pack. I’m three weeks in, my ankle feels better than in a decade, I’m in 4 notches on my belt (small notches). The hardest part of my day: twenty minutes into the workout. The best part of my day twenty minutes after my workout. You just have to bring “it” when you press play, or pause. It’s tough, to quote Tony ” You gotta have your mind right”.

  284. Joey says:

    I am a small girl. I had baby fat everywhere and cellulite. 2 months into the workout, OMG I started getting muscles for the first time in my life ! I couldn’t believe it. P90X is amazing. I can see what all the rave is about. Just one word of caution, while doing pull ups initially be careful with your back. You might end up pulling a back muscle. That happened to me.

  285. Vince says:

    Well I’ll tell ya my girlfriend and I started p90x 18 days ago and when we started I was really out of shape , not fat but not in shape and I’ve already seen new muscle tone , after being a smoker for 25 yrs my lungs feel great , improved cardio , improved balance , my spine feels amazing , my energy levels have spiked

  286. Marie says:

    My major concern prior to starting P90X was a pinched nerve that I have had for approximately one year. The pinched nerve in my neck caused discomfort and dull pain down my left arm. I was concerned that I would aggrevate the problem with P90X. In fact, after 60 days of workouts, the discomfort caused by the pinched nerve has been eliminated as I have gotten stronger.

  287. Tom says:

    I love this work out program!

  288. Mike says:

    I felt great! I couldn’t do the work out every single day, due to children being in sports, but I took advantage on the days that I could. I can see improvement and I am on my 6th week of the program. Thanks a bunch for this program.

  289. Vlada says:

    I am 26 years old and i love sports i play football and i throw for track and field. I was 8 when my mom died and i went into depression and started gaining a lot of wieght and after long i was 175 lbs my freshmen year of highschool but i wasnt all that fat so i said to my self i have a lot of muscle so im not all that fat but man was i wrong.. Day after day goes by and i keep it up only two months into it and i lost thirty five pounds and im begining to just watch the fat disappear. Im going to keep this up for a long time until i am happy with my body and not ashamed to take off my shirt in public.

  290. Zacklina says:

    I had heart valve replacement a few years ago and i really slowed down,and put on weight.i checked with my doctor before i started this program,(anybody that has any medical issues you better check with your doctor first)he said go slow and pace myself .this workout i think pushed me the rightway,now i go through all the workouts with max intensity.i have dropd 25lbs and am really in the best shape of my life with still a month to go!it delivers what it claims it will and then some

  291. Zoey says:

    My whole life I have struggled and I have tried absolutely everything. I got hooked quickly and the results followed shortly after. Seeing results so fast made me so much more motivated to push harder. It is amazing. I am now about to start my second session and I am 34 lbs lighter and 2-3 pant sizes smaller. Thank you P90X!!

  292. Cindy says:

    “Unbelievable” is the one word to describe P90X. This is the single greatest workout routine I have ever seen. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too out of shape to start this program. If you give up on this program you are giving up an excellent opportunity to be in the best shape of your life.

  293. Carla says:

    I am a very active person but i never could loose the weight. I was gettng so depressed with the way I looked and thats when i found p90x. I love the workout i wake up every morning do one of the disk and start my day. I enjoy doing this it pushes me to keep going. I am so happy with the way i feel my body feels better already and ive only been doing it a few weeks. my boyfriend also loves doing the workouts. Its so much better then anyother workout program because its something different everyday you dont just do one thing everyday, you work out all areas.

  294. Chad says:

    I was on diabetes medication to control my sugar and now I am completely off by simply working out and following the advice you guys provide online. I was also on one of the highest doses of blood pressure medication and now have been placed on one of the lowest doses, the doctor has told me if I sustain this I could get off of my blood pressure medicine also. This has truly changed my life in a big way I can’t wait to see what my results will be after my 90 days and to keep it up for the rest of my life.

  295. Billy says:

    I had great results all around. I never thought that it would be that hard, but it is so worth it.

  296. Norbit says:

    Everyone who doesn’t do this because it is ” hard ” is just too lazy and is happy with that. I work outside all day and get home and actually look forward to this. It hurts so darn good. A must buy. Amazing workout. Shoutout to all of you out there doing this as well. Even if it is ” hard ” and you are tired, push through it. I am right there with you!

  297. Timmi says:

    If you’re a total beginner (like me) don’t even bother. Usually for about 50% of the workout I stand there and stare at the TV screen. Most of the moves are for in shape trainers and the people doing the workout all extreme. There is really no modified version for beginners.

  298. Timmi says:

    i brought the P90x system to help me lose weight and 6 days into the program, i already feel the difference. im pushing myself to the limit and beyond with every workout . if this is what it takes to feel comfortable in my own body then im all in. ive started riding my bicycle to get extra cardio in my routine. Give yourself over to a healthier lifestyle and you’ll see your goals accomplished

  299. Jason says:

    I have 3 brochures and 8 discs, but can’t find any connection between them. Too complicated to even get started

  300. Comsa says:

    The best workout ever.. Did i mention i’m 42. Started doing routine again another 90 days

  301. Celine says:

    I have been doing P90X AND Insanity together and I have to tell you, that it’s the BEST workout I have ever done in my whole life.

  302. Loto says:

    I’m only on day 3, but I’m feeling and since I’m feeling it, I’m bringing it everyday! I’m very overweight…. Bound and determinded to bring it til I reach my goal. Thank you P90X!

  303. Yasmine says:

    This is a great workout! I’m a cheerleaders so I have to constantly lift, not weights, but people and this really helped build my strength. This workout is great if you are getting back into shape or just trying to maintain your figure!

  304. Carol says:

    After doing p90x my resaluts were amazing i could see my self losing weight and more… you have to stay commited to excersing cause if you dont it will show.

  305. Weyey says:

    This may be hard but it’s so worth it. You just have to take your mind somewhere else and push yourself.

  306. Paul says:

    I’m ten weeks into it and now they are amazed by the results. P90X is hard work, really hard work but when you see the results you’ll keep pushing. All I can say is that great

  307. Helenxp says:

    I have been overweight pretty much. P90X is finally getting me in to the shape I’ve always wanted to be in. I’m in my 5rd week and I can already see AMAZING RESULTS. I haven’t been more satisfied with a program to help me lose weight. The different workouts each night really keep things interesting. The first week was difficult but i’m glad I stuck it out because it is SO much fun now! I can honestly say I look forward to my workout every night. P90X is incredible!

  308. Helenxp says:

    I have to say it was rough in the begining, especially the Yoga X, but after the fourth week, Yoga X became easier and my strength improved. I had to tweak the meal plan a little, I noticed I was losing the wieght but not gaining muscle, so I went to the P90X board and got some good advice.

  309. Soranna says:

    Ok, I finished my P90 and I thought, I was doing good with that one so why not lets do the nature progression to P90X…….OUCH!!!!

  310. Indila says:

    Hello, I found the workouts great and it’s working for me , but i don’t think that i need to do yoga and plyometrics , cause I’m thin and i need muscle building , so any ideas about what to do ??

  311. Garnie says:

    its not easy but worth it.my wife and i have been doing it for 2 weeks and we can already see result.you must be committed

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