21 Day Fix Review

Who Wins – “The 21 Day Fix” or “Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout”

There are so many programs out there to help get you ready for your bikini this summer but which one is the one that will give you the bikini body for the best price? Which one has better support? Which one works the best? Which one will teach you how to eat nutritionally and maintain that lifestyle through the rest of your life? Are there any extra costs such as equipment?

I will compare two of those programs here for you The 21 Day Fix and Jen Ferrugia’ Bikini Body Workout by comparing how effective they are, the price, is the program easy to use, will you need extra equipment, guarantees, and support.

Finally I will tell you which one of these two programs is the better buy and why.

Program Details

The 21 day fix gives you a start guide, portion control containers, DVDs containing six 30 minute workouts, a nutritional guide, an extra 30 min work out full of fat burning exercises, an extra 3 day quick kick for extra fast results to be used the last 3 days, and 24/7 support online.

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Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout gives you digital instructional videos, interactive workout guide, nutrition guide, supplement list, shopping list, booty blast and support 24/7.

Both programs give you instructional exercises, nutrition plans, both need small equipment of yoga mat, hand weights or resistance bands, but here is where they differ. The 21 day program you have to order on dvd and wait for it to arrive. Jen Ferruggia is digital no waiting for shipping which means a faster start and that increases the chances of actually doing the program, sometimes we order something all gun ho at the time only to find by the time it arrives we’ve got to make a return.  With Jen Ferruggia you can start immediately because its a digital download.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. They have similar content, but Jen Ferruggia’s program is all digital for more mobility.

Customer Support

Both the 21 day fix and Jen Ferruggia offer support. It is a matter of time, how fast is their reply? Do they answer with a satisfactory solution? Jen Ferruggia will usually reply within 24 hours; however there have been numerous nightmare reviews from customers on support for 21 day fix, many of which cite unsatisfactory solutions.  That makes Jen Ferruggia the best choice on customer support for me.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. You can speak to Jen directly rather than be routed through underpaid workers or robots.

Ease of Use

While both programs are easy to use, I find Jen Ferruggia much easier and the reason for this is; it is digital which means you’re not waiting for your order to ship or arrive. You can get started with Jen’s workout right away. Also because it is digital you can take it anywhere on your laptop, smart phone etc. which means you can take it with you on business trips or vacations so there is no need or excuse to miss workouts or nutritional value while away from home. This keeps you going and motivated nothing put the kabash on a lifestyle change like having to miss a day or two for business or vacation and then when you get back home having the hassle of trying to get going on it again. With no interruption in the workout and nutritional value you don’t have to worry about getting back on the program as you were never off it.

Winner: It’s a Tie. My preference for Jen Ferruggia is a personal decision.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both programs offer a guarantee, the 21 day fix is only 30 days where as Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body offers a 60 day money back guarantee, twice that of the 21 day fix. This seals it for me Jen Ferruggia is again the best choice in guarantee as the extra 30 days really allows you time to use the program and see how it works, as well as see the results. If you’re not satisfied you will be able to get a refund for the full price and not lose out on your original shipping and handling and the price to return it as it is digital.

Winner: It’s a Tie. Both programs use reputable third-party payment processor, and they’re both digital products which you get immediate access to after purchasing them.

Equipment Needed

Both will need additional equipment, though low cost for the most part, which consist of a yoga mat, and either hand weights or resistance bands. You may also need the use of a sturdy chair. Otherwise no additional high cost of specialty equipment or high cost gym memberships for either program.

Winner: It’s a Tie. Both programs may require the purchase of additional equipment unfortunately.


The costs of the two programs are quite different. The 21 day Fix total cost is $72.80 by the time you make the 3 monthly payments of $19.95 plus the 12.95 in shipping and handling, which by the way if you return it you will not get the shipping and handling back and in fact have to pay to ship it back, also then you have to spend money for the extras of the yoga mat, hand weights or resistance bands making the total close to $90.00.   Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body is simply $29.99 with no shipping and handling as it is digital. That is a $42.81 savings just in the price of the program, which you can use toward that yoga mat and resistance bands with a little left over. Jen Ferruggia is again the best choice when it comes to cost no questions asked.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. Her program is cheaper for the same amount of content, and you can pocket your savings or buy ADDITIONAL addons from her.


So how effective are these programs? Well, as with any program, they only work if you actually do the program. You have to make the time to exercise, shop for the food and supplements, and follow the nutritional guides, everyday not just a day or two this week and a few days the next week. You have to make the commitment and follow through with it in order to get results and those results come from a combination of exercise and nutrition including supplements as well as good food.

Both programs will help you lose weight and tone your body; however, I again choose Jen’s plan over the 21 day fix as it is easier to follow.  They both offer nutritional guides but I think Jen’s again is a better plan as it teaches you proper nutrition and amounts without putting it in containers giving you the ability to continue to eat a healthy diet for life as well as make better choices when eating out. You will know when reading the menu on a night out exactly how big a 6 ounce portion is or that salad is better than the French fries or baked potato fruit over pie or ice cream is a better choice etc. You will also know what supplements will benefit you the most with nutrition and exercise.

Winner: Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout. It’s the easier program to implement, but both are effective.


21 day fix vs jen ferrugia bikini body

While The 21 Day Fix  and Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body are both good programs, your best choice is Jen Ferruggia for the following reasons:

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  • Cost – Jen is $42.81 cheaper compared to the 21 day fix before purchasing extra equipment which mean the money you save can make those purchases
  • Effectiveness – both are effective however Jen is easier and therefore more likely that you will stick to the program and follow through with the lifestyle change permanently making it more effective for me
  • Guarantee – Jen has a better guarantee twice the length of the 21 day fix and you do not have to lose out on shipping and handling or pay to ship back the program if you do not like it
  • Support – Jen beats 21 day hands down in customer support with real solutions for your questions, help with motivation, and more and I could find no nightmare complaints on support with Jen unlike 21 day fix
  • Extra equipment – both need extra but neither need a lot of extra equipment but Jen again is a better choice
  • Ease of use – Jen again makes the best choice as it is easier to follow
  • Nutrition – both provide nutrition guides however, Jen is much less bothersome you do not need the container for food and shakes that you get with the 21 day fix. What this says to me is that Jen teaches you how to know what a proper portion is what it looks like and you can then apply that to eating out. She also provides shopping list for food that is nutritional instead of guessing which is better baking potato or sweet potato
  • Supplements – Jen is the better choice that program gives you a guide to help you understand that you need certain additional supplements to provide daily nutrition when you exercise properly
  • Portability – again Jen is the better choice it can go anywhere with you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone no extra packing of dvds or player just your mat, bands, and off you go

Now that you know our comparison of these two you can make a better choice and save yourself some money while still getting that bikini body and learning how to maintain that body through proper nutrition and exercise for the rest of your life.

Remember no matter what plan you choose you must actually do the work and follow the program, the easier the program is to use the more likely you are to stay with the program and reach your goal.

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